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I want your little things!

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Encina Technologies
#341 - 2011-11-15 15:41:12 UTC
Jordan Damnation wrote:
When constructing a POS it is very difficult to maneuver the modules around for placement due to the miniscule size of the XYZ arrows.

It would be nice if these arrows were either scalable (like in Maya) or much larger. A maya-style orthogonal viewing system would be incredible too if that's possible, but scaling arrows is the primary concern.

Thank you.

For scan probe placement, it would probably be nice if the cube in the middle takes precedence in input order over the arrows in front of it.

Sometimes I want to move the cube left or right or up or down and hit the arrow pointing directly at me by accident, and with the tiniest movement of the mouse totally mess up my scan probe placement.

If I really want to move the scan probe directly towards me, I can turn the cube a little first.
Prime FLux
Caldari State
#342 - 2011-11-15 15:44:55 UTC
In fleet chat give the abillity to assign different colors and/or text size to fleet and squad comanders.
It would make it easier to see and fellow commands.
Infinite Point
Pandemic Horde
#343 - 2011-11-15 15:45:44 UTC
Oh, the interstellar news fluff that keeps popping up whenever you're in warp to certain constellation-gates. They've been the same for ages, so they're not even news anymore, and you cannot disable them which means I want to stab myself in the eyes.
Daedalus II
Gallente Federation
#344 - 2011-11-15 15:48:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Daedalus II
Ability to turn off drone damage notifications.
See the number of jumps to each jump clone in the jump clone list. (I don't know if others want to know this, but I've found I often want to jump to the clone that is closest to my current position)
Pattern Clarc
#345 - 2011-11-15 15:50:10 UTC
This is the firehose... Soundwave, will you drink from it?


Ex CSM member & Designer of the Tornado. Gallente - Pilot satisfaction

NoThyme Toulouse
Space Pork Distribution Services
#346 - 2011-11-15 15:50:21 UTC
Mapable key commands to launch drones, and tie them to groups.. example:

Launch drone group 0
Launch drone group 1
Launch drone group 2
Launch drone group 3
Launch drone group 4

Seems like a fairly easy thing to add, without effecting current functionality. Having hot keys to engage and recall are great, but drones are still clunky simply because you have to go through a right click context menu to get them on the field.
wanking monkey girl
#347 - 2011-11-15 15:52:03 UTC
Ravcharas wrote:
Oh, the interstellar news fluff that keeps popping up whenever you're in warp to certain constellation-gates. They've been the same for ages, so they're not even news anymore, and you cannot disable them which means I want to stab myself in the eyes.

agreed on that one hate being in mid warp and having them pop up.
just have the ability to turn them off the ppl interested in them can leave them on for the rest of us bitter vets we know about it .

Laas Tarn
State War Academy
Caldari State
#348 - 2011-11-15 15:52:45 UTC
Fix Dscan (in order of importance):

  • Range entry in AU
  • Slider for range
  • Allow change of direction of directional cone from solar system view
  • Visual indication of directional cone
  • Add approximate ranges for dscan results (if you can manually find that something is nearer than 11 AU, but further than 10, why doesn't it just tell you that in the distance column?)

Bookmarks visible in space / on the overview

Retain the marker indicating the location of a scan result probed to 100% until next jump (like discovered wormholes)

Assemble/swap subsystems of T3 ships in wormholes.

Remove limits on corp hangers at NPC stations (why can pilots store infinite stuff at every station, but only a few corps at each?). Small corps can't afford hangars at worthwhile stations, large ones don't care. Seperate "offices" from corp hangers if you like the current system for them, or want a limited number of offices/station for guture WiS reasons.

Change corp standings to only count, or heavily weight, the standing directors towards the corp total.

Reset the 4-hour mission rejection timer when you accept a mission; make sure same mission isn't immediately offered again after being rejected. Prevents constantly cycling to get a particular mission, but allows you to turn down the odd really bad one.

Improve command ships so that they are as good at providing fleet boosts as T3 cruisers; in general specialised ships (Recon, Covops, Command) should be better than T3s in their speciality (Ewar, scanning, fleet boosting), but not as versatile as T3s.

Boost black ops battleships - make them at least as good as T1 ships at racial EWAR (ECM for caldari, damps for gallente, webs/painters min and neuts for amarr, and add a covert ops cloak (vital for wormholes).

