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49m~~ SP pilot looking for a corp

Daedalus Page
Asocial Club
#1 - 2013-10-21 17:48:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Daedalus Page
I'm looking for a corp who like doing pvp in small to medium size gang, I can fly almost all subcap, special thinking for cruiser size ship. Aaaaaand I can fly cap aswell.

I'm in EU TZ and can play both in EU and US TZ.
BattleStar Crusader
Out of Focus
Odin's Call
#2 - 2013-10-21 18:57:27 UTC
Hello Mate

Absinthe Brothers could fit the bill for you. We do small gang PVP in the Amarr Militia. There is never a lack of fights as there are always targets out to fight.

We like a good bit of banter and kicking the crap out of the opposition.

HIt me up in game if you are interested and i can tell you more. Hate to bore you with an epic post about our corp lol.
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2013-10-21 19:09:58 UTC

If your looking for Blackops/ small to medium fleets. Look me up or join Codex Pub.

We live in 0.0 and are currently shooting provi's. Doesn't get much better than that!!
satans lovechild
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2013-10-21 20:26:53 UTC
Darkfire Unlimited is a member of the Cult of War Alliance. As a member of the Cult of War Alliance we are also a proud member of N3.

We are currently looking for pilots with strong proven PvP records to bolster our rank. You must be self sufficient and be someone who is willing to put the Corporation above the individual. Darkfire Unlimited is willing to go out of its way to help those who are willing to go out of their way to help the Corporation.

We are also looking for "wannabe" PvP pilots who may have the skill points but may not have the experience on grid. The Corporation and Alliance both have a support structure in place to help you succeed and to be proficient at all aspects of PVP and Nullsec life.

What we offer:
☼ Experienced and active players located throughout the US, UK, and EU Time Zones
☼ Daily PVP Ops that include Corporation and Alliance fleets with extremely capable FCs
☼ Very knowledgeable people in different disciplines to offer support and help
☼ Alliance insurance based ship replacement plan (SRP)
☼ Corporation comms(TS3) along with forums and a killboard
☼ Corporation and Alliance logistics to include Jump Freighters, Carriers, and Rorqual/Orca support
☼ Opportunities for advancement in our leadership ranks
☼ NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy

What we want:
☼ Active players regardless of Time Zone
☼ Sense of humour
☼ Able to log on to Alliance and Coalition comms
☼ Willing to participate in Alliance and Coalition OPS/CTAS
☼ NBSI policy everywhere

Please understand that a full API will be required along with a voice interview. We look forward to talking with you about your future in our corporation.

To apply
Public Channel : Darkfire Recruitment
CONTACT : satans lovechild (EU/UK), Teraeyes (EU/UK), or Dinghy Young (US)
Creper Effrenus
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2013-10-22 11:02:49 UTC
Hi i am recruiter for The Guardian Knights. We are low-sec pvp oriented corp. We do all kind of low-sec stuff from small roams thru gatecamps to blops. We are mainly EU tz. If you are interested in more info or have any questions just contat me in game mail or convo.

Pandemic Lizards.
#6 - 2013-10-22 12:13:18 UTC
check out our recruitment thread and see if we fit you needs:

hopefully we can chat later on.

Jack Morrison
Team Liquid crp.
#7 - 2013-10-22 12:59:13 UTC
Hi Daedalus,
have a look here, we are low/hi with occasional roams (and planned deployments) to null.

Action every day Pirate

Looking for a group to pew with ? Have a chat with me.

Inoue Zael
Doomed Initiative
#8 - 2013-10-22 16:52:47 UTC
Hey m8, sent you a mail. PVP is good - join us!

TINCO Recruiting

Fly safe!
Samoth Egnoled
Caldari Provisions
#9 - 2013-10-23 06:15:44 UTC

Infinitech is Re-opening our recruitment doors to skilled and dedicated pilots. Originally founded in 2006, now after a break we have reformed and are ready to fulfill our agendas in EVE. We are now part of the Catastrophic Uprising [-CUP-] Alliance.

Got FC experience? Come have a chat with us!

What we offer you!

- A Friendly and Fun structured Environment
- Dedicated Expertise in many areas
- Plenty of Ops in all Timezones
- A chance to realize your Industry goals
- Black Operations - Ssh it's a Secret!
- Exploration and Wormholes
- PVP Gangs - Patrolling our chosen area, or just looking for some Pew Pew

What we want from you!

- A love of baked goods - Morrin bakes everyday \o/
- An interesting personality - we are NOT a PG13 corp
- Dedication and skills - Everyone must do Some PVP
- A Team player
- Teamspeak 3 Installed and a working Mic
- 10,000,000 Skill point minimum - Exceptions Can and Have been made, if you feel you have some thing special to offer. Feel free to get in touch.
- Full API Key Required, For your main and Alts.

