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Sell Orders

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End-of-Line [-EOL] wh or c4 (they got c5-c4) system

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#1 - 2013-11-12 22:48:12 UTC
depends on who's asking, and what the locals are offering (pricewise).
Rall Mekin
#2 - 2013-11-12 23:11:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Rall Mekin
Hey bro, good to see my intelligence connections are right.

Anyone wanting to pay for access into our system, convo me. I'll sell the bookmark for free.

Перевод осуществляется через Google Translate
Эй братан, приятно видеть мои связи интеллекта правы.

Любой, кто хочет платить за доступ в нашу систему, CONVO меня. Я продам закладки бесплатно.
D3m0n sam
Island Monkeys
#3 - 2013-11-12 23:12:28 UTC  |  Edited by: D3m0n sam
Sure we will also bring a welcoming party.

Limited stock available, First come First serve
Terror and Hubris
#4 - 2013-11-12 23:14:06 UTC
Dont be mad because i tried to kill your buzzard :(
I was only giving you an exit, thats what you asked for.

Ty for the 3m isk btw.
Pasha Cracken
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#5 - 2013-11-12 23:18:31 UTC
Don't stop there! Order now and get 2 bookmarks for the price of 1!

That's right folks! 2 4 1!!!!
EOL Awoxer
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#6 - 2013-11-12 23:23:36 UTC
Do not be temped for the price of a free bookmark brothers. I shall offer you a BM for half the price.
silent terror
#7 - 2013-11-26 11:47:38 UTC
Can i get a bookmark?
Tasiv Deka
#8 - 2013-12-04 18:16:25 UTC
Im so confused as to the purpose of this thread? Op did we do something to you?

Did Rall give you a Bad Touch... i keep telling him not to... the damned sexual harassment lawsuits are a pain.

Anyways will totally sell out the corp for the low price of 300 000 000 isk... just send it to this character.

Oh, Do go on... no seriously ive got nothing better to do then listen to all the petty arguments and feeble trolling attempts... 

The sad thing is i'm not sure if i'm telling the truth.