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My uncle. The fear he instilled in me. No hope?

Phoenix Jones
Small-Arms Fire
#1 - 2013-10-29 15:34:43 UTC
My uncle used to be an auditor in the Sisters of Eve Bureau. I say used to because he was let go and put into a mental institution after attacking one of the Sister of Eve's agents. They argued that my uncle was a madman. I stated the same. I did not like my uncle very much. He implored me not to go the role of the capsuleer, that my "soul" would be taken from me and that I would not have any control over myself anymore if I undergo the procedure.

I am honestly a little scared now. No amount of tinfoil could help me after I last spoke with my uncle. I maybe in a bit of grief due to his passing... and maybe I just need a place to get my thoughts out....

... so a fictional journal site might be the best thing for me. As everything here is all fiction... right?

It has been fairly well known that the Sisters of Eve has been completely obsessed with the Evegate. Its phenomenon and link back to the Milky Way galaxy has been the stuff of legends.

What I did not realize is that my uncle already discovered the mystery of the Evegate.

A few days before he passed, he asked me to come and listen to his entire story. I knew my uncle was unbalanced, irritable... crazy. He would ask for sports results then yell at you for not bringing him a ham sandwich he did not ask for. Staying around him for more than 5 minutes was a test of will and endurance. The doctors wrote him off as schizophrenic. They were probably right. Still yet a visit was in order.

My uncle talked for hours, and hours... and hours. This wasn't the ramblings of a broken old man though. He was consize, specific, and I fear horrifyingly correct.

In summary.... he told me...

The capsuleers.. are not of New Eden. There bodies are but their minds are not.

I pray this is just the ramblings of a crazy old man...

"The procedure done to create a capsuleer is actually a control implant created from the Milky Way. The capsuleers.. us.... we are essentially drones.. cancerous drones from the Milky Way, implanted in New Eden. The Sister's believe that connecting New Eden back to the Milky Way will allow them to create a way to kill off all of the capsuleers... by removing their immortality..."

"The Milky Way has the control method to do it."

My uncle told me that the Sister's have always been the religious zealots who want the world to go the way of their gods.... and that the Sister's treasure the entities back in the Milky Way galaxy as their gods.

"They want to go home, and they want home to kill the cancer of the capsuleers."

"What they never realized is that the cancer was created by the Milky Way. The creation of immortal capsuleers gave the Milky Way Empire a way to destroy all of New Eden... without them setting foot inside it. The empires in Eve have become too strong for the Milky Way to take over. They found a way to destroy them, and there using the capsuleers to do it."

My uncle rants a lot, saying scary things that make no sense..... till he said this.

"The Evegate isn't a gate (or it was) It is currently a control beacon for the Milky Way controllers to stay in control of the capsuleers in Eve."

"Now the Milky Way controllers (home), want to conquer all of New Eden, but they can't. The empires are too vast, too powerful. So they need the capsuleers to destroy them before attempting the takeover and rebuilding/opening the Evegate. "

I told my uncle that he was crazy. He agreed then continued...

"They need to capsuleers to rebuild the gate connecting New Eden to The Milky Way. The collapse was not intentional, but accidental."

My uncle stopped there for a moment.... then continued...

"It was not accidental... it was sabotaged".

I asked by whom, he said he doesn't know because he's not psychic, a time traveler or Santa Clause. I looked at him in contempt before he continued.

"The knowledge to recreate or repair the EveGate did not exist till recently. The materials were not in enough supply, the experience wasn't there, and the capsuleers were still being regulated by the empires. People are coming up with ways to explore the unknown, which means they have come up with ways to physically get people TO the unknown."

"The empires do not want this. The empires themselves are now losing control of the situation and they can't get it back."

My uncle then delved into the insane....

"The Jovian disease... its a self destruct message from the Milky Way. A way to control the capsuleer if they decided to turn on the masters. The Jovian's been trying to figure out how to stop it. They haven't".

"The disease is not a issue of genetic testing, its an experiment to see if they can kill the capsuleers after they have destroyed all the great empires".

"Don't you see? The only way to take over a nation is to kill the natives with the natives. The problem you run into is that the natives who killed the others off take control. Your stuck with killing them. But what if you controlled them, and after using them, just flipped a switch, and watch all the progress your native mercenaries did go up in flame".

"How do you kill a immortal, you remove there immortality. The moment you do, they surrender and become your slaves".

"The Jovian "disease"...... it is in every capsuleer. The capsuleer's are not immortal..... the disease hasn't been activated yet."

"The Sisters want to go home to the Milky Way. They need the capsuleers to wipe out the empires in order to do it as the empires will not allow them to recreate the bridge beforehand. Once dead, the capsuleers will rebuild the bridge from the Milky Way to New Eden. Once rebuilt... The Milky Way will invade.... remove the immortality of the capsuleers, and kill them off..."

I hope this was just the tinfoil rantings of a dying madman. Maybe I'm just in grief.... I don't know anymore....

Thank you for listening....


Dappman Chelien
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2013-10-31 20:41:25 UTC
YOU should be put in a mental institution