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Inventory fixes wishlist thread

First post
Carl Llama
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#101 - 2011-11-19 12:39:27 UTC
When I drop a ship onto another ship that has a ship maintenance bay can it go in there instead of telling me theres not enough room in the cargo bay?
RAZOR Alliance
#102 - 2011-11-19 13:17:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Maxpie
For the love of all that is holy, please, please, please stop station containers from defaulting to 'locked' and from reverting to 'locked' if I have to re-install Eve or play it from a different computer.

Also, tabbed inventory, or some way to organize would be great. Either that or let there be greater access to things in station containers. For example, rather than my having to have hundreds of bp's and all the minerals and materials sitting in a massive stack in my hangar, let me have them in a tab or container so that if I wanted to remotely start a production run I can, but when I dock I'm just seeing what I actually want to be looking at, rather than this mass of production stuff. That's just one example, but there are many others.

Edit: One other thing - Why must I wait 3 weeks to repackage a station container? Can we cut that out. Also, it seems that if you attempt to repackage it after, say, 2 weeks and 6 days, it resets the 3 week timer. This just seems unnecessary anad annoying.

Edit Again: Not necessarilly an inventory thing, but when I'm looking in the market under shuttles, just have all shuttles listed. I really don't want to have to look through "Caldari Shuttles", "Minmatar Shuttles" etc. just to try to find the cheapest shuttle.

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Daneirkus Auralex
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#103 - 2011-11-19 16:59:42 UTC
I'd like to be able to sort by meta or tech level. It would help me pick stuff to reprocess a lot faster.
Sunshine and Lollipops
#104 - 2011-11-19 17:11:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Tippia
Desert Ice78 wrote:
Ability to rename corporate hanger divisions rather then them all being the same.
Do you mean on a per-station/hangar level e.g. because you don't need a BPO division in a station where you will not store any BPOs?
Daneirkus Auralex wrote:
I'd like to be able to sort by meta or tech level. It would help me pick stuff to reprocess a lot faster.
You can already do this. Put any item view into list mode and rclick on the column heading bar — there you can turn on (and off) various columns, among them tech and meta level, and use those to sort.

Still, it would be nice if you use those sort options in icon view as well.
Terminal Insanity
Goonswarm Federation
#105 - 2011-11-19 17:22:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Terminal Insanity
Most Important: Overall improvement in UI of the Inventory. I have about 300-400 items on my hanger floor, and when i try to sort, search or anything, the game freezes for about 10-30 seconds while it 'sorts' the icons or whatever its doing.

- Damage Icon in a corner or somemthing, to indicate an item is damaged

- Blueprints should have ML/PL/Runs displayed on the icon so i can easily tell each apart. The BPC/BPO color change was AWESOME improvement, please take this further!

- Harmonized Rightclick Menus. So i can Rightclick on an item anywhere, including contracts, and get the same 'search in contracts / search in market' options. Right now there is no ability to rightclick the items in Sell contracts, only Buy contracts. (You used to be able to do it in both)

- 'Sort By Type' Guns are seperated with missiles and for some reason Power Diagnostics and Overdrives are listed between the turrets as well. I know its alphabetically sorted, but it should be sorted by Type in that respect also... grouping all offensive modules, defensive, etc...

- Hanger Filtering - Let me filter modules based on slot size, PG usage, etc.

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Grey Stormshadow
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#106 - 2011-11-19 18:04:21 UTC
Sentient Blade wrote:
* Tabbed Hangers.

* Secure Containers default to items not locked.

* Contents of containers is searchable from their parent / assets.

* A proper category view such as on windows, where in the folder you have the title on its own row, and then the items listed below it, a line break, next title etc.

* Filter by similar items search. Right click on Invuln II > Show Similar > Displays all invulnerability fields.

* Cans in corp hanger re-namable by people with the ability to take the can from that hanger.

^^This and...

