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T1 Science Cruisers

Coyote Laughing
#1 - 2013-12-15 09:36:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Coyote Laughing

1) Add two T1 drone cruisers to Caldari and Minmatar (1 each) and two T1 missile cruisers to Amarr and Gallente (1 each).

2) Add a faction missile cruiser tp each race to make missiles a viable option for all races.

3) Offer an LP store exchange for the least popular Navy faction cruiser, allowing people to chose which hull they prefer (you can balance the costs/minerals by adding that in, but it should be a 0 LP transaction).

Firstly, there isn't much room for another T2 cruiser: between heavy assault, interdictor, logistic, and 2 recon cruisers - not to mention T2 strategic cruisers.

Secondly, what kind of hole in the existing roles would it fill?

Thirdly, what theme should the ship follow?

When I look at the recent SoE ships, they are focused on exploration - however, I wasn't really satisfied with that role and began to think about what a scientific exploration ship would be like.

A covert ops frigate is designed to be small and sneaky, not sending out lots of active signals to investigate cosmic signatures - it also isn't really large enough to have a crew of scientists and room for their equipment/samples.

The other extreme is the "explorer" class ships from Babylon 5 (TM Warner Bros, etc), which are pretty much Jove mother ships in EVE Online terms - or an outpost with a jump engine.

The cruiser class is about right for the concept in size and cost for a mid-sized NPC corporation to develop (alternatively, it could fill the role as a T2 destroyer, but go read my earlier posts and laugh).

Such a ship would have extra high utility slots for tractor beams, salvagers, probe launchers, cloaks, drone upgrades, etc. It would have at least 3 mid slots to fit a cargo scanner, hacking, and archaeology module (or probe scan upgrade modules).

If you made it in the destroyer or battle cruiser class, you would have to give it a 100% damage bonus to make it a mini-marauder - a cruiser naturally only has around 4 turrets, so no need to increase it, just have 6-8 high slots.

It should have a bonus to combat probe scanning - maybe not in probe strength, but certainly in scan time. With all those sensors and computers, it should also be able to support the fleet in other ways.

As it will be doing a lot of "salvaging", about twice the cargo hold of a regular cruiser, or 800-1000m3 is about right, in line with a marauder vs a regular battleship.

Such a ship probably shouldn't be too expensive and it will be frequently targeted, so T2 is not a good idea anyway. You want it to be a viable alternative to using T3 for exploration, so it shouldn't be too weak either.

Now, I'll look at the existing ships, starting with A.

Arbitrator: At the moment, with a mix of turrets, missiles, drones, and energy vampires, it is all over the place. A jack of all trades and master of none. If you were to simply increase the high slots, it would become over powered very quickly, especially if you were to give it even 3 turrets and 3 launchers.

(a) make a decent Amarr missile cruiser with the energy vampire bonus, with 1 extra high utility slot; in line with the Dragoon, Prophecy, and Armageddon. A big capacitor would help for micro warp drives and repairers, but it could still have 4 turrets.
(b) switch the two missile slots in the Arbitrator for two more turret slots (4 total), keep the tracking disruptor bonus (it's really only useful for drones and frigates anyway), add a bonus to laser capacitor use.

Bellicose: fulfills a similar ECM/missile role as the proposed Amarr missile ship.

Caldari Drone ship: bonus to projected ECCM range, standard drone ship bonus.

Caracal/Fleet Issue:no comment.

Gallente Missile Ship: bonus to missiles and velocity (so it can get close), 25m3 drone bay, 25mBits.

Minmatar Drone ship: bonus to remote tracking computers, standard drone ship bonus.

Vexor: add high slots for drone upgrades/utility, bonus to remote sensor boosters.

All the drone ships should also get a CPU upgrade to enable them to fit T2 combat probe launchers and still manage to fit some drone modules.

While it would be appalling to fit mining lasers (which is why I specified turret upgrades) and make use of that cargo space, I would hope people would use it more for armed hauling. The utility is the intention, not firepower.

Actually, I was expecting this would be longer - so, just imagine how I could of rambled on more. I guess I have been thinking through this more than I realized.

That's all folks.

l8r \o/

Coyote Laughing
#2 - 2013-12-18 02:39:54 UTC
[Bump] Seriously? Nobody has a contribution to this discussion?

l8r \o/