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53m sp pilot with cap alt looking for 0.0 corp in Angel/ Sansha space

Frillo Teslar
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2013-10-24 14:17:15 UTC
Looking for an active corp where I can join in on pvp and make some isk when I feel the need to fill my wallet.

Angel/ Sansha space preferred. Upgraded systems = more pvp ships in hanger faster.

JF service from hi-sec to 0.0 home is nice.

Something about me:
Fly most min/ amarr subs, logi 5, recon 5.
Solo and fleet pvp experience. Can scan.
Alt is working towards moros - has chimera.

Not too interested in deploying every 2 weeks, but once in a while is ok.

Mail me :-)
Xander Phoenix
Horde Armada
Pandemic Horde
#2 - 2013-10-24 14:40:52 UTC
sent you a mail in game :)
Samoth Egnoled
Caldari Provisions
#3 - 2013-10-25 06:31:23 UTC

Infinitech is Re-opening our recruitment doors to skilled and dedicated pilots. Originally founded in 2006, now after a break we have reformed and are ready to fulfill our agendas in EVE. We are now part of the Catastrophic Uprising [-CUP-] Alliance.

Got FC experience? Come have a chat with us!

What we offer you!

- A Friendly and Fun structured Environment
- Dedicated Expertise in many areas
- Plenty of Ops in all Timezones
- A chance to realize your Industry goals
- Black Operations - Ssh it's a Secret!
- Exploration and Wormholes
- PVP Gangs - Patrolling our chosen area, or just looking for some Pew Pew

What we want from you!

- A love of baked goods - Morrin bakes everyday \o/
- An interesting personality - we are NOT a PG13 corp
- Dedication and skills - Everyone must do Some PVP
- A Team player
- Teamspeak 3 Installed and a working Mic
- 10,000,000 Skill point minimum - Exceptions Can and Have been made, if you feel you have some thing special to offer. Feel free to get in touch.
- Full API Key Required, For your main and Alts.

Our Website -
Ingame Channel - Infinitech Public

If you have any questions or would like more info, please join our ingame channel 'Infinitech Public' or contact a Recruiter.


Samoth Egnoled
Morrin Joe
Hung Xilo
Peter Restuco
Blademaster Hattori
Ruby Code
#4 - 2013-10-25 14:29:18 UTC
I would like to highly recommend Flying with animals as your choice.

You want small gang pvp, roams, smartbombing we are your one stop place to be.

Over 500 kills in our first 3 to 4 weeks of starting out. (Select previous Month)


We're a small well organized group, that love all shenanigans of PVP. Currently based out of a C3 with a LS static we have access to roam on a vast distance. We pvp in 0.0 suicide gank in HS and raid/PvP in other wormholes.

We have got a lot of plans for the future.

Currently are east coast to west coast time zone.

Checkout the thread for more info.

One and Only Thread

Did I say were not scared to fly the bling ship


PI_Trader - Creating, designing and managing your PI sales market tool

Frillo Teslar
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2013-10-28 14:06:50 UTC
Haven't joined anyone yet Shocked
Wrong Hole.
#6 - 2013-10-28 21:35:42 UTC
Mid-sized corp good mix of PVP/indy players.

Mining boosts from alliance on regular basis plenty of opportunity for PVP and fleet roams.
US/EU timezones. KaDuat Vision is corp chat, evemail or convo if of interest.
Inoue Zael
Doomed Initiative
#7 - 2013-10-28 22:02:43 UTC
hey m8, I sent you an in-game mail. hit me up anytime or check us out at:

TINCO Recruiting
The Wraithguard.
#8 - 2013-10-28 23:19:41 UTC

We are in Curse baby!!

Founder/CEO of Wraithguard.