Some certain POS module and every station (regardless do they have corp office or not) should have special corporation hangar, where members could store their ships and cargo containers (not single items). They would have permission to take/access only their own items/ships by default, but some corporation role would give access to take/access all containers and some other corporation role would give access to take/access all ships in/from those special hangars. As a special feature any corp member could unlock their container/ship for "free to anyone to access/take" with right click menu. Removing container/ship from the hangar and putting it back would always lock the item for the current (sometimes new) owner again.

This would greatly improve possibilities for corp members to share/trade items in stations and improve the corp trader profession possibilities. It would also improve the POS security very great deal and take all those floating ships out from POS bubble by giving possibility for all corp members (even the new untrusted ones) to have access to some kind of ship/container storage facility inside the POS.

As a UI hint:
In stations you could add another tab to corp market deliveries window and use that for the purpose mentioned above. That way people wouldn't lose any current screen estate.

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Veneveistamo Voitto Oy
#107 - 2011-11-19 18:05:38 UTC
Right click over an item should have options:

1. "Show in hangar"
2. "Show variations in hangar"

Example, you fit a ship and you have one Large Shield Extender II fitted. Want to fit another one, or maybe want to change it to meta t1 extender because of lacking CPU. In Fitting Screen, choosing over item "Show in hangar" or "Show variations in hangar" would filter hangar and show Large Shield Extender II, or all large shield extenders available in hangar.

Or when shopping in Market, this would show quickly if I have this item already or not.

So, this is about filtering stuff in hangar, based on item somewhere else. And why not by item located in hangar also, at least number 2.
Jekyl Eraser
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#108 - 2011-11-19 19:10:21 UTC
A tab or folder system instead of station containers.

A way to setup a folder/tab so that all incoming items goes to that folder. There is a problem currently on the items view that all stuff you are receiving for example from the market come to same location where you are trying to manage items. So when you try select multiple items the item list is cleared everytime you get a new item...

Allow fitting from continers(tabs/folders)

maximum number of items on a contract is a pita.

corp hangar cost way too much

allow stacking of identical BPC. there are zillion of them, everywhere, divided into dozen of containers. argh. <- bad bad game design here CCP

Also one huge wish that came into mind. This would help logistics every EVE player has to do and takes major time and effort. Allow setting up a folder/container/tab so that you can set count on items you wish there was on the location. For example you wanted to have 10-20 Warp Disruptors on the location allways. If the item count dropped below 10 then the system wuld automatically order more items so that the maximum number is reached, the item isn't ordered automatically but added to a list... you could then personally check the list and if there was enough stuff to be delivered you could deicide to order all those items with single press of a button. it would create a 'BUY and DELIVER' contract for them from maybe Jita to your location.
Prince Kobol
#109 - 2011-11-19 19:23:04 UTC
Any chance to stop the Corporation - Polictics - Votes window resetting every time you vote on a open vote.

When you have hundreds of open votes it a pain that it resets the window closing all expanded votes in the process.
Percussive Diplomacy
No Forks Given
#110 - 2011-11-19 19:40:25 UTC
One thing I'll add for tabbed hangar windows - give us the ability to apply 'filters', that is, when we drag new items into our hangars, they're automatically sorted how we want them. For example, say we had a tab for high/med/low slot modules. When we drag in a bunch of stuff, the modules go to their corresponding tab. Another awesome improvement would be to add in filters for say only T2 and Meta 4+, so all the crap goes elsewhere.

Commanding Officer of the Treacle Tart Brigade

Swedish Aerospace Inc
#111 - 2011-11-19 19:43:50 UTC
over a year ago i posted my version of an improvement wishlist.
i think its time to revive that thread from archives, i got zero response to it.
it contained lots of ideas for improvement, not just inventory related


Point 4 from my second post in the link above i believe is relevant here:

UI: Inventory: custom grouping like drone UI & "market tree" to find items, possibly across all assets.

