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Inventory fixes wishlist thread

First post
War Kitten
Panda McLegion
#21 - 2011-11-18 13:54:18 UTC
When right-clicking and choosing "Fit to active ship", could it perhaps try to fit the entire stack? Repeating that task 8 times is tedious when fitting a new ship.

Or perhaps add the option "Fit stack to active ship" to the right click menu.

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Yamagata Syndicate
Shadow Cartel
#22 - 2011-11-18 13:58:17 UTC
Cool thread!

1) please fix the bugginess of all hangars with stacking and available volume, I get a lot of "not enough free volume available" errors when trying to do stack all or even manually transfer items from one pile to another

2) how about giving prop mods a size attribute? Like turrets; small, medium, large, xl.

3) would be great to repackage items inside GSCs.

Maybe useful to others, who knows: I currently keep my stuff sorted in named GSCs:

*** 01 HI ***
*** 02 MED ***
*** 03 LOW ***
*** 04 AMMO ***
*** 05 DRONES ***

...and so on, these names keep them on top of the hangar and sorted. In station I open the windows and arrange them sensibly, and the open positions are remembered. Imo this is quite handy and has advantages over hangar tabs like being able to open them simultaneuosly, and also move house easily and keeping stuff still sorted.


Cpt Greagor
Liquid Relief
#23 - 2011-11-18 13:58:24 UTC
Add tabs (like those in corp hangars) to personal hangars.

Ability to place smaller containers in larger containers would be nice.

Takeshi Zakharov wrote:
There was a post in a previous thread about having the meta number of the module where the tech 2/faction, etc. symbol is.

I thought that seemed like a good idea, would really make sorting stuff out a lot easier.

If you set your sort function on your container panel to wear it shows just the name and info (Not the large or smaller sized icon options) you can right click the top where it says things like name, category, volume, ect... and you have the option of adding the meta number sort. So it will show the meta number that way.

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Ingvar Angst
Nasty Pope Holding Corp
#24 - 2011-11-18 13:59:06 UTC
The option to have more than seven divisions would be handy.

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Didona Carpenito
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#25 - 2011-11-18 14:00:03 UTC
Zoe Alarhun wrote:
Your idea for Tabbed personal hangers is a fantastic one. I myself have a bunch of station containers all labelled for different things - Items to sell, Ship equipment, Ammo Etc. if I could create tabs on the station hanger instead of using dozens of containers I would be very very happy.

I have 3 production avatars. I would like someplace to share all the datacores-minerals-bpos-bpcs between them.

Stacking of same bpc's bpos would be awsome.

How about the ability to make the hanger expand to full screen? (just like windows) currently I have to drag the screen to max, to be able to find an item.
Jarnis McPieksu
Gallente Federation
#26 - 2011-11-18 14:01:14 UTC
Meta level shown on the icon. Pick another corner of the icon, small number inside a shape of some sort. Make it an option if you fear that it will confuse the nooblets.

Ship inventory (optionally) split into two dynamically changing (volume in m3) areas - ammo/scripts/charges and cargo. Sucks to always sort what I want out of my cargo and what I want to keep there. Or if that is too much of a hack, it could be taken even further...

Item/ship tagging - multi-select my "consumables" and tag them as such and the inventory window will then show these slightly differently / separates them from the rest ("untagged", misc cargo). Perhaps the "generic case" would be to give an ability to tag or group items and ships in cargo or in station hangar and then select between "all" and "grouped by tag" view of the inventory. Grouped by tag could be viewed either as tabbed view or as single window that is split into multiple groups with horizontal or vertical lines. A way to visually sort stuff inside inventory windows.

If expanded also to ships, would also make life much easier for alliance logistics with carriers - instead of renaming ships etc. for carrier hauling, the original owner could just tag each ship with same tag and then trade them to the carrier pilot. Stuff would then show in ship hangar sorted by the tags. No matter how he juggles and re-sorts them into full carrier loads to jump into destination, at the destination station they would all be nicely grouped by tag in the ship window and ready to be traded or dropped into personal hangars by the carrier pilot.

...because containers as they are now are just a huge pain in the ass for organizing items... AFAIK can't put ammo/scripts/charges into container in cargo because of multiple drawbacks, too much :effort: and lack of flexibility to keep a can in hold for "misc cargo", cans not working with unpackaged ships... etc...

Cans could this way to be delegated mostly for what they really are - way to store stuff out in space and way to do "secure storage" (passwords, locked containers etc.).

TLDR: Let me put post-it notes on my stuff and then use those for sorting/grouping
#27 - 2011-11-18 14:02:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Sturmwolke
Blueprints. I don't want to have to waste several corps hangars to separate the bazillions BPOs/BPCs into different categories.
Increased granularity of hangar divisions isn't a real solution either - but you wanted small and targeted.
If I'd want this done right, I'd pull the whole plumbing and re-think how BPO/BPCs management can be less clunky.

