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Clothing and the ISK / AUR cost

Yazuki Kokubunji
HIgh Sec Care Bears
Brothers of Tangra
#1 - 2013-12-11 05:33:12 UTC
I like to buy cloths for my characters; however the cost for something that no one will see seems a bit steep.
Less CCP plans on having a bar (or something) where players can mingle I rly feel the cost is way too high...

Who wants to pay like 800 mill isk (or 10$ USD) for a skirt that only the buyer will ever look at...

However if CCP does have out of ship character interaction the cost will get even higher... Cry prly a lose lose situation Cry

Any one else feel this way?
Brock Nelson
#2 - 2013-12-11 05:46:15 UTC

I....I think it's gonna take more than a skirt to make you look sexy again

Signature removed, CCP Phantom

Thur Barbek
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2013-12-11 06:49:54 UTC
I, unfortunately, see your shirt in your portrait... so there's that...

Also 800m is closer to $17.

Also if we are going to complain about "skins" please let me use these:

Also this is probably completely out of context for this forum.
Abdiel Kavash
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#4 - 2013-12-11 07:55:52 UTC
You don't buy a skirt to show it off. You buy a skirt to sell it for more money later.
Amarr Empire
#5 - 2013-12-11 14:12:13 UTC
thats why i payed 5b for a left eye monacle
Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
#6 - 2013-12-11 14:41:08 UTC
/me eyes his portrait...

Just my overcoat is now about 3.5B, so yes there are people who would pay.