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Prime Industries Inc. Recruiting!!! (PvE / Indy Corp)

RedrickShoohart Joker
Kernite Kollectors
#1 - 2013-11-24 14:04:02 UTC
Prime Industries Inc. is an INDY Corp.

Our corp is currently in a period of expansion and we are looking for new and veteran pilots alike.

We are a small Indy Corp at the moment, but that leaves plenty of possible growth for you. Our Alliance does, Mining (High Sec and Low Sec), Missions, Incursions, Wormholes, and PvP roams. We have taken down POS's, run C4 WH sites, and have sucked dry entire systems worth of ore during our mining OPS.

Research Slots now available to members (PE / ME / COPY)

--What we offer--
- Level 1-4 Mining, Security, and Distribution Missions in system and nearby (1 jump max)
- Experienced FC for PvP / WH roams (with logi)
- Teamspeak and Website
- WH opportunities
- Paid mining ops with MAX Skill Orca boost
- Ore / Gas / PI / ICE Buyback Program(s)
- High Sec and Null Sec Exploration
- Lots of accessible manufacturing and Invention slots
- Within 15 Jumps of Jita (major trade hub)
- Null Sec and Low Sec Frigate / destroyer / cruiser roams with Ship Replacement Program
- High Sec / Low Sec mining (daily)

--Corp Goals--
Have fun! This is a game and will always be treated as such. You pay to play the way you want, and no one will tell you different, if you need advice there are over 90+ active members in the alliance that will be more than glad to help you.

Join chat Channel P.I.R. in game to chat with myself or send me an in game eve-mail.

Sadly, A Full API will be required to join corp. This is for our security and yours. Not providing your API will pause your application until it is provided. Sorry but no exceptions for this rule.