Wormhole scanner / probe module - tells you approximately (+/-5%) how much mass is remaining on a wormhole, and/or the system name on the other side. Need to be uncloaked and on grid to use, and have a cycle time of 30 seconds or so to allow for fun ambushes.

Add wormhole class / region to wormhole descriptions - you can already tell class from the nebula visible, so why make it hard for newbies?

Decloaker bomb - decloaks cloaked (not invulnerable) ships within a range of 50km. Expensive to produce, single use
Scrambler bomb - warp scrambles targets in a 50km range for 10 seconds

Old School Spacebenders
#349 - 2011-11-15 15:55:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Karbonadas
Improving Direct Scan - because you added probes to overview its harder for pirates to pawn carebears, this will help to locate target faster to drop probes and make ins-ta scan

  • All stuff in EVE is measured in AU but in Dscan its in km?? OK leave it that way but add AU please like this Range (km) 14,3 (AU) or make button to switch them
  • Combine Dscan with Tactical overview so when you do mouse over scan button on Dscan you see little transparent guidance lines in tactical overview (3D) with shows you scanning angle range in space view or in map view
  • When scanning in Dscan is running, bold icons of space objects with get int to scan range
  • Make Dscan range different by ship sensors abilities

EW warning icons - when you hear to RUNAWAY BLOBBBB!!! its some times hard to identify with ship is holding you in battle field so more info on that can help to save life's of ship crew and exotic dancers in cargo. Add those icons above modules near readouts, and sexy voice of ship computer should say something like WARNING!!! WARP ENGINES OFFLINE!!! (if you don't have warpstabs) or like WARNING!!! SHIP SENSORS OFFLINE!!!. When hovering with mouse over icon it should show you aggressors ship names and distances

  • Red background with scrambler/disruptor/jam icons - most annoying and important
  • Orange background with web/damp. icons - less important
  • Yellow background with nos/TP/TD icons - because i fly Caldari and don't charge ma lazors

Mini fleet commander map - when you FC of young and aggressive pirate fleet, and you know that order is not a pirates favorite horse. You need a little tool to get more info on fleet situation, a specially with fast escape routes, tunnels, hi/low/null sec borders, scouts and rest of Calvary. That thingy that you can get now while pressing F11 is not an option ;)

  • One sizable, detachable and customisible window to put some where in your monitored space (on/off F11)
  • Button to select between region/cons./system
  • Colors for scouts/dps/logis/caps/etc. 5 colors tags should be enough
  • Tagged units should be seen as dots in mini map and hovering over with mouse should show nick name of unit
  • You should be able to give commands for different color Units to move, stay, dock or patrol area
  • Info from FC should be displayed in waypoint overview for tagged units by color like this: Fleet Com order: Move Tama (0.3) Gate Nourvukaiken (0.8) RED - underline text should be interactive
  • Big red text on selected gate that it is RED. GATE RED you bunch of lemmings!!!
  • All orders info should be displayed inf fleet history
  • If some one from your fleet is calling fleet for support or etc. it should blink in mini-map so you can just press on it and set dest. or warp to it
  • On mini-map you should see clearly where is hi, low and null space
  • Constellation view should be zoomible

Arrow Local chat in null sec that depends on system upgrades. If non upgraded then it works like in WH space, if upgrade for automatic ship detection, then it goes as usual.
ArrowDrone/Fighter control buttons to put in module control slots for: Attack/Support/Orbit/Return/Get in cargohold
ArrowMake more modules stackable like sebo, invuls, nos and etc. but inform player that if he stacks modules that requires cap to run he will need that much cap to activate group as there is items in it, so player will judged by himself what to do and he will know the risk of stacking modules
ArrowSmaller sebo and eccm effect sprites, or just change them after all
ArrowMore options for corp chat to have all options that simple chat room have, because ppl use different chats instead
Tioden Amatre
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#350 - 2011-11-15 15:56:31 UTC
The ability to ad tabs to you station items thingy so you can organize your assets more effectively .
Bienator II
madmen of the skies
#351 - 2011-11-15 15:57:20 UTC  |  Edited by: Bienator II
here are my papercuts i posted in this thread:
(fixed bugs and implemented features removed)

- - -
display damage of faction/tech2 crystals on mouseover without the need undock or fitt the item (in cargo, hangar... etc).

