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[Beyond Rubicon] What Mobile Structures would you like to see?

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#1121 - 2014-01-12 10:34:21 UTC
First off, I lover the MTU concept!

But what I miss is role specialized versions, like one for mining what can contain a lot more in a dedicated ORE/ICE vault then the current MTU, which seems to be designed for mission loot (volume wise).

Obviously the ore hold should be directly accessible by the owner and it needs to be more sturdy then the basic MTU to avoid easy destruction by almost everyone with a gun or launcher (it sits stationary for far longer and doesn't require probing to find).

The regular hold (if any at all) should be rather small, making it unsuited for loot and it should not tractor in wrecks of any kind. Having two on the field otherwise turns into an endless game of "ping pong". They get so distracted that they forget about the real work to be done!

I am serious!

Foxy 7
Papeete Retirement Club
#1122 - 2014-01-12 17:12:20 UTC  |  Edited by: Foxy 7
Mobile Cloaking Distruptor

Preventing cloacking and unclocking stuff for a 30-50 km area
Requirement cloaking V
Not anchorable within 100km from Stargate

Only 1 use like mobile cyno jammer , after 20-30 min it self destruct
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1123 - 2014-01-13 13:21:17 UTC
Mobile Recon Unit: Player would be able to link to the unit and see through it as it would be his ship. He can make directional scan and maybe launch probes. The unit should be reusable.
Angelica Dreamstar
Gallente Federation
#1124 - 2014-01-13 16:45:58 UTC
A mobile bathroom or wardrobe so we can change looks and clothes. You can't just have that limited to empire stations!

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-- Ralph King-Griffin, about deranged people playing EVE ONLINE

Little Dragon Khamez
Guardians of the Underworld
#1125 - 2014-01-13 21:16:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Little Dragon Khamez
Apologies if it has already been suggested (as this is a long thread to read all of it) but :

An Orbital Siphon Unit

Once deployed in or around a planet of your choice you can target a PI network on the surface and steal some of it's production.

as an add on: I like the idea of using the hacking minigame to take control of a PI network and get it to launch stuff to the customs office or into space for collection.

Dumbing down of Eve Online will result in it's destruction...

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1126 - 2014-01-14 09:32:05 UTC
Want "Mobile Asteroid Mining Unit"

Banned in empire space, of course
#1127 - 2014-01-14 14:33:11 UTC
"Mobile Anti-Cloaking unit"

1) Single use structure, no rescooping.
2) Current stats are 60s activation time, 5 min lifetime (Disables for 5 minutes all Cloaking modules in current system)

Fortorn Lonshanks
Adeptus Incursio
#1128 - 2014-01-14 16:13:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Fortorn Lonshanks
Mobile Structures - Incorrect Term

Deployable, self-sustaining structures - Correct Term

As for mobile structures,

Mobile Manufacturing Ship - A ship, yes, so its mobile. Stops and deploys itself, has massive bonuses to rapid manufacturing, penalties for cost of materials. Has clever deployed tanking bonuses. Should be considered sub-capital. Modular, must fit modules for different types of manufacturing, mitigate cost/increase prod time, increase prod time/increase cost further.

Industrial Command / Manufacturing Command / Combat Command ships - These can be designed around the premise of mobile command ships that deploy into stationary structures with their own POS shield. Each type provides different bonuses for its purpose and bonuses vary based on race. Yes, you could in theory deploy these in a fleet fight which could prolong it and create even more complex tactics. Would need restrictions like anchoring within range of gates, stations and with like type of vessel. Once deployed cannot warp away or hide even if user logs off.

Deployable Fleet Bonus Projector - Something like a command processor that simply feeds data to fleet to boost optimal range, ewar and anti-ewar. Bonuses should be modest otherwise command ships are rendered useless.

All in all - I remove titan from game in current form. Give something else the ability to create a jump bridge.

It should be made far less expensive, and its power changed to become a flotilla, more guns to shoot more things, more ewar and anti-ewar, doomsday weapon removal. titan class guns for station bashing, can refit or online/offline different weapon systems.
Steph Livingston
Neko's Blanket
#1129 - 2014-01-14 21:47:14 UTC
I assume these have been mentioned before, but I decided to give up reading the entire thread on page 15 :P

Weather Machine:
Has a long spool up time, but while active it projects a field that mimics the environmental effects of a wormhole in a medium sized area. I'm sure there are plenty of people that could find a way to use the different effects to their own advantage.

