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20 mil sp pilot returning to EvE, and need a corp.

The Sacred Order of the Space Weasels
Eternal Requiem
#1 - 2013-11-24 16:32:26 UTC  |  Edited by: freakonaleash69
I have returned to EvE after a long absence, and am looking for a corp to call home.

Skill Sheet: freakonaleash69

What I want in a corp:

Arrow Medium size corp with an active membership.
Arrow Mature membership, who have a sense of humor.
Arrow PVE and Mining focused with some pvp from time to time.
Arrow Leadership that understands life comes first.
Arrow TS3 or Mumble
Arrow A corp with long term goals and short term goals to meet them.

Basically I want a corp that I enjoy logging in and playing with, who take the game serious enough to plan ahead but not so much that they are slave drivers requiring members to always be online and active every waking moment.

I have been playing EvE since 2006, I have done pretty much everything you can do in EvE with the exception of Incursions and FW (And maybe anything else new that came out in the last year that I don't know about)

I would like to avoid 0.0 and WHs if possible due to logistics and time constraints, I don't have the time I used to have to play so it limits my ability to commit to large 0.0 alliances and their requirements. I am often online for at least 5 hours to at most around 20 hours a week, mostly on the weekends and late night throughout the week. I am in EST (GMT -5) time zone.

I have kids so if I am online during the day I may go randomly afk for short periods for one reason or another.

If you are interested in me, please reply here or send me an evemail or convo in game.
RedrickShoohart Joker
Kernite Kollectors
#2 - 2013-11-24 19:37:19 UTC

Well my Corp is a bit small at them moment, but we have a rather large Alliance. Here is the details of my Corp.

Prime Industries Inc. is an INDY Corp.

Our corp is currently in a period of expansion and we are looking for new and veteran pilots alike.

We are a small Indy Corp at the moment, but that leaves plenty of possible growth for you. Our Alliance does, Mining (High Sec and Low Sec), Missions, Incursions, Wormholes, and PvP roams. We have taken down POS's, run C4 WH sites, and have sucked dry entire systems worth of ore during our mining OPS.

Research Slots now available to members (PE / ME / COPY)

--What we offer--
- Level 1-4 Mining, Security, and Distribution Missions in system and nearby (1 jump max)
- Experienced FC for PvP / WH roams (with logi)
- Teamspeak and Website
- WH opportunities
- Paid mining ops with MAX Skill Orca boost
- Ore / Gas / PI / ICE Buyback Program(s)
- High Sec and Null Sec Exploration
- Lots of accessible manufacturing and Invention slots
- Within 15 Jumps of Jita (major trade hub)
- Null Sec and Low Sec Frigate / destroyer / cruiser roams with Ship Replacement Program
- High Sec / Low Sec mining (daily)

--Corp Goals--
Have fun! This is a game and will always be treated as such. You pay to play the way you want, and no one will tell you different, if you need advice there are over 90+ active members in the alliance that will be more than glad to help you.

Join chat Channel P.I.R. in game to chat with myself or send me an in game eve-mail.

Sadly, A Full API will be required to join corp. This is for our security and yours. Not providing your API will pause your application until it is provided. Sorry but no exceptions for this rule.

Meet me in game if you want to chat.
Tau Phoenix
Eternal Darkness.
The Initiative.
#3 - 2013-11-24 22:35:17 UTC

Tau Phoenix

Public Channel:

Greetings one and all!

Eternal Darkness are currently on the lookout for new members to join their ranks. Those who apply and are accepted will become members of a small group of tightly knit individuals spread over multiple time-zones. Prior to accepting any applications you will need to contact one of our recruiters either via private chat or mail. We can also be found in our public channel listed above.

Be advised that all applicants must meet the following criteria before they are accepted:

- Working microphone with both Mumble and Teamspeak 3 installed.
- Be able to both speak and understand English.
- Be active. Holidays are one thing, but we'd like to see you more than once in a blue moon.
- Be at least fairly mature. Winners, not whiners, are what we are after.
- 25 mill SP + (We may make exceptions, see below)
- You will need to provide us with a full API key.

Although we are not strictly speaking a newbie-friendly corp, we are happy to allow a couple of younger pilots (at least cruiser/battle cruiser capable) join up. We will do our level best to assist you in gaining plenty of experience in a decent learning environment. We will also help provide you with ships and skills books (except for the titan one, you are on your own there).

For those who do wind up within our ranks you will be a member of a solid and social corporation who do our best to help each other out when its needed. We have a strong leadership backed up by excellent pilots along with 00 access and all its perks.

Be aware that we are a part of a large alliance and as such we expect a reasonable amount of alliance participation if fleets. So if you'd like to live in a profitable area of 00 space and enjoy a spot of PvP contact us.
Rayel Thoren Hestoniss
#4 - 2013-11-25 07:27:43 UTC
We're a chilled out corp who spend most evenings just hanging out in TS and ratting/mining in null. There's no time-commitment, and many of us have kids, so we know exactly what its like.

