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returning eve pilot looking for 0.0 alliance

Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1 - 2013-08-26 16:18:03 UTC
Hi, I am a recently returned eve player who is looking for a place to call home

What I am looking for is a 0.0 alliance with:

- roaming gangs
- has its own space (not rented)
- Decent Eu base
- can bring it if needed cap fleet

What you can expect from me
- mature (no drama , no whine , knows how to listen)
- 2x 30+ mil sp toons 1 pvp and 1 covert ops/industrial
- 1 personal slave with small ship pvp experience but likes to do industrial stuff, is also bringing 2x 30+ mil sp
- Self-reliant,
- knows how home defense/fleet battles/ sieges work
- has lived the majority of my eve career in 0.0 space
- Willing to fight for my corner of eve

If we might be something for you drop a line with where you live, whom your allies are and I will get in contact.