This is actualy two ideas that is a bit similar
first one is custom grouping of items in your hangar, similar to how you can group drones in your drone bay.
This will allow you to not have to use containers that have their own issues sometimes (hard to view contents remotely, not practical in corp hangar in pos when corp hangar shared by multiple players)

the second idea is "view hangar with market tree" and this could be used for the science & industry window for the blueprint list too.
its not fun to browse the blueprint list when you have thousands of blueprints

Tree should show all items below selected level and only show branches with items.
for example lets say you click on ammunition & charges, what you see is all ammo you have.
if you instead go to a lower leven in the tree like projectile ammo you only see those items.
this would allow you to "filter" your items better.

this could be a new view in addition to the 3 existing ones (list, icons, details)
how many have loads of items in their hangar?
yes things have improved with the search feature.

something like theese two ideas is something i realy would like to see implemented.
especialy for blueprints.

let me know if the explanation above is not clear enough, was thinking of doing screenshot and some copy/paste to better illustrate what i meant but never got around to it.
Desert Ice78
Gryphons of the Western Wind
#112 - 2011-11-19 20:02:38 UTC
Tippia wrote:
Desert Ice78 wrote:
Ability to rename corporate hanger divisions rather then them all being the same.
Do you mean on a per-station/hangar level e.g. because you don't need a BPO division in a station where you will not store any BPOs?

Yes, and you don't need an Ore division in your carrier, and you don't need an Ammo division in your Rorqual, and besides, when you are the only pilot who has access to said ship, why wouldn't you have access to all the divisions?

I am a pod pilot:

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Zaine Maltis
Innsmouth Enterprises
#113 - 2011-11-19 20:05:24 UTC
When you shift dragging a stack and drop it, it allows you to specify how much you want to put in the container. It doesn't work with multiple items. Make it so that if you are shift dragging a group of items, it will put x times that number of items in.


I've shift dragged two stacks to my Badger MKII cargo. The stacks are 300k of Toxic Metals and Reactive Metals. When I release, I get the how much pop up and put 8000 in there. When I hit return, 2 stacks appear in the cargo hold of 8000 items, one of Toxic Metals, the other of Reactive Metals.
Sunshine and Lollipops
#114 - 2011-11-19 20:07:22 UTC
Voitto wrote:
Right click over an item should have options:

1. "Show in hangar"
2. "Show variations in hangar"
…ooh, nasty brain flash.

Let's think big and expand that to have the option of finding “similar” modules (obviously, this would require a complete rewrite and rethink of the item classifications, and thus I unilaterally label it a trivial matter and expect it on TQ by tuesday P).

What if you could rclick on an item and select “Show similar”? You'd then be presented with the item list as normal, but with a slider on top that determines how similar things need to be. At maximum, Show Similar on a LSE II simply shows other LSE IIs. A notch down, it shows all large shield extenders. Yet another notch down and it shows shield extenders of all sizes. Next notch (just to make things even more difficult to implement) all shield mods that increase EHP. Next notch, all shield mods, regardless of function. Next notch, all mid-slot items.

Obivously, the massively tricky part would be to generate that “similarity” node tree and figure out a way to use it properly.
Desert Ice78
Gryphons of the Western Wind
#115 - 2011-11-21 07:07:54 UTC
Another one.

When at a POS, why do I have to put a container into an industrial before I can open it?
And when I want to name a can, why do I have to take said can, put it into an industrial, fly to a safe spot, launch it, then name it, put it back into the industrial, and then put it back in the corp hangar?

I am a pod pilot:

CCP Zulu: Came expecting a discussion about computer monitors, left confused.

Mnengli Noiliffe
#116 - 2011-11-21 10:31:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Mnengli Noiliffe
I am getting tired of having to deal with long lists of exactly the same items in my containers - several hundreds of the BPC from POS copying (since I can't maintain a POS all the time, I set it up and do thousands of copies and tear it down immediately after that) and from t2 BPCs invention.

so my wishes are -

1. implement stacking of BPC with the same parameters (runs, pe, me). this does not have to be system change, only display change - show several identical separate (unpackaged) items as a group. this should be displayed differently from the packaged stacked items to avoid confusion.
2. add list view columns for blueprints -- runs ('inf' for BPO), me, pe -- just like you can add 'meta lvl' column. Since its hard to select BPC for production - you need to check runs to make sure it's enough for the job.
3. Make it possible to see how many items you selected in the inventory (by holding shift + click) -- this may not be needed if stacking is implemented. otherwise I have to move selected to a new empty box to see how much items are there (in the title), which adds unneccessary server strain.

can't think of anything else right now ..

oh wait - inventory folders instead of containers would be nice but this probably counts as major system rewrite.