Drop by our public channel, questions are welcome - "COR-I Public"

Chill with some tunes from our Radio station (on most evenings):

Zuul Achura
Stampeding Beasts
#5 - 2013-11-25 12:01:09 UTC
We don't have voice comms right now and we are a small corp.
If you can overlook that, we may be what you look for.
We are a small corp sharing the hole with another small corp.
There are negotiations for us to join their alliance but the details have not been set yet.

Short term plans (since we just returned from a 18 month hiatus)
- have 15 players (should average 25 pilots) active
- get everyone up to speed with WH lifestyle
- get everyone familiar with each other

Mid term plan (to be executed in mid-late January, assuming an active 15 member count with everyone ready):
- move up to a C4
- build two carriers within the first two weeks

You seem to have the "casual yet effective" approach we also have, and therefore I would like you to consider joining us.
Visit out announcement and get in touch
#6 - 2013-11-25 21:50:02 UTC
Hello freakonaleash,

Sounds like you might enjoy Vicis Inter Astrum - we're a medium-sized corp with a strong RL-first mentality that comes from our insistence on recruiting only adults and good company. We all have jobs/family/school/whatever commitments and value our Evetime as a time to relax and enjoy gaming with people who understand us and are genuinely fun to be around.

Right now, we operate mostly in highsec and lowsec, with established infrastructure in both places. We visit wormhole or null for fun at times but don't have to deal with the logistics of maintaining a home in either place. We recently activated an old member alliance to help us organize our own affairs and umbrella some friends, but the organization is still small enough and young enough to get to know all involved on a personal basis.

If you want the long version, I'd invite you to click the link in my signature and visit our full advertisement. I did say it was long, so no complaints! I think you'll find all of your bullet points ticked nicely. Drop into our public channel, VICIS PUBLIC, for a conversation or mail me with any questions.

Hope you find what you're looking for in a new corp - take your time and do it right! Best of luck, wherever you land.

CEO, Vicis Inter Astrum

Hyperion Alpha
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#7 - 2013-11-26 02:06:52 UTC
We may just be the perfect corp/s for you m8. We have two corps which operate as one......

VVINE - Previously null sec, now back in low for some faction war fun and exploration. Also in Trifectas alliance so plenty of people to fly with. We run carrier ops on occasion as well.

B.REW - Sister empire corp for exlporation, industry and mission runners. Orca support for people who like to pew space rocks.

Most members have alts in both corps and als jump back and forth as they feel the need. Shared channel for both corps. drop by channel VVINE (2 v's) anytime for a chat or feel free to mail me ingame.

Hyperion Aplha
The Sacred Order of the Space Weasels
Eternal Requiem
#8 - 2013-11-26 03:17:47 UTC
I have talked to many of you, I am still looking, keep the offers coming. To those I haven't talk to yet, I haven't seen you online, and will attempt to talk to you sometime in the next 24 hours. Unless I find a corp before then.
Admiral Gial Ackbar
Hard Nocx
#9 - 2013-11-26 04:18:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Admiral Gial Ackbar

Would just like to bring your attention to my corp as I think you could be a great fit for us.

We are a small corp focused on industry, mining and PVE, and we are looking for more pilots to expand our operations.

We are laid-back and take a real life first approach to the game.

For more information you an find our advert here

Has lots of key details which are a bit too long to list here, but hope to speak to you soon.

Louise Sunrise
#10 - 2013-11-26 17:51:58 UTC
We come to you offering opportunities. We do Mining (highsec and loswec), Missions, Wormholes, and PVP roams. We have taken down POS's, run C4 WH sites, and have sucked dry entire systems worth of ore during our mining OPS.

Research Slots now available to members (PE / ME / COPY)

--What we offer--
- Level 1-4 Mining, Security, and Distribution Missions in system and nearby
- Experienced FC for PVP / WH roams (with logi)
- Teamspeak and Website
- Paid mining ops with MAX Skill Orca boost
- Ore / Gas / PI / ICE Buyback Program
- Highsec and Nullsec Exploration
- Lots of accessible manufacturing and Invention slots
- Within 15 Jumps of Jita
- Nullsec and Lowsec Frigate / destroyer / cruiser roams with Ship Replacement Program
- Lowsec mining

--Corp Goals--
We are part of an alliance. We are planning to make a 2ndary base in lowsec within a couple days and as we grow we will move to Null eventually. We need you! If this is something you are interested in for the future, please contact us. That said, Our number one goal is to have fun and enjoy they game as best we can.

Mail Heavy Miner OR 1Redfalcon1 in game or convo either one if online.

A Full API will be required to join corp. This is for our security and yours. Not providing your API will pause your application until it is provided

If life gives you Lemons -

make sure you get a receipt, then you can take them back for something better.

