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Out of Pod Experience

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What are you listening to today?

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Commander Spaceflogger
#1801 - 2013-09-20 19:58:51 UTC
Blue Binary
#1802 - 2013-09-20 20:24:53 UTC
Simulacra and Simulation
Goonswarm Federation
#1803 - 2013-09-20 22:23:49 UTC
Katy Perry - Roar (Cazzette Remix)

Cazzette does some amazing things with remixes.

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Cazzette Remix)

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Mina Sebiestar
Minmatar Inner Space Conglomerate
#1804 - 2013-09-21 00:02:17 UTC
College - The Light Of Your Dress

You choke behind a smile a fake behind the fear

Because >>I is too hard

Kitty Bear
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1805 - 2013-09-21 00:19:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Kitty Bear
1kB Realty
#1806 - 2013-09-21 02:48:45 UTC
All things Professor Elemental...

Because I'm British... don'tcha know?

Now excuse me while I go have a cuppa.

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Ishtanchuk Fazmarai
#1807 - 2013-09-21 13:24:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Ishtanchuk Fazmarai
An oldie classic, what else?

Mori Kanté - Yeke yeke (1987)

Roses are red / Violets are blue / I am an Alpha / And so it's you

Simulacra and Simulation
Goonswarm Federation
#1808 - 2013-09-21 15:44:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Rain6638
Kitty Bear wrote:

...c̶e̶n̶t̶i̶p̶e̶d̶e̶ Star Wars

let's wake up the neighbors, time to wake up the neighbors

Merk & Kremont - Gear

I'll just leave this here

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Zimmy Zeta
Caldari State
#1809 - 2013-09-21 18:05:25 UTC
I watched "World's End" a few days ago (nice movie). When they played "So young" by Suede I almost cried, right into the childhood.

So today I bought me my first Suede CD (funny, in the nineties I actually hated those guys and couldn't stand their music at all).

I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of the post above and sincerely hope you didn't waste your time reading it. Yes, I do feel bad about it.

Something Random
Byddin Un
#1810 - 2013-09-22 18:35:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Something Random
808 State - Lopez

Jontey - No Matter

Junkie XL - Cities in Dust

Deadmau5 - Not Exactly

"caught on fire a little bit, just a little."

"Delinquents, check, weirdos, check, hippies, check, pillheads, check, freaks, check, potheads, check .....gangs all here!"

I love Science, it gives me a Hadron.

Simulacra and Simulation
Goonswarm Federation
#1811 - 2013-09-23 01:09:56 UTC
Blasterjaxx - Fifteen (Hardwell Edit)

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Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#1812 - 2013-09-23 13:25:48 UTC
Francois Bacon
#1813 - 2013-09-23 21:52:57 UTC
Francois Bacon
#1814 - 2013-09-25 15:56:29 UTC
Krixtal Icefluxor
#1815 - 2013-09-26 11:12:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Krixtal Icefluxor
Apparently Moby joined Peter Hook (late of New Order) onstage last night. Check out this set list.

I'm going to listen to those on there that I can find today.

ed: Holy Cow ! They played the entirety of the "Power Corruption and Lies" album !

"He has mounted his hind-legs, and blown crass vapidities through the bowel of his neck."  - Ambrose Bierce on Oscar Wilde's Lecture in San Francisco 1882

eb yams
#1816 - 2013-09-26 15:28:49 UTC
Robby Altair
#1817 - 2013-09-26 16:04:11 UTC
Robby Altair
#1818 - 2013-09-26 16:43:07 UTC
California Here I Come

Room 3420 Boelter Hall UCLA

Robby Altair
#1819 - 2013-09-26 18:00:33 UTC
Francois Bacon
#1820 - 2013-09-26 18:54:29 UTC