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New (2nd) EAS Hull.

Veshta Yoshida
PIE Inc.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
#1 - 2013-10-09 08:50:52 UTC
*Brain fart time*

There is a lot of debate about the proposed bubble immunity of Interceptors and since I doubt CCP will pick up on my idea to halve their agility/inertia when inside bubbles (if coding is even possible) to balance it somewhat, my brain found an alternate solution .. one that is not null-centric and shouldn't ruin much of anything except maybe the occasional solo pilots day.

It is a tackler, of sorts. Uses a redesigned/-evolved Interdiction Sphere Launcher, bridging the gap between individual hands-on and AoE hands-off tackle .. an alternative tackle option (tackling has as Rise mentioned gotten more difficult over the years).

Ships to be very similar to EAS with primary eWar capability (TD, Damp etc.) and able to use Interdiction Launchers (note absence of 'sphere'). Mobility closer to that of Interceptors but otherwise nothing special.

Interdiction Launcher:
An accidental energy surge during quality testing of a recent batch of Warp Disrupt Probes (WDP) resulted in the disruption field inverting causing the unit to exhibit traits similar to much larger shipboard anti-gravity modules. Subsequent experimentation was able to duplicate the effect by introducing an artificial energy surge just prior to field expansion.
Cycle Time: 5-10s

Limpet Disrupt Probes (LDP):
When activated it seeks out and it adheres to the hull affecting the target ship with random gravity vectors reducing agility (by adding mass) and preventing warp activation/initialization by the inherent destabilization of local gravity conditions (infini-point).
Activation Range: 5km

The LDP can be destroyed by normal means (ie. shoot it, dummy!) but due to its location in relation to the affected ship it is necessary for the ship to use either drones or have an ally assist, alternatively it can be 'waited out'.
TTL pre-activation: 180s.
TTL post-activation: 60s

The LDP has an integral capacitor bank that is charged from launching ship's main capacitor on launch (~33% or so) as well as a solid state thruster and the units are thus much larger than the WDP from which they are derived (15-25m3 vs. 5m3).
NB: Larger size primarily to mitigate spam, it is a tactical tool not strategic.

The "Huh?":
Use as mines (because 'proper' mines, AoE dps is BAD) in conjunction with or instead of regular bubbles.

When launched they appear like miniature (5km) interdiction spheres, collapsing in on themselves and burning to target with rocket speed when 'touched'
Note: would suggest that only launching ship is cannot trigger it to make things interesting.

NB: Since it is technically a timed infini-point, it can be used to mess supers and other stabbed/immune ships anywhere in Eve, most notably in low-sec Twisted

And that was that. Always enjoy sharing my farts with the general population.
Caleb Seremshur
Naked Oiled Bodybuilders
Parasitic Legion.
#2 - 2013-10-09 09:08:52 UTC
The premise is interesting. A small disruptor probe with infini point strength..

Perhaps instead provide it as an alternative module for interdictors themselves to use