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#101 - 2013-09-12 12:53:03 UTC
Kaarous Aldurald wrote:

And people tell me that it's too complicated, too much math, takes too long to get good at it, etc.

And that's the best thing about EVE. I'ts exclusive. CCP should make a mass appeal game (that can be it's new cash cow) rather than gimp EVE to the point of averageness.

Little by little, the forces of "meh" are advancing and the forces of "wow, this is actually a quaility game" are getting jobs with outfits called Riot and such.

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#102 - 2013-09-12 13:09:57 UTC
Let us see if we can not clarify a few points.

  • First of all, it is correct that the old phrasing of the warning on the Rookie Systems article was very outdated and in need of an update to reflect the current reality of EVE Online. The current wording will hopefully survive a fair few expansions more. We consider the terms "rookie" and "new player" to be interchangeable.

  • "Pilots found to pursue activities against new players in other areas may be subject to further restrictions as deemed necessary by CCP Games Customer Support Team."
  • We understand that this is causing some level of concern. This should only ever be applicable to those that have been found to be serious repeat offenders to the overall policy. Such an individual may be directed by customer support to cease all hostilities against new players (or rookies), enforced through section 6 of the Terms of Service. "Pursuing activities against" is not the occasional gank or target of opportunity outside of rookie systems.

  • "I "accidentally" shot a rookie in or near a rookie system. Will I get banned?"
  • No. If it is happening regularly we may have a word with you. It is exceedingly rare that someone is banned outright. Please do remember that in any case you may always request a review of a warning or a ban applied against your accounts.

  • "My enemy is making rookie alts and harassing me into shooting them. Will I get banned for attacking them?"
  • No (at least not outside rookie systems). Should a warning or ban have been placed in such a situation for any reason, you can and absolutely should contest that. Customer support does not look kindly upon being manipulated against its own customers.

  • "One of our wartargets include some newer players. Will we get in trouble for shooting them?"
  • Generally, no. Rookies contacting us with concerns in this regard will in most cases be directed to rejoin NPC corporations so that they may complete their tutorials and career missions in relative peace. Camping a station in a rookie system for rookie war targets may result in accidents involving other rookie pilots so we do not recommend doing so and may cause us to have a word with you.

  • There is very little reason for a veteran player of any age to stay in rookie systems for any reason. Particularly for "station games" or other activity involving suspect timers and such. "It is coming straight for us!" will not work as reason to blow up a rookie that just got himself flagged. It will very quickly become evident to us if someone is making a habit of this, even across multiple characters and or accounts.

  • You can always appeal a ban or a warning against your accounts for any reason.

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#103 - 2013-09-12 13:12:34 UTC
Now that this has been clarified, this thread is being closed, given the volatile nature of a lot of the discussion posted here and the number of posts that have had to be deleted.

If you have any further concerns with regards to rookie harassment, please file a support ticket under the correct category.


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