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Graphics Devs, before you finalise engine trails...

Gallente Federation
#1 - 2011-11-21 02:12:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Alski
You might want to take a look at this.

A CCP trailer from 2006 IIRC that has engine trails as being rather much softer edged than anything i've seen from SISI so far.

The Engine trails of older days were considerably less "edgy" than what i've seen from SISI videos, infact i'd go so far as to say that the modern engine trails look more like glowy tubes than trails.

Also: i'm not sure how this looks on SISI atm, but I haven't yet seen big long warp exit engine trails, these are comeing back, right?

edit: found a slightly better screenshot of 2007 vintage warp exit engine trails.
Hungry Eyes
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2011-11-21 03:53:39 UTC
soft edges are too GPU and CPU intensive. thats why youre getting the Tron ones.
Cajun Style
Shattered Planet
#3 - 2011-11-21 05:41:42 UTC
i like the tron ones...
Goonswarm Federation
#4 - 2011-11-21 08:29:51 UTC
The new ones look better than the old ones, for sure. Just on some ships they're a lil too opaque at top speed.
Hiram Alexander
State Reprisal
#5 - 2011-11-21 13:15:57 UTC
I'm quite keen on the way they look now, but what I'd really like is a way to have them :

switched off - for my ship,
switched on - for other peoples ships.
Pyre leFay
#6 - 2011-11-21 14:38:27 UTC
Before they finish them up, I'd like to know why the deimos has green serpentis trails.
And why the front engines of the thorax were turned off completely because trails from the front failed.
And why Caldari orange engine glows become blue trails. and so on.