(nice2have: find a better way to visualize damage instead of the boring tooltip, idea: just use number of rounds left like with regular amunition)

- - -

drone UI:

add common orders like launch/engage/come_back to the drone window. This shortens the mouse movement and does not require the context menu. (context menu is a UI anti-pattern for often used tasks!). The engage button does not make sense on the target info window if you think about it (there is no engage with guns).

- - -

overheat UI:

- buttons should be larger, a few pixel is not enough
- remove the button if the skill is not trained, noobs use the mouse more often than vets and its more likely that they hit it ending up confused since the weapon does not react etc

bug #117147 please, this looks like it could be easy to fix

- - -

50 fittings:

- keep the limit if you like but add an "external fittings" folder
- third party tools may dump fittings there, those are not stored on the server
- client notices updates automatically, no new ui required

- - -

jettison items when dragged/dropped to space
- - -
instead aurora saying "you can not do X while you are cloaked" it should instead decloak the ship and do X.
- - -
t3 ship icon should show the actual look of the t3 with its subsystems instead of a generic t3
- - -
find a better way to switch weapon ammunition. e.g add another small button to each gun, something like the overheat button (again: context menu is evil, try to replace all common tasks with UI)
- - -
add range/falloff/tracking, speed/flighttime info to the turret/launchers -> mouseover maybe. Thats the most common reason why you open the weapon info in fight. (e.g disrupted weapon, you just switched ship and can't remember the values)
- - -
customizable mouse controls. We still can't remap them.

single click movement and rmb cam rotation...
- - -

cleanup logviewer:

it uses far to much space to be usefull in fight and the notification box was fun fallout 1 but doesn't work for eve that well.

your shiny ship was wreckingly hit by 19 large firghtening modulated energy beams comming from Lord Commander Admiral Ludicus III inflicting almost 5 damage on your fast recharging shields.

all you wanted to know was the 5hp damage part...

something like (table):
hit | 5 damage | descriptive message
ewar | jamming | descriptive message

would be much better

improve notifications:
one single notification box. common. This does not make any sense.

we need a rolling list, something like a minimal logviewer. Example: 3-5 lines (configurable) showing the latest events. Old entries fade out.

+ merge multiple drone events to one event if they occur at about the same time
- - -

streamline clonejump / implants insert remove usecases

requires being in a pod and having skilltraining paused, popup tells you what to do if necessary.
proposed new clone jump mechanics would do everything automatically.

if(inship) {leaveShip()}
if(training) {pauseTraining(); wasTraining = true;}
if(wasTraining) {continueTraining()}

destroying / inserting implants:
if(training) {pauseTraining(); wasTraining = true;}
if(wasTraining) {continueTraining()}
- - -

how to fix eve: 1) remove ECM 2) rename dampeners to ECM 3) add new anti-drone ewar for caldari 4) give offgrid boosters ongrid combat value

Tioden Amatre
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#352 - 2011-11-15 15:59:58 UTC
the ability to ad tabs to the item thingy in station so you can organize your assets better.
E man Industries
SeaChell Productions
#353 - 2011-11-15 16:01:58 UTC
better visual during the loading bar would be nice.....the little one on undock or short but a little 2 second undocking or docking animation that plays as the bar goes along.....if you load faster the animation just ends.
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#354 - 2011-11-15 16:02:37 UTC
A lot of good ideas in here, I almost read them all.
A few are in my list as well but here goes:

