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Most surprising / underrated team

#21 - 2013-08-08 14:12:34 UTC
Kithrus wrote:
Widely renowned for crappy pvp? What?

Well for the vast majority of the pilots out there: CVA = Providence = Noobs.

The fact there are literally towsands of pilots from hundreds of corps from dozens of alliances living in Providence, from wich CVA is only one of them doesn't matter since in the rest of EVE minds when you go to providence you gonna kill CVA. Even if in most of the fleets/gangs they're facing more then 90% of pilots are from other alliances.
Raze Zindonas
#22 - 2013-08-08 16:52:49 UTC
Ministry of inappropriate footwork surprised me, never heard of them till the AT, even LNA. Agony has always been a great team to watch because their setups are unique. Last years with the bait Bassi and logi tengu confused us.

I think the biggest challenge for us is practice.
Radius Prime
Tax Evading Ass.
#23 - 2013-08-11 11:30:22 UTC
Kithrus wrote:
Muhahahahahahahaha wrote:
Personally I was very impressed with CVA as they are lolRPers widely renowned for crappy PvP. However they progressed much further than many would have given credit.

Widely renowned for crappy pvp? What?

2 fish gossip about the ocean being dry, the school thinks its funny and repeats. Add to that peoples' love for generalization and soon you'll find yourself with a ridiculous rep.

Reopen the EVE gate so we can invade Serenity. Goons can go first.

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