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Caldari Navy Invul. instead of Dread Guristas Invul.

James Baboli
Warp to Pharmacy
#41 - 2014-01-25 18:56:05 UTC
Frostys Virpio wrote:
James Baboli wrote:
Another reason for this is that until fairly recently, the two were not actually equivalent IIRC. DG used less cap and had lower resists the last time I looked into it deeply. And by lower, I mean just barely over t2 resists if at all. Saw them alot on ships for people who didn't actually have the skills to fly the ships they were trying to as an incursion FC.

It's always fun to see someone go pop because they had a bling fit with no supporting skill at all.

I wouldn't say fun. Amusing, and vindicating to see a vindicator die after insisting that "no, really I have enough tank bro"

Talking more,

Flying crazier,

And drinking more

Making battleships worth the warp

RaVeN Alliance
#42 - 2014-01-25 20:36:04 UTC
It is just a game.
I think people like the idea of *all navy* fittings, and they don't mind the cost.

It's the same with Fed Navy fittings on other races.
Pith or Gist
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