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Cpu Issue or need upgrade?

ido spaceship
#1 - 2013-11-04 19:57:53 UTC

so im noticing high cpu usage on 1 core, frequently hitting 100% in complex scenes (missions etc) which is causing a stutter under normal load and fps drops under high load.

playing with in-game settings does seem to mitigate the issue, for example turning interval to immediate then using 3rd party software to apply vsync did help, but i suspect it only highlighted the issue as i cant see how vsync would affect cpu usage?
textures/shadows also seems to play a big part in how bad it is

also disabling cpu parking altogether helped a little.

anyway this is what im experiencing..
here im opening the survey window of an extractor, when the window opens, cpu 0 spikes and frames drop causing a stutter. the whole instance lasts maybe a second or 2.
fairly minor..but a frame dip can be observed even mousing over the links (very very minor)
this is dragging an extractor head around with left click

and as you can imagine when i get to any kind of serious load this happens
i was in windowed mode anyway but only just started resource mon after the lag, which also opened fine during the increased cpu usage crated by EVE (maybe used another core??) hence why the graph isnt complete but it essentialyl up and down like a yo yo in between say 80-100%

anyway im just wondering if this is normal and i need to upgrade my cpu or should eve use other cores more than this?

my specs:
win 7
AMD Phenom ii x4 820 (@ 2.8ghz)
MSI HD 7870 Twin Frozr
6gb Ram
(its essentially a stock dell xps 7100 with a different card and psu - which is rated at 550w)
-normally run full screen @ 1080p
-using cat 13.11 v8 installed correctly with radeon pro
-log server not showing any errors
seth Hendar
I love you miners
#2 - 2013-11-05 13:35:52 UTC
does you lag issues are happening when there are some kind of "clouds" displayed on screen? cause this is a known issue

asking this because of the last screenshot you provided
ido spaceship
#3 - 2013-11-05 17:03:41 UTC
they certainly dont help, for instance when i turn the camera to open space in that last pic it is less severe but stil kinda choppy.

i have noted issues when no clouds were present but alot of other cloud like effect (missile trails eg) so am thinking its related to the particle system. i have also noted instances while sitting in a pos and in cq the other day, is basically present most of the time but certain things seem to make it much worse.

kinda like, remember when they added the tempest v3 shaders and lots of folks were getting terrible performance, thats how this feels, like certain textures are generating to much cpu load

im basically at my wits end with this, its been reported to ccp when i first noticed ages ago so i gues it must be a known issue.. just be nice to know if getting a new cpu would fix it or not, dont really want to spend the cash if i dont have to..


oh and the settings i use:
resource cache:on
HDR: off
Stations: on
AA :Medium
PP: None
Shader: high
Texture: high
Int Effect: medium
Int Shader: medium
all effects checked except camera shake
seth Hendar
I love you miners
#4 - 2013-11-05 17:06:24 UTC
switch the setting "present interval" from "immediate" to "one", this could help.

if not, well i'm out of ideas....
ido spaceship
#5 - 2013-11-05 17:42:09 UTC
yeah i actually found that interval 1 made the issue worse, currently im applying vsync through radeon pro (cos thats all interval is) i set interval immediate in game to avoid any potential conflict.

oddly if i leave vsynce off altogether but cap frames to 60 or 59 it is even better but omg screen tearing. ive also experimented with flip que size (pre-rendered frames) to no avail.

me too : /