Gate Lock:
Can be anchored next to a gate to only allow players with the proper standings to pass. Only one allowed per gate, fairly easy to destroy.

White Noise Generator:
Lowers the lock range, drone control range, and signature radius of all ships in the effected area. Extremely easy to detect.

Warp Displacement Generator:
Lowsec / 0.0 only. Adjusts all warp jumps in a system so the final location is anywhere between 0-100km from destination. IE warp to 0 on a gate, you could land up to 100km away. Easy to scan down, provides interesting pirate mechanic.

System Intelligence Disruptor:
When online you can set several characters to either appear in local, or enter and leave the system randomly. Would be good for pirates trying to conceal their movements.

Harvey James
The Sengoku Legacy
#1130 - 2014-01-14 21:53:39 UTC
how about a probe jammer/ disruptor ..
that actually stops them being probable or warpable to ... the scan inhibitor doesn't really stop people warping to it.

T3's need to be versatile so no rigs are necessary ... they should not have OP dps and tank

ABC's should be T2, remove drone assist, separate HAM's and Torps range, -3 HS for droneboats

Nerf web strength, Make the blaster Eagle worth using

University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#1131 - 2014-01-14 23:04:42 UTC
Not an ESS.
Hasala Xi
Raumpatrouille Orion
#1132 - 2014-01-14 23:52:56 UTC
mr roadkill wrote:
Hasala Xi wrote:
Mobile Cloaking Devise Interruptor

A mobile Unit, that can send a "ping" in the whole system. Every active cloaking devise gets deactivated by this ping.

I need no delay for the cloaking device, it can be reactivated at the next moment, no problem - but if EVERY cloaking device in the system gets deactivated and has to be reactivated manually, the afk-cloaky-camping gets impossible. And the active-cloaky-camping is still possible. I thinks, thats a good way, to solve the problem.

*nice idea, however I must assume your ratters are all AFK in station because of the AFK cloaker (otherwise they would be out ratting with backup to kill said cloaker when he stops being AFK right?.... right?). So what good would this do if your all AFK as well?

Anyway sorry for the highjack lol

Awww, backup against cyno-cloaker? You'll never know, what come out of that cyno ... 10 blackops? 15? 20 ...?

If we would talk about camper without cyno, you would be right ...
State War Academy
Caldari State
#1133 - 2014-01-15 02:11:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Wkar
Not sure if this has been mentioned, but how about a Mobile Distress Beacon.

It would emulate a distress signal from an npc ship that other npc's would respond to, as they do in some missions.

This would cause more ships to spawn at the given site instantly. ( to keep it in line with the instant spawn you see in local while running missions)

To keep it from being OP, it would have to be a single use item, with an approx cost of 5 mil per use or somewhere around that. This would keep someone from using a single MDB from being used to infinitely farm a single site.

To keep it truly balanced and possibly even make it a high risk item, it would send out a General Distress Signal, which would be broadcast on all npc frequencies, thus eliminating the need for racial modules and allowing for a single type to be used in any space, however, the signal would be so general and wide spread, it would likely cause a insta warpable object on the overview.

If you would like to dumb it down just a bit, it could lock a site from despawning for it's duration, as if a player was in the site, with a life span of say 10 minutes. Which would severely hinder the chaining of similiar anomalies. ( ie an anom that takes 10 mins on avg to kill, would not despawn for an additional 10 minutes while the structure is still active, thus making the total time 20 minutes. )

There would be no limit ( other than cargo space and isk you want to invest into the structures ) of how many could be used in a single location, each adding 10 minutes to the sites despawn time, while each MDB only allowing for a single spawn.

Of course, the 5km range limit would apply to the MDB.

Yet again, another option, is to allow the deployment of the MDB at any location other than the normal gate/pos/station ect ect... which would allow it to be deployed even at a bookmark, however, deploying one would either create an instawarp location on the overview, or a cos sig which could be warp-to-able from that menu.

The variations of this item could be based off of the types of spawns they create, ie 1 type could cause a few frigs, maybe a bc, and a bs... another type... more bc's and bs's... and another type to mainly bs's... maybe with frig support... each option costing more for the higher spawn it is likely to cause.
The Congregation
#1134 - 2014-01-15 13:32:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Kendarr
Wheres the ESS thread?

Please dont drop the bounty on rats. just make it so this deployable gives an extra 20% share by all if deployed...

