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QUESTION: is it possible to multiple corp members manage same sell/buy order in the market?

Omar Liddle
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#21 - 2013-08-29 17:44:31 UTC
Felcas wrote:
Ireland VonVicious wrote:
If this existed the abuses would be huge!

Corps would fold up even faster then they already do.

I dont agree with you, based on what you wrote that?
It only makes things easier to manage, plus it is TOTALLY logical that someone with the right role could check and modify all the orders.
Lets say the corp have a logistic section, the pilots are able to haul all the stuff to their destinations, once there they make them assets of the corp. Then the trade section comes in and open a sell order with the itens.
Not only does it make sense but it also encourage people to specialize on their professions. Each one doing its job.

And that is not all, what if I put some orders for the corp and then I am expeled from the corp? Then the corp CEO needs to wait until every single order is finalized before expelling that trader? Or he is going to ask nicelly to cancel and give back everything?

This just doesnt make sense. What is corp assets remain corp assets unless it is give, and while it is a corp asset it may only be sold by someone with permission for that, once that person loses that permission he/she can no longer manage/modify any order. In my opinion thats how it should be.

Simple, its based on corporate theft. You can do a TON of damage to yourself in market orders... now you allow corpies to do the damage to you as well?

There are enough ways for corporate espionage and treachery without adding extra ways for people to destroy corporations... and also, if you were a devious corp leader, your last quote "What is corp assets remain corp assets..." So, what if your corpies post several billion in orders for the corporation? You can just take away his perms and take those items?

I mean, I get what you are trying to do -- and maybe you are in an ideal corporation that would never see thievery. But I just don't see them adding this in as a mechanic...
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