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What do you consider a veteran eve player?

Fuzzyness Enterprizes
#41 - 2013-08-04 23:53:02 UTC
Vaerah Vahrokha wrote:
Jir Elmkal wrote:
What do you consider a veteran eve player?

A Veteran could be a 2 days old player.

What matters to be Veteran is to have learned that what for everybody else is a problem, to you it may be an opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity.

While they'll sulk and cry in a corner, the Veteran will adapt and overcome and then actually use the situation at his advantage.

very true

every change is an oppertunity, the question is just spotting it :)
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#42 - 2013-08-05 00:18:03 UTC
Don't know. Don't care. Arrow
Tara Read
Blackwater USA Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#43 - 2013-08-05 00:32:28 UTC
I would not consider anyone (including myself) as a Veteran simply because the definition is too broad. However if you mean experienced then sure I can agree. No one is above reproach or learning in this game and if you think you are, will pay for it in one way or another.
Diablo Ex
Nocturne Holdings
#44 - 2013-08-05 02:42:11 UTC
For me the mark of a Veteran is having a screen shot of the jetcan you just dropped "Tagging" Eve Gate with "Diablo Was Here".

Diablo Ex Machina - "I'm not here to fix your problem"

Felicity Love
#45 - 2013-08-05 04:57:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Felicity Love
You're a "vet" when you no longer pay real money to sub your accounts.

ISK is ISK, strictly speaking, but when you have enough -- acquired by whatever means that tickles your fancy -- then you've achieved a certain essential grasp of the opportunities that EVE offers AND how to use them to your advantage.

Beats the Hell out of paying real coin. Blink

"EVE is dying." -- The Four Forum Trolls of the Apocalypse.   ( Pick four, any four. They all smell.  )

RaVeN Alliance
#46 - 2013-08-05 06:21:46 UTC
Learning skills.

And maybe a hundred ship losses.
Desert