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[Idea] The future of Asteroids - Mining the common rock!

Katana Seiko
Made in Germany
#1 - 2013-08-08 19:50:32 UTC
So far the asteroids you encounter in a belt are clearly outlined. You have Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, etc. But in reality, those rocks never come in this clear outlined forms. They are mixed forms of this and that.

This proposal is introducing an additional resource and makes the Survey Scanner way more important. Also, it would change the way you use crystals..

Let's begin with some basics. As you know, the asteroids are in it's core containers. They contain a certain amount of resources, then they're empty. You can see what they contain by looking at them. Scordite rocks are dark grey with blue-greenish patches, Pyroxeres rocks are brown-greyish, Veldspar is dark grey with some metallic veins.

First off, let's overhaul the asteroids. Let them contain i.e. 20% Veldspar, 80% Scordite. As you mine them, you will receive a yield of this ratio, always rounded off. Say your miner can get you 1000 m³ per cycle. If the target asteroid contains 2000 m³ Veldspar (20,000 units) and 8000 m³ Scordite (53,333), it will receive 200 m³ Veldspar (2000 units) and 800 m³ Scordite (5333 units). So far, so simple.

Let's say we use our Strip Miner II with the same rock. It has a Veldspar Mining Crystal in it. Instead of mining both minerals, it would ignore all Scordite in the rock and only mine the Veldspar out of it. Say your miner does 1000 m³ per cycle - it would crack out a whopping 10,000 units of Veldspar, leaving the rest behind.

So, how to decide what rock we take?
Well, how about this: The roid scanner gets a little overhaul. It will be able to do the usual "scan everything in range". And - maybe with a script that CCP will introduce or a new line of items (I prefer the script) - you can also scan what the roid you targeted has to offer - without the range limitation.

What about the nice graphics?
During the last Fanfest, we had an interesting presentation (forgot who presented, I blame islandic beer) where we had this minecraft-like asteroid shown on the screen with stuff coming out of it as you shot your way through the rock. While I totally disagree with that concept (I like doing my finances and studies while I mine), I liked the mention that the asteroids could be blended to show a bit of what's inside. So if there is i.e. more Omber inside, the golden shimmer could be more intense. If there's i.e. a lot of Veldspar inside, we would have the dark, metallic surface. With Jaspet, there could be crstals growing out of the sides, etc. I am sure CCP can do it and is up to the challenge.

What happens to the mining frigate?
Well, so far that frigate can't use crystals unless it uses a deep core miner. That thing is just expensive in fitting though. So why not give the ability to fit crystals to our Tech2 miners? They can use them like a script. No benefits, no penalties. Only the change that the miner doesn't eat anything but the specified ores anymore. Same should go for the "regular" strip miners (Tech1 and ORE).

You said "maybe an other resource"?
This is a thought to encourage the use of mining crystals. A miner could say "Frack that, I'll just mine whatever is in there!" - So let's introduce a resource that is so unrewarding that you would just want to dump it. Let's call it "Stellar Dust" or something. One piece is 0.05 m³ in size, and it needs 1000 units to refine it into 5 units of Tritanium. It isn't beautiful, until you encounter a rock that is 25% Pyroxeres, 75% Stellar Dust. Would you mine it all or would you plug in a Pyrox Crystal and leave the Stellar Dust behind?

This is not a complete ready-to-launch set up idea, but I think that this is totally worth it. Makes you think a bit while mining.
Danika Princip
Goonswarm Federation
#2 - 2013-08-08 22:19:52 UTC
Why would you want to make mining change from something really boring to something really boring and really annoying?