Arrowunlock all targets
Arrowcancel targetting
Arrowgroup any module of choosing (drag and drop)
Arrowabort login (if you clicked the wrong character)
Arrowback to login screen (withouth logoff)
Arrowstack assembled items
Arrowplayer/ship hangar divisions AND/OR include container contents in assets
Arrowif no divisions -> container item extra options that you have in right click menu of the hangar
Arrowview market details in fitting window
ArrowT2/T3 indication in fitting window
Arrowfix drone AI, it is so frustrating and slow responding to work with
ArrowAbility to let drones attack non targetted ship, or seperate target list/ target type list (post #20)
Arrowfix pathfinding, I mean seriously... Make an end to unneeded bumping, it should automatically find the right path to fly. If you don't like the auto path you can always cancel.
Arrowclone jumping timer reduction, I've seen a thread that suggests timer in relation to distance.
Arrowfix overview saving, it tends to "forget" things AND more tabs
Arrowsave overview on server? (like fitting)
Arrowshow info rightclick menu in chat
Arrowautomatic pause and unpause skills on implant change and clone jump
Arroweasier accessable overheat button
Arrowown dscan and probe scan overview settings
Arrowextra voice feedback (scrambled, warp target reached, jammed, whatever,...)
Arrownotifaction for PI (storage full, no more resources,...)
Arrowmore music
Arrowwindow buttons (close, minimize,..) sometimes dissapear
Arrowreset camera to previous point instead of "BLAM YOUR SHIP" (when viewing other ship/..)
Arrowresolution options: to set eve on 2 screens when you have 3 is a pain
Arrowcamera center does not change the loading bar when jammed or whatever, neither the login screen.
Arrowclearer indication when multiple jams/scrambles/.. are affecting you (like the current loading bar but better)
Arrowmore random missions (the anomaly again! noooo!) AND/OR ability to decline more missions withouth standing loss
Arrowinvert zoom mousewheel
Arrowhighlight own contracts/ market orders
Arrowmarket order solar system security related (ie: 40 jumps in high sec)
Arrowplayer contact groups
Arrowweapon effects on the hull instead of ship/structure center
Arrowarmor/hull visible damage
Arrowautomatic dscan
Arrowdscan sorting: unkown distance closer than known distance?
Arrowalert of aggression (voice/visual/whatever)
Arrowcorrect cycle of modules (they sometimes start/stop on 50%/25%/...)
Arrowvisual activation of module: not just the loading bar but as if the module button has been pressed
Arrowitem compare
Arrowremember item info window settings when opening a second one (not the tiny default size)
ArrowPlayer name and ship or structure you are trying to attack in the GCC warning window
Arrowitem lists: meta level col
Arrowitem lists: search by meta level/tech level/module type
ArrowCHAT: auto fade (Rereading the last line every time is annoying)
ArrowCHAT: possibility to have a ping or whatever play on definable chat windows (at least by defined words)
Arrowfix sell bug: sell item A, sell item B, sell item A BOOBOO: Item A is busy...
Arrowpinned windows: 2 pinned windows on the same location -> open 1 ok -> open 2 will open it just under the other
Arrowpinned windows: windows don't always stay pinned (as in: they don't stay on the right place) when undocking or going to the map or whatever... highly annoying
Arrowlarger watchlist
Arrowwatchlist green highlight of being repaired
Arrowwhen using items, gain skill if you're not level 5. Experience makes perfect no? (of course not as fast as actually training the skill)
Arrowdrone ui: reloads every time, expand this collapse this -> sigh
Arrowcombat log: 4 tabs -> actions, incomming and outgoing damage |incomming damage | outgoing damage | actions
Arrowwhy does reloading 10 units out of 100 take as long as loading all of them?
Arrowaligning indication (not just "warping"), maybe even a timer
Arrowlp store: maybe tabs for types? search. does not always find the items in your hangar.
Arrowbookmarks are too slow
Arrowbookmark items should be more easy to remove
Arrowbookmark links over chat
Arrowitem damage indication

keep on trollin
Tioden Amatre
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#355 - 2011-11-15 16:02:41 UTC
Tioden Amatre wrote:
the ability to ad tabs to the item thingy in station so you can organize your assets better.

lol net problems made me believe that my first post didn't work
E man Industries
SeaChell Productions
#356 - 2011-11-15 16:03:24 UTC
can't sell station cans right away...

Pulling out of an area I have to leave my station can's rather than sell them as I need to wait.
be nice to sell right away.
E man Industries
SeaChell Productions
#357 - 2011-11-15 16:04:34 UTC
Color rep drones blue in the drone interface window when they are repping...
Orange when attacking
Red when being attacked.
E man Industries
SeaChell Productions
#358 - 2011-11-15 16:06:13 UTC
ability to remove pop up damage notification from drones...I'm fireing 8 1400mm cannons...but all i can see is my 5 warriors plinking away.

If I care what my drones are doing i'll look at them or the combat log.

I really care what my big guns are doing.

If this exists it needs to be more apperent.
E man Industries
SeaChell Productions
#359 - 2011-11-15 16:08:31 UTC
Turn off your engine trails.....but see others.

I knwo what i'm doing but seing direction changes of others would be helpfull.
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#360 - 2011-11-15 16:10:49 UTC
in fitting window

mouseover on empty slot -> tooltip listing all possible items from inventory - click one of them - item is beeing fitted to active ship