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FW infrastructure hub donations - how is LP ''maintenance tax' calculated?

Pole Shift Incorporated
#1 - 2013-09-16 09:11:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Sleban
Looking back at some earlier dev postings, it suggests:

"The more system upgrades a faction has, the more donated LP is wasted to maintain current upgrades. Technically this would mean a faction with no upgrade would get a 0% fee while donating LP to the I-hub, while a faction reaching tier 5 war zone control would spend 70-75% of its LPs into the maintenance fee before they are counted for the upgrades themselves."

How is the maintenance tax rate calculated? Is it:

- Chunked up with each tier of individual station?
- Overall FW Tier level?
- Number of systems controlled?
- Number of warzone points?

Would appreciate some guidance on how it works.
Viriette Industrial Combined Arms Militia
#2 - 2013-09-16 15:05:06 UTC  |  Edited by: winthrowe
I didn't do any calculations, but when the Gallente did their last push, taxes appeared to change immediately based on the current warzone points, with taxes changing fast enough during an arranged dump that there were warning boxes telling of the updated tax level between when you typed your LP donation amount and when you clicked submit.
Pole Shift Incorporated
#3 - 2013-09-16 15:19:10 UTC
How high did they get at L5? The mooted "around 70-75%"?

Seems a bit vague to me.
Pole Shift Incorporated
#4 - 2013-09-18 13:56:47 UTC
I'm not deliberately trying to bump this, but could anyone from CCP respond and set out how the maintenance tax rate is calculated? I cannot find a detailed explanation anywhere beyond a vague "it's 0% with no upgrades, rising to 70-75% at Tier 5".

Q. is the tax calculated based strictly and only on system upgrades?

Q. Or is it based on the total number of LPs put into all the hubs faction wide, not the Tiers at all, thereby making buffering an expensive luxury?

Q. Is it a straight sliding scale from 0% - "70-75%" aligning with 0-505 upgrades? For example, it rises by 0.138% with every upgrade? i.e. 100 upgrade points equated to a tax rate of 13.8%, or, more precisely, the tipping point into Tier 5 could be, with 81 systems conquered and needing 405 upgrade points, 55.89%?

Q. Or is it 0-75% based on 0% with no upgrades rising to 75% at the very fully buffered end of Tier 5?

Q. Are you paying tax after the very first upgrade, even at Tier 1?

I'd still appreciate some guidance on this.
Zarnak Wulf
Amarrian Vengeance
Team Amarrica
#5 - 2013-09-18 16:27:29 UTC
Any taxes on the Amarr side go to the 'RTSAvalanche SFI Fund.' True story.