4. However, perhaps it's possible to create a special type of container - the 'rubber' container. It has no volume of its own (as long as it's empty) and has no limit on the amount or volume of items placed inside. However, all the items inside this container contribute to the volume of this container. this could be great improvement already!
Fon Win
Win-Star Corp
#117 - 2011-11-21 10:43:03 UTC
When you autofit a ship from the ship fitter, have it name the ship and index it if other ships are already named...

ie saved name is wombat ... if you already have a ship fitted and named wombat, name the one you're fitting wombat2.

That way i can look remotely (or locally) at ships and see what i have prefitted, and what role i have it prefitted for.
Mnengli Noiliffe
#118 - 2011-11-21 10:50:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Mnengli Noiliffe
5. make item damage (crystals, ships, modules, ...) visible in the detailed list view. another column selectable just like 'meta level' right now.

6. When dragging stacked item into a regular container, the maximum amount is pre-filled into the amount input box. However, when dragging into the corporate hangar (f.ex. of an Orca), it is not, and you have to guess and add by small piles. Make it work like with regular containers.
Seleia O'Sinnor
Drop of Honey
#119 - 2011-11-21 10:57:51 UTC
Nice thread.

  • Make BPCs with same values(runs, ME, PE) stackable

  • Add more columns:ME/PE/runs for BPCs, damage/health of items. Leave it blank for items which don't apply for the value type

  • Let the player move columns for a particular item window(container/hangar), store it client side.

  • Add total volume and count of all/selected items at the bottom of a window, especially in hangars very useful, add a small footer to every window.

  • Introduce one extra level of "subfolders" for containers -> introduce containers without m³ bonus, right now I am using Industrial Ships to add this. Very painful.

  • Renaming of containers in hangars at a POS(!!!)

  • Reduce lag of moving things around, when I am doing this too fast, the last action is not performed(batch sync with server?)

  • Search/Filter applies to contents in containers(Result may be presented as a tree), add a small magnifying glass left to the input field. I guess some people don't see it.

  • Right align the number for the item count of stacks in "Icon" view mode

  • Repackaging in hangars at POS

  • Opening containers in hangars at POS

  • Creating stacks of a given volume in m³

  • When creating stacks of a certain amount, please show the total volume in m³ of the entered count while entering a number

  • When in list view of a hangar/container it's hard to drop something into it while there are only containers visible. Add something like a drop symbol to make storing stuff more quickly. Or let the user decide by holding alt/ctrl to not store in the container under mouse arrow.

  • Make stacking of items possible though the volume of a container is used up.

  • Divions are nasty, they are named by something useful, for example: Ammo. Now why should I need an Ammo hangar in every POS module? Just let people make hangar tabs as many as they like(ah yes performance, say 10?) and let them rename them just for that particual hangar.

  • Add the functionality to make a "package" of anything selected, like those in courier contracts. This would make it very very useful to store fits or add player's intention for "item groups". The player can rename it.

  • Let packaged containers being stored in other containers.

Odyssey: Repacking in POS hangars for modules +1,  but please for other stuff too, especially containers. Make containers openable in POS hangars.

Mnengli Noiliffe
#120 - 2011-11-21 11:20:17 UTC
When creating Remote Manufacturing/Science jobs in another system, make contents update immediately after successfully creating a job.

This is due to the following usage pattern:

I bring materials and BPC for production with my hauling alt into a station with some free slots, contract it all to the manufacturing alt (which is not neccessarily just the materials for this particular job) who is located in another system, then that alt creates the job and has to contract the remaining materials and BPC to the next manufacturing alt (since more slots are available) or back to the hauler alt.

When I am trying to do that, I can't since the game says the items is no longer there. This is because the inventory in another system is not updated .. well maybe it can be accelerated for this particular case (that is, after creating a job that takes stuff from the inventory).