The other thing regarding blueprints are the lockdown options. Gods ... one at a time just kills you. Then do the reverse. Repeat again. This is specifically designed by hardcore CCP masochists for their fellow hardcore masochists players.

As for short and sweet fix for items management, an auto-stack and auto-repackage option when moving stuffs into storage would smoothen the operation greatly - leading to less clutter. My "storage" definition here are station containers.
Phantom Slave
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#28 - 2011-11-18 14:08:03 UTC
The ability to unstack multiple stacks at a time would be a huge time saver for me. Let's say you manufacture stuff and sell 30 items in 2 locations. So you need to split those 30 stacks in half one by one every single time you manufacture!

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The Scope
Gallente Federation
#29 - 2011-11-18 14:08:49 UTC
Shift/alt/ctrl/whatever + click on item in inventory = fit to active ship/load as ammo/launch drone

Mark a lot of items - right click - sell all - sell window queue starts ( no cascade !)

Neo Agricola
#30 - 2011-11-18 14:09:24 UTC
Daedalus Arcova wrote:
Asset window search should find items and modules inside containers, cargo bays and fitted to ships.

1000 times please!

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Hylax Ciai
#31 - 2011-11-18 14:16:52 UTC
Add detailed tooltips to ships (most importantly the corporation hangar).

They should display data about the ship which is not directly acessible. Like insurance information, damaged modules, drone count, armor/structure damage and basically display things that change often and would either require opening the fitting window or a right click -> Show Info.

Right now, corporations with a lot of ships have some trouble to keep all their ships insured, properly equipped and non-damaged.


Charles Javeroux
#32 - 2011-11-18 14:20:13 UTC
What I would personally like to see is that when you try to drag and drop item/ship from your a ship cargohold to station delivery bay, the system recognizes the access restriction automatically and instead of giving a message (what requires clicking), places the item/ship either to your personal item- or ship hangar.

This improvement would allow to drag-drop stuff fast between ship and station storage, without concerns of what is the currently open station hangar window you have.

It's a small thing, though the less the annoying restrictions messages in station, the better.
Abdiel Kavash
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#33 - 2011-11-18 14:35:35 UTC
Tabbed personal hangars. Even unlimited number of tabs: as far as DB load goes, I don't see a difference between someone having 30 containers or 30 hangar tabs. In the latter case you don't even have to track 30 separate container items.

Automatically repackage and stack any undamaged item dropped into a hangar. Maybe make it an option for people who don't want it.

Allow us to fit ships we can't fly. It's always nicer to hand out fit ships to corpmates than just DIY packs.

Allow us to right-click > view contents of containers in the corporation assets window (it already works in personal assets).

Plastic wrap - a container which fits any volume of cargo, and takes up the same volume as the cargo contained within. Why? Organizing stacks of items in a freighter. Current workaround is to wrap the items in a courier contract.

Allow moving of assembled ships in a cargo hold. You can already do that using a courier contract.

Allow us to split stacks in a corporation deliveries bay. Currently trying to do so gives an error message. However you can do it by creating a contract, selecting only a part of the items, and then canceling the contract. Again, a needless workaround.

Show the volume column for courier contract packages.

Currently it's impossible to create an item exchange contract containing a courier contract package containing a cargo container. As this doesn't allow for an infinite inventory exploit, I don't know why is it impossible. It should be allowed.

Creating a contract containing both items and ships is currently glitchy. Select a few items in your hangar. Then hold CTRL and select a few ships. Both ships and items appear selected in the UI. Right-click one of them, and create a contract. However either only items or only ships actually get put in the contract (depending on which one you right-clicked).

Add a Check All / Uncheck All option when picking items when creating a contract (2nd screen of the contract wizard).

Allow accessing the content of containers in a Corporation Hangar Array.

Allow me to board a ship which is in a corporation office at a station by simply dragging it on the hangar view. Currently I get an error message "This item is not yours to take". I need to first drag it to my ships window, and then to the hangar.

Add a Give Item functionality (similar to Give Money) for transferring items between friends or alt characters. Maybe I don't have any contract slots left, or just don't want to relog a couple of times just to click Accept on a contract. To prevent abuse, maybe only allow me to give items to characters which have me in their contact list with positive standings.

Above and/or a shared items hangar between characters on the same account.

Create Unsecured Station Containers which don't have a password, locking functionality, etc, but can be repackaged and sold at any time (without having to wait 3 weeks after last access).

