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2 charicters 44m SP and 80m sp cap pilot looking for 0.0 PVP and sov warfare

maddmaxx III
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1 - 2013-10-03 20:37:10 UTC  |  Edited by: maddmaxx III
Howdy there, PVP vet here looking for a good solid corporation.. Been playing eve since 07, pvp is my thing mostly. I enjoy black ops thats pretty much my favorite thing to do in eve but I enjoy pvp engagements on all scales. I have experienced engagements from small gang stuff all the way up to 1500v1500 cap fights.

I am mostly a US TZ player but I work night shift so Im on evenings 2 or 3 nights per week, I'm on during EU TZ during the work week. I come with 3 accounts, all are not active but between the 3 I have my main pvp toon which is maddmaxx, a cap pilot that is speced in amarr caps, almost ready for supers. the third one I use is just a freighter alt for logistics. Summary below.

-most recons
-tengu, loki, and leigon
-speced in Amarr/minni subcaps and weapon systems
-amarr and minni logistic ship, also enjoy flying ewar
he can fly most ships that matter.

CMCDUNE (main alt)
-Amarr caps (almost and supers)
-covert transport ships
-Great indy skills (able to build caps)

I am looking for a good solid corp preferably that has a long history of being active in eve, as well as the alliance that they belong to.
Community is what is most important in eve for me, I'm looking for a nice big community that has a lot of things going on from day to day. US TZ pvp ops is the biggest thing i'm looking for. I like to be able to log on and find fleets to join regularly as pvp is my main activity in eve.

Hit me up here or via evemail for a chat.

Thanks for checkin me out,
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2013-10-03 21:34:21 UTC

The Graduates are a stable, tight, PvP oriented 500+ member mega-corp with 7-year history and the same CEO for the last 5. We have wide-time zone coverage, and are part of the Razor alliance (an 8-year old alliance). We own space in the Tenal region.

TGRAD supports a professional, no smacking, no whining, no-BS culture.

We have plenty of home grown FCs. Expect frequent ops with many different styles of play from large doctrine fleets, bomber gangs, fast moving roams, etc.. Our PvP style is aggressive.. we care about generating content for our pilots. Alliance and Corp SRPs is there to support your PvP.

More detail on our recruitment page here or visit "-TGRAD Pub-".
Yroc Jannseen
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#3 - 2013-10-03 22:46:57 UTC

Have a look at Red Galaxy.

We are an active, established corporation that is currently growing. We can offer a tight group of people who are part of one of the most active coalitions in the game.

Whatever you want to fly, there will be opportunities.

Check out our Recruitment thread and come visit us in game at "Rust Never Sleeps".
Samoth Egnoled
Caldari Provisions
#4 - 2013-10-04 05:51:28 UTC

Infinitech is Re-opening our recruitment doors to skilled and dedicated pilots. Originally founded in 2006, now after a break we have reformed and are ready to fulfill our agendas in EVE. We are now part of the Catastrophic Uprising [-CUP-] Alliance.

Got FC experience? Come have a chat with us!

What we offer you!

- A Friendly and Fun structured Environment
- Dedicated Expertise in many areas
- Plenty of Ops in all Timezones
- A chance to realize your Industry goals
- Black Operations - Ssh it's a Secret!
- Exploration and Wormholes
- PVP Gangs - Patrolling our chosen area, or just looking for some Pew Pew

What we want from you!

- A love of baked goods - Morrin bakes everyday \o/
- An interesting personality - we are NOT a PG13 corp
- Dedication and skills - Everyone must do Some PVP
- A Team player
- Teamspeak 3 Installed and a working Mic
- 10,000,000 Skill point minimum - Exceptions Can and Have been made, if you feel you have some thing special to offer. Feel free to get in touch.
- Full API Key Required, For your main and Alts.

Our Website -
Ingame Channel - Infinitech Public

If you have any questions or would like more info, please join our ingame channel 'Infinitech Public' or contact a Recruiter.


Samoth Egnoled
Morrin Joe
Hung Xilo
Peter Restuco
Macabre Votum
Northern Coalition.
#5 - 2013-10-04 08:28:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Bobmon
Working closely with our sister corporation Burning Napalm (currently in the NC. alliance) we strive to provide an environment that allows not only newer but more experienced players to diversify their skills and enjoy eve.

you can expect:

PVP of all kinds from 0.0 sov fights to gate camping and piracy.
Active, experienced leadership (we all have years of experience and thousands of kills behind us).
Experienced FC's.
Free skillbooks and basic ships for new eve players.
Joint ops with sister and blue corps.
A ticket to move yourself up to one of the higher tiers in Eve Online.
To be involved in corp decisions and direction.
To lose a lot of ships and have fun regardless of your goals.

This is an independent corporation with its own objectives, not a 2 month trial, achieve x kills, or Y sp. However If you prove yourself to have an interest and have the skill to move up it won’t go unnoticed.

You must:

Have a desire to learn and be able to listen.
Have a pulse.
Have a semi working microphone and a half coherent grasp of the English language.

Join the “Public Burning” channel in game or Confo me if you are interested in joining or would like some more information.


Thor Skylar
Norse'Storm Battlegroup
#6 - 2013-10-04 11:18:56 UTC
Hey Maddmaxx III - please see our full recruitment post details "here"

You'll fit right in, we have several EU/UK/US/AU pilots.

We are a top line corporation operating out of nullsec. If you take a look at Battleclinic you'll see we are active and have a long history :)

Idea We also have carrier and dread programs to assist members into those capital ships they have always wanted.