This is not a way of improving income from the bottom up like you sed you would!
Hasikan Miallok
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#1135 - 2014-01-15 14:16:36 UTC
Portable POCO

- allows player to bypasses interbus/player custom house.
- Takes fair time to get PI off planet .. say 1 hour per 10,000 m3
- can be shot like an MTU for same status penalty
- can be looted like a cargo container for same status penalty
Steph Livingston
Neko's Blanket
#1136 - 2014-01-15 15:36:48 UTC
Kendarr wrote:
Wheres the ESS thread?

Please dont drop the bounty on rats. just make it so this deployable gives an extra 20% share by all if deployed...

This is not a way of improving income from the bottom up like you sed you would!

Since ESS can only be deployed in 0.0, I believe the lower up front bounties are a way to give it multiple functions.

If your alliance has an ESS in system, it can be used to either increase all ratting income for members, or as an alternative way to tax ratting members. If it doesn't have have an ESS, or you're not paying attention, pirates can anchor an ESS and steal a percentage of the alliances profits.

Since it doesn't work in high/low sec, it'll be an interesting experiment. I, for one, am interested in seeing how well it functions.
Be Nice Inc.
Prismatic Legion
#1137 - 2014-01-15 19:13:02 UTC
Wormhole Stabilizer

- Halts wormhole decay from lifetime for as long as its active.
- No affect on stability from mass (as that would just make it easier to blob in WH space).
- Lasts 24 hours before the absorbed instability destroys it.
- 100k ehp, 50m sig radius.
- Must be anchored within 100km of the target wormhole.
- Self destruct option.
- Must be manually activated (to prevent people from just anchoring 100 of them to keep a hole open).
- Market Cost: 10 million.

This would add more pvp opportunities to wormhole space and give wormhole capsuleers more control over the systems they're connected to. Since stability from mass would be totally unaffected, holes could still be crashed even if these were active.

If this were implemented, we'd probably see a rise in the number of wormhole POS bashes as wormhole corps could more easily come back after reinforcing a POS, but there would still be the same mass limitations to minimize blobbing (to some extent). I think you'd also see more wormhole corps with a k-space presence in particular regions, and wormholers would/could actually make use of mobile siphon units since they can have access to them for more than 24 hours (thus making it actually possible to profit on them). There'd be a lot more PVP in general as smaller corps would have to actually come out of their POS to shoot the stabilizer or crash the hole instead of just waiting it out. People would also have even more incentive to use low-mass ships in wormholes so they could take advantage of particular holes for longer periods of time.
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#1138 - 2014-01-15 21:07:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Freelancer117
A Deployable Micro Black-hole Generator (DMBG)

It will have an AOE effect that wil not web or scram / warp disrupt, BUT

it will increase the Mass (kg) and decrease Inertia Modifier and reduce Max Velocity of any ship by a factor of X,
within a certain range and time frame (CCP/CSM and testers will know what factors and variables).

The DMBG will have a certain m3 size to exclude noobships (any fit) however it could be deployed by almost any ship other than these.

The DMBG can not be loaded on the ship if the ship that carries the DMBG has any cloak fitted and vice versa.

After deploying the DMBG, the ship that carries it will be destroyed (due to gravitational forces, maybe including the pod)

The DMBG will not be able to destroy any other ships after that, to prevent suicide ganking titans in catalysts Cool

The DMBG can be carried by almost any ship, HOWEVER it can only be activated if the capsuleer has a certain implant fitted.

This implant is a new capsuleer made implant build by materials from ghost sites !

The DMBG can only be deployed in nullsec, like bombs, warp bubbles etc.

However maybe someday (a) pirate faction(s) will make a weaker version that can be smuggled into lowsec (hisec even?)

Eve online is :

A) mining simulator B) glorified chatroom C) spreadsheets online

D) CCP Games Pay to Win at skill leveling, with instant gratification

Dace Onio
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#1139 - 2014-01-16 13:37:18 UTC
MCC - Mobile Command Center

can be fitted with warfare links or mining links
Anomaly One
#1140 - 2014-01-16 16:49:23 UTC
MST - Mobile sentry turret

exactly what it sounds a sentry deployable turret for each faction with all the weapon varients (blaster/rail, projectile/artillery etc.)
it will have 3 skills, increased dmg output, increased range and increased online time. (5-25 mins)

It won't be automated, you will have to control it via the drone interface.

It can be put online again each time it is offline (have to be within a specific range), but it would take 1-2mins for activation.
Has to be loaded with specific ammo.
can be adjusted as to not be able to put multiple ones.
Can be hacked.

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