Our Website -
Ingame Channel - Infinitech Public

If you have any questions or would like more info, please join our ingame channel 'Infinitech Public' or contact a Recruiter.


Samoth Egnoled
Morrin Joe
Hung Xilo
Peter Restuco
SB Rico
State War Academy
Caldari State
#10 - 2013-10-24 16:12:54 UTC
The Unified is now recruiting

Old School Pirate corp

Alliance Ops
Experienced players
TS3 and Killboard
If you wanna chat join THE UNITED CHANNEL

Scammers are currently selling killrights on this toon for up to 5mil, if you have paid for this service demand your money back at once.

Killing me should be for free.

Jennifer McAkz
Fistful of Finns
#11 - 2013-10-24 16:25:57 UTC
Hey there!

Hellfire Cult is medium sized PvP/PvE corporation, part of a sov holding alliance called The East India Co.. We are mostly PVP focused, but we are also doing some general industrial stuff and ratting.

To learn more about us, check out our forum thread linked below!

See you on the other side!
State War Academy
Caldari State
#12 - 2013-10-24 16:36:40 UTC
Buccaneers of New Eden [.BONE]

Corp Benefits:

- Roams, Camps, Ops, Blops, and other PVP activities.

- PvP'ers looking to roam every chance we get

- Friendly, relaxed and entertaining environment.

- Alliance logistic to move equipment/ships

- Local 0.0 market

- 0.0 truesec for your ISK needs

- Voice comms / kill board

- A mature corp of 25+ year old pilots

- Corp prime TZ 16:00 - 02:00

- RL > EVE, however when we EVE we treat it professionally

Pilot Requirement:

- Minimum 20mill SP or previous PVP experience

- Team Speak capable

- Be able to fully T2 fit ships (not requirement, but a plus)

- We want PvP based pilots, but alts are welcome.(PvP and/or Indy alts)

- Willing to be part of the corp , not just the next number in corp.

Join in game channel "BONE Yarrrd" to say "o/"
Contact Siex via eve-mail.
Stormfoot Stormfoot
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#13 - 2013-10-24 17:49:33 UTC
Hey mate,

We are not a hard core PvP corp, but it is a constant presence. We have large defense fleets forming daily and small gang operations going into low sec and null at our digression. Great group of people with plenty of money making opportunities. I encourage you to check us out in "GL Recruit" and we can go from there!
Tao Zun
Into Oblivion.
#14 - 2013-10-25 16:30:10 UTC
If you have a taste for pvp and are interested in Black Ops PvP, we might be the corp for you.

Check out our recruitment thread

or join our in game channel Roach Recruitment
Foxstar Damaskeenus
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#15 - 2013-10-26 02:25:39 UTC
You already know who Shadow Cartel is.

Drop by "DBOYS" and fleet up with us and we will see if you are our kind of killer.


As you can see we try to kill everything we touch with impunity. If we fail, we get better and try again.
We are hated by outsiders, but in the cartel we are a family of warriors.

"[this thread] is a cesspit of trolling and flaming" ISD Buldath

Daedalus Page
Asocial Club
#16 - 2013-11-05 04:00:56 UTC
Still looking for a new home ~-~
Tek Stalker
Rapid Withdrawal
Pen Is Out
#17 - 2013-11-05 04:52:27 UTC
Rapid Withdrawal is a corporation built for veteran players by veteran players. We are looking for mature drama free members. The corporation is based on the word cooperation. If you have been a member of a mega dictator corporation and didn't care for it give us a try. We are looking to build a corporation from the ground up that provides a good gaming atmosphere. A place we can set goals and achieve them together.

Right now we are focused on Faction Warfare (Gallente), and Missions. Once we build a solid foundation. We will branch out into other aspects of the game.

If you’re a new player! Please don’t read this and think about not applying. We will be accepting new players to the game in limited numbers. We are looking for players that are switched on and able to learn the game at a rapid pace. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tek Stalker
Rapid Withdrawal
We Specialize In Pulling Out
The Wraithguard.
#18 - 2013-11-05 05:31:25 UTC
Iyokus Patrouette
The Network.
#19 - 2013-11-05 06:14:56 UTC
Well you don't really mention the type of space you want to fly in, so i'll throw out the potential of joining a wormhole corp, small to med size fleets are the norm in wormhole life. Your cap can always be used to make those iskies to buy moar pvp ships or shinier pvp ships.

If you think you might like the change of pace in wormholes join us in: The end-of-line club public channel and have a chat.

---- Advocate for the initiation of purple coloured wormholes----

Dmitry Wizard
#20 - 2013-11-05 18:31:12 UTC
C6-C6 wormhole corp. Join Asgard Local to talk to a recruiter

"Wormhole corps are like a bunch of homeschooled kids"

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