We are primarily a bunch of UK/EU pilots with several USTZ members all in our 20 to 60-somethings out for a good laugh and pvp goodness

For further information, join our in game channel NSBG.Public

Some key points about NS-BG
Arrow PVP Corp - See BattleClinic
Arrow Nullsec Corporation located in Fountain Region
Arrow Capital Programs
Arrow Ship replacement programs
Arrow Implant replacement programs
Arrow Ore buyback programs
Arrow Mining 24/7
Arrow PvE

Thor Skylar
Chief Executive Officer
Founding Member of NS-BG
Website: Norse'Storm Battle Group
Recruitment Video:Link



Prince Sanguine

Darth spiteness
Dinghy Young
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#7 - 2013-10-04 17:00:00 UTC
I have sent you an in game message. Darkfire Unlimited looks forward to discussing your future with you. Thank you for your time Big smile
maddmaxx III
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#8 - 2013-10-04 18:22:54 UTC
Thanks for the replys all.
Tau Phoenix
Eternal Darkness.
The Initiative.
#9 - 2013-10-04 21:01:21 UTC

Tau Phoenix
Mike Hazard

Public Channel:

Greetings one and all!

Eternal Darkness are currently on the lookout for new members to join their ranks. Those who apply and are accepted will become members of a small group of tightly knit individuals spread over multiple time-zones. Prior to accepting any applications you will need to contact one of our recruiters either via private chat or mail. We can also be found in our public channel listed above.

Be advised that all applicants must meet the following criteria before they are accepted:

- Working microphone with both Mumble and Teamspeak 3 installed.
- Be able to both speak and understand English.
- Be active. Holidays are one thing, but we'd like to see you more than once in a blue moon.
- Be at least fairly mature. Winners, not whiners, are what we are after.
- 25 mill SP + (We may make exceptions, see below)
- You will need to provide us with a full API key.

Although we are not strictly speaking a newbie-friendly corp, we are happy to allow a couple of younger pilots (at least cruiser/battle cruiser capable) join up. We will do our level best to assist you in gaining plenty of experience in a decent learning environment. We will also help provide you with ships and skills books (except for the titan one, you are on your own there).

For those who do wind up within our ranks you will be a member of a solid and social corporation who do our best to help each other out when its needed. We have a strong leadership backed up by excellent pilots along with 00 access and all its perks.

Be aware that we are a part of a large alliance and as such we expect a reasonable amount of alliance participation if fleets. So if you'd like to live in a profitable area of 00 space and enjoy a spot of PvP contact us.
Eternal Darkness.
The Initiative.
#10 - 2013-10-05 11:14:02 UTC
Check out or recruitment thread and if interested stop by for chat in game.
maddmaxx III
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#11 - 2013-10-05 19:37:37 UTC
Still lookin at options
e X i l e
#12 - 2013-10-07 23:13:49 UTC
maddmaxx III wrote:
Still lookin at options

sent you a mail in game, msg me.
Inoue Zael
Doomed Initiative
#13 - 2013-10-08 17:53:29 UTC
Lo m8,

Terra Incognita has been around forever (2005) and has experience in every part of the game. We have some of the highest skilled and oldest players around. We have plenty of services and benefits for all types of players new and old.

Currently we are stationed in 0.0 with a large and well established alliance with tons to offer.

Corporation Info:

Terra Incognita

Hit me up in game or check out our thread:

TINCO Recruiting

You can also chat with us in our in-game public channel: TINCO

Fly Safe!
Danny DCO
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#14 - 2013-10-08 18:10:08 UTC

I would like to introduce my corporation: nul-li-fy. we're in a fantastic non-pet/renter alliance (Nulli Secunda) and we hold our own space.

We have 90% killboard efficiently if you care about such things and we are topping the aliiance killboard consistently.

We have a great ship replacement program, fantastic space to rat in and some various services like: daily courier service to help you get moved in, capital deliveries and capital build program.

At the moment we're looking for like-minded combat pilots to come join the fun. Expect quality FCing, several ops/roams per day, hundreds of killmails and friendly people to play the game with again.

Check out our killboard here: and our forums here:

Alliance killboard stats:

If you're interested or just want some more info come have a chat via the ingame channel 'NUL-L'.

Looking forward to flying with you.

Danny DCO,
nul-li-fy big guy
Blademaster Hattori
Ruby Code
#15 - 2013-10-08 19:47:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Blademaster Hattori
Not sure if the below will be right for you, were a new corp made up of players who are bored with the 0.0 blue policy's and having to roam 30 jumps for a fight. Were all very experienced with great FC's. If this sounds like fun for you which is what its all about then hit us up for a chat.

I would like to highly recommend Flying with animals as your choice.

You want small gang pvp, roams, smartbombing we are your one stop place to be.

Over 500 kills in our first 3 to 4 weeks of starting out. (Select previous Month)


Were a small well organised group, that love all shenanigans of PVP in low sec including odd suicide gank on our beloved miners friends.

Currently are east coast to west coast time zone.

Checkout the thread for more info.

The one and only thread

Did I say were not scared to fly the bling ship


PI_Trader - Creating, designing and managing your PI sales market tool

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#16 - 2013-10-08 23:36:08 UTC
Black Lance is an old established Sov holding PvP corp that's been around since the beginning of Eve Online. We are currently living up in the Branch region, but move around the map where targets take us. We are actively seeking new and old players to come have fun in our Internet spaceship adventure. Have a look at our recruitment post for more specific information.

Recruitment Post