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Looking for new and experienced carebears!

Jacqui Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#1 - 2013-10-10 02:17:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Jacqui Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp (who obviously can't spell correctly) Is looking for new and veteran players!

We started as 3 newbies who who didn't like all the rules that established corps were trying to force on us but didn't want to stay in the 11% tax NPC corps. We wanted to find our own path without being told what to do. From the very beginning we have been not only a tax shelter (with 2% tax that pays for the ship replacement program), but a 'hands off' corp allowing members to pursue their chosen play styles without having to submit to a veritable 'rulebook' of policies.

There is only one policy in corp: Treat other players with respect. This rule precludes piracy and scamming.

What we offer:
  • Friendly, laid back atmosphere.
  • Great learning environment for new pilots
  • Ship replacement up to Cruiser class hulls
  • Mission running fleets
  • Mining Ops with Orca support
  • PvP Roams in low sec - now with free fitted frigates, PvP is free to try out!
  • Wormhole Ops
  • Incursion Training/Vanguard Fleets
  • Researched Blueprint Library
  • Tax shelter
  • NEW - Corp Ore/Mineral buyback program
  • NEW - Jump Clones through our sister corp
  • NEW - Faction Warfare through our new sister corp

What we do not offer:
  • we are not a low sec / null sec PvP oriented corp
  • we are not pirates/scammers/gankers/griefers
  • we are not a long established hugely successful corp that will prepare you for alliance null sec life

Who we are looking for:
  • We take in new players and encourage them to find a play style they enjoy while providing skillbooks/ships/modules/advice
  • We take in veteran players who don't want to be told what to do and enjoy helping new players
  • We take in casual players who log on for a few hours here and there and enjoy having a laid back group to interact with

What we want from you:
  • Participation in chat, in guiding new players, in whatever way you feel helps our little corp out
  • Mature attitude that respects other players

What we can do for you:
  • As we are a new corp, you get to build your own place with us and shape what we do and where we go!
  • Want to FC fleets? Go for it!
  • Want to mine/manufacture/invent/trade? Go for it!
  • Want to do PvP roams? Go for it!
  • Want to explore wormholes? Go for it!

Specialities we particularly want:
  • Logistics Pilots
  • Ewar Pilots
  • Miners
  • Manufacturers
  • Traders
  • Haulers

If you are interested contact any of the following characters in game by any means you like:
  • Rykki Atruin - Founder of our Corp and present CEO of our Sister Corp
  • Jacqui Atruin - CEO
  • Naziria Atruin - Director

We are new players who are laid back, like to help new pilots, and are looking for veterans and newbies alike who want to enjoy EVE without lots of rules or requirements. Also, carebears.
Naziria Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#2 - 2013-10-10 02:18:54 UTC
Confirming I am a corp director who can be contacted for recruitment. Cool
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#3 - 2013-10-10 02:20:29 UTC
Confirming I am CEO of sister corp who can answer recruitment questions (but cannot approve applications to corp). Cool
Jacqui Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#4 - 2013-10-11 17:05:43 UTC
We are still recruiting! So far we've had some good people sign up and our AU time zone group is growing. Big smile
Jacqui Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#5 - 2013-10-13 16:38:51 UTC
We are a good group of pilots who understands that EVE is more fun with a group of like minded players, but that it's also a game and RL comes first!

If that sounds like you, we'd love to see you around!
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#6 - 2013-10-14 12:45:12 UTC
Not only is our sister corp recruiting, but they are in the process of joining an alliance in order to open up more gameplay opportunities for members! Get in on the ground floot!Cool
Jinn Soon
Caldari State
#7 - 2013-10-15 00:58:28 UTC
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#8 - 2013-10-15 16:23:28 UTC
Alliance talks are going well and our new members are settling in quite nicely!

Come join the team! Enjoy the game without the stress of constant CTA's and PvP!
Jackson Davis
Astral Acquisitions Inc.
#9 - 2013-10-16 01:37:46 UTC
Love the looks of your corp! I wish you luck - and here is a friendly bump!

Jacqui Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#10 - 2013-10-18 16:42:57 UTC
We are still recruiting! Quite a few new members have already joined up and we've got some good corp activities planned for the upcoming weeks!
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#11 - 2013-10-19 20:07:21 UTC
Are you returning from a long break?

Are you a new player lost in exactly what to do or how to do it?

Have you had enough of mandatory fleets and being told what ships you can or cannot fly and when?

Join us!
Jacqui Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#12 - 2013-10-20 17:00:36 UTC
Recruitment is suspended while we are in a war.
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#13 - 2013-10-28 14:12:06 UTC
Recruitment is now open again!

Also, we joined an alliance.... so what are you waiting for? Bear
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#14 - 2013-10-30 20:48:05 UTC
Carebears looking for more of the same. Long walks on the beach optional.
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#15 - 2013-11-04 18:27:41 UTC
Still Recruiting (I have to train up another level of Corp Management skill!)... We are getting along well with our new alliance and are offering almost daily mining/mission/exploring fleets now!

Also, Gallente space is much prettier than Minmatar space, and we're happy we moved to Everyshore regoin. Bear
Anghus McClaren
N'barr Family Trust Ltd
#16 - 2013-11-21 10:40:11 UTC
Do y'all have a chat channel?
Ima Place Holder
#17 - 2013-11-21 11:53:20 UTC
Yes, get a chat channel!

Also what TZ are you busiest in?
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#18 - 2013-11-21 16:55:10 UTC
We do have a public chat channel. Convo me in game if you're interested.

We are most active in the US Time Zone, but our alliance is active around the clock.
Jacqui Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#19 - 2013-11-26 16:19:23 UTC
Recruiting is currently suspended while we are under wardec.

Also, for a faster response please convo/mail Rykki Atruin as she is online almost every day.
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#20 - 2013-12-20 19:38:29 UTC
Recruitment is now open as our wardec has finished.

We are especially interested in recruiting manufacturers and trade characters at this time, and as always veteran players willing to help new players learn the game.

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