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So I bought this character ....

Dirk Axehandle
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#1 - 2013-12-18 16:17:22 UTC
.... a couple of month's ago, and did improve some basic skills (armor, shields, electronics, etc.).

Could someone advise me in which direction i can take him?

I have considered a couple of possibilities, but most do require quite a substantial amount of time to reach - does anyone have some suggestion how I can make him useable within a couple of months?

Much appreciated
Eliram Kahoudi
Big Fluffy Bunnies
#2 - 2013-12-18 17:04:51 UTC
depends what you plan to do.

having t2 drones is always nice. scout drone operation 5 is needed for that and you already have the reest.
any t2 guns again depends on what you want to do.

then max whatever you are flying frigs-bs whichever you do most of the time.
RaVeN Alliance
#3 - 2013-12-18 17:23:47 UTC
Find a ship that YOU want to be good in.
Take the hull skill to V.
Take the weapons skill and most of the supporting gun/missile skills to V.
T2 drones.

I think as you train and fly the ship more, you will just know what you need to improve.
That is a nice starting character. If this is your first character, try and keep him focused from here on out.
You don't need *more skills* you need *better skills*. (I mean, you might need a skill here and there, but don't buy random skills for no reason)
Debra Tao
Caldari State
#4 - 2013-12-19 10:47:33 UTC
You have very good electronic, engineering, shield and armor skills considering the toon's age. However you probably want to train evasive maneuvering to V asap as that's one of the best skill in the game.

Appart from that you should either focus on gunnery, missiles or drones and get t2 weapon on one of those. Drones aren't important if you fly frigates for pvp for instance, it's not really important for a lot of ships so that depends on what you want to fly.
The Faithfully Misguided
#5 - 2013-12-19 11:43:13 UTC
Even remap, train everything to 1, then to 2 and so on.

When a new skill turns up, buy it, then train it to catch up.

I did this when I wasnt sure what to do with an alt, when I did eventually figure out the 'plan' had a nice core of skills trained!
Tau Cabalander
Retirement Retreat
Working Stiffs
#6 - 2013-12-19 15:25:05 UTC
Looks like a decent start at a Gallente / Caldari / Guristas pilot.

Take everything to 4 and get back to us Bear
Gizznitt Malikite
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
#7 - 2013-12-19 17:13:51 UTC

This is a generic combat pilot.

Currently it can fly any t1 subcapital, and utilize any t1 weapon system, but specializes in absolutely nothing.

With it, you can run missions, incursions, and/or PvP. Generally speaking, to be good at the latter two, you should pickup t2 weapons and train your hull-of-choice skill to Level 5.