Dragging stacks of items into a Silo is currently bugged (yes I have reported it a long time ago (in April or so), and it was confirmed as a bug). Drag a stack of items which exceeds the Silo's maximum volume from a CHA into the silo. Expected behavior: only a part of the stack is moved, enough to fill the Silo. This is how it works with all the other locations (ship cagros, containers...). However, observed behavior: I get an error message, no items get moved.

Another bug: Character A is in a ship with items in the cargo hold. A ejects. Character B boards the ship. B unloads the cargo to a CHA and loads a different set of items (e.g. unloads POS fuel, loads reaction products). B ejects and A boards the ship again. Now A can see both the fuel and the products in the cargohold, even if the total volume exceeds the cargo size.
Acac Sunflyier
The Ascended Refugees
Lord of Worlds Alliance
#34 - 2011-11-18 14:37:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Acac Sunflyier

#35 - 2011-11-18 14:42:24 UTC
1. Tabs in your personal hangar in stations.

2. Allow repackage of items in CHA

3. Allow open, close, add items, remove items from cans in a CHA

4. Either default secure cans to be unlocked for items added or make the settings of a secure can persistent regardless of which PC you use. As it is now i can configure the container to be unlocked for items i put in it on PC A, but if I use PC B to put something in a secure container the item gets locked.
Scrapyard Bob
EVE University
Ivy League
#36 - 2011-11-18 14:44:45 UTC
Acac Sunflyier wrote:

Or - better - introduce a variant of station containers / vaults / etc - that don't have the audit log feature. There are already non-secure containers for the smaller sizes (except there's no "giant" variant).

(There are big reasons why you don't want secure containers with audit logs to be repackaged before that 3 weeks is up. It makes it harder for a thief to cover their tracks.)
Vincent Athena
#37 - 2011-11-18 14:45:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Vincent Athena
Most of my stories are about cans, and the issues of working with them. I use them to organize my stuff, but there are consequences to doing so, consequences that can be fixed.

- Anything you can do with a item that is not in a can, you can do with that item when it is in a can, such as assemble, reprocess and repackage.
- When you recall a fit, cans are searched for the needed items.
- When you recall a fit, items removed from the ship go back to the cans they came from.
- A packaged can is smaller than when it is assembled and can go into a can.
- If I know the password to a can, or none is set, there is no wait before the it can be repackaged, reprocessed, or sold.
- A new type of can, say called a bag, is added that has no defined volume. Its simply as big as whats inside it. It can:
-Do everything current cans can do (other than be smaller than the contents)
- Hold assembled ships.
- Be placed in another ship.
- (These containers are similar to the box you get when doing a courier contract).
- A job can be installed even if the bpo is in a can, and cans are searched for needed materials.
- Every hangar and can has an "auto repackage" and "auto restack" option.
I just had to toss my application support files, losing every setting in every account. Now all cans a are defaulting to locked. Please make "unlocked" default, or give us a server side option to remember our desired default preference.

And one non-can thing:

- The size of the item icon can be adjusted.

Edit: most of these can requests would go away if I could have a large number of tabs on my hangar (like 20 tabs) as I would then organize via tabs rather than cans.

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LUX Uls Xystus
#38 - 2011-11-18 14:46:45 UTC
I want so second the things said about:

* searching in (sub) containers
* stacking in full containers,
* auto stacking and auto sorting,
* stacking of BPC
* and much much more possibilities for tabs on corp hangars as well as introducing the same on personal hangars (call it 'labeling' or something).

Additionally I want to bring you attention to the one thing I did not read in the thread:

As long we have no auto sorting and auto stacking in icon view: the view should scroll to the bottom, or at least to the first item moved into.

An last but not least:
Make it so, that If you strip something from a ship that is in 100% health, just make it automatically packaged and stacked!

That would be so awesome!
Scrapyard Bob
EVE University
Ivy League
#39 - 2011-11-18 14:49:00 UTC
I like the "plastic wrap" container idea. Larger container sizes, that are the same size inside as outside, both with and without the audit log feature are sorely needed. Something in the 20k m3 range, a 50k m3 range, and a 250k m3 range.

Containers larger then GSCs, however, should not be anchorable (except maybe in w-space or null).

(Note that we do currently have a "General Freight Container" - it holds 120k m3 - but there's no "secure" version of it with an audit log.)

Rainus Max
Fusion Enterprises Ltd
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#40 - 2011-11-18 14:52:21 UTC
Perphaps a 'ship pack'

Basically similar to a saved fitting but its a pack that actually contains all the mods, ammo, drone etc and the ship.

Maintains the packed size of everything and is stackable for better corp hanger views (saves having 100s of individual assembled ships)

When you right click assemble, it assembles the ship and then fits it.

Corp hanger audit logs would also be nice.