The Sacred Order of the Space Weasels
Eternal Requiem
#11 - 2013-11-27 20:08:35 UTC
I am still looking for a corp, had quite a few interesting offers, but not quite for me.
The Sacred Order of the Space Weasels
Eternal Requiem
#12 - 2013-11-30 20:54:18 UTC
Bump, still looking. Few of you haven't replied to my evemails.
Ed Hinken
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#13 - 2013-12-01 22:22:07 UTC

I read your forum post and I think you would fit in well with us. We are a close knit group looking to have a good time, make some isk and blow stuff up. We are a part of Li3 and run with the CFC, we live in Fountain so theirs plenty of PVP ;p and isk to be made, we are a chill group, organized and will always do our best to help each other out. We have member ranging in all ages and all TZ.

i wont ramble on to much what we can do, we do the usual, logistics, cyno alts etc etc etc and a lot for alliance OP, ROAMS and some INDY ;/

If your interested or want to talk drop buy to Osmosis Pub

The Sacred Order of the Space Weasels
Eternal Requiem
#14 - 2013-12-07 15:53:34 UTC
I am still looking for a corp, contact me ingame or post here.
Black Lance
#15 - 2013-12-07 17:32:38 UTC
We might suit - we may have a bit more of a pvp focus than is your ideal but we're riddled with people with jobs and kids that mean RL has to come first and activity levels can be sporadic. Which is why we are recruiting, lol. But as long as you like getting on the killboard at least some of the time, to keep up the stats, we might be a good fit based on what you've said.

Here's the spam:

Black Lance [TMPL] is currently recruiting pilots interested in a null sec lifestyle.

We are one of the oldest PvP corps in the game and do everything from small gangs, roams, and hot drops, to large alliance and coalition fleets. When we're not PvPing we have people involved in all aspects of the game: mining, missions, building, POSs - the entire range of isk-making opportunities. In other words, we're the right corp for you if you're an active player who want to PvP first and still have room to engage in other enterprises in Eve.

We have a small core of super-experienced people who are happy to share their knowlege with players looking to experience more in Eve. We're presently rebuilding and refreshing the corp around our core concept of creating an active community of people who help each other, communicate with one another and enjoy playing Eve together.

We even actively help newish pilots in the art of PvP. With our help, we can begin to mold you into a fleet ready and capable pilot who knows what to do with his or her ship in any circumstance.

We are:
- a member of Fatal Ascension, a progressive CFC alliance with a PvP focus
- very laid back, welcoming, helpful and experienced players, that have been around since the game began
- a group with an almost exclusively US time zone, although alliance activities are around the clock so there's something to do if you have a day off
- based out of Fountain - some of the best space in the game
- able to help you get your stuff in place with a great logistics team
- on comms, using TS3, Mumble, and Jabber
- all these and so much more

Interested? Contact us if you are:

- willing to be an active participant in your corp and alliance
- going to be on comms when you are in game - have a working mic or don't apply until you do!
- open to training the ship types needed for corp and alliance ops if you cant fly them already
- at least 18 years old - we're a mature group who understand the needs of folks with school, family and work committments

To find out more please send Oceana, Crucias Calvisco or Joker 725 an EVEmail and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Also, please join the Black-Lance Pub channel ingame, and meet our recruitment team (and assorted trolls) there.

The Sacred Order of the Space Weasels
Eternal Requiem
#16 - 2013-12-12 01:32:36 UTC
Still looking for something that fits well.
Thor Skylar
Norse'Storm Battlegroup
#17 - 2013-12-14 07:32:06 UTC
Hey freakonaleash69 - please see our full recruitment post details "here"

You'll fit right in, we have several EU/UK/US/AU pilots.

We are a top line corporation operating out of nullsec. If you take a look at Battleclinic you'll see we are active and have a long history :)

Idea We also have carrier and dread programs to assist members into those capital ships they have always wanted.

We are primarily a bunch of UK/EU pilots with several USTZ members all in our 20 to 60-somethings out for a good laugh and pvp goodness

For further information, join our in game channel NSBG.Public

Some key points about NS-BG
Arrow PVP Corp - See BattleClinic
Arrow Nullsec Corporation located in Fountain Region
Arrow Capital Programs
Arrow Ship replacement programs
Arrow Implant replacement programs
Arrow Ore buyback programs
Arrow Mining 24/7
Arrow PvE

Thor Skylar
Chief Executive Officer
Founding Member of NS-BG
Website: Norse'Storm Battle Group
Recruitment Video:Link


Thor Skylar

Prince Sanguine

Darth spiteness

Colonial Tosh
Zainawa Barviainen
#18 - 2013-12-14 10:50:54 UTC

No real spam, never been one for fancy adds, never made sense to play *god* in a virtual world, that could also be the lack of ego in me lol

Magnetic Scent Of Power

We are looking for pilots of any skill set or skill points, any division.

Grab a read n let us know if we are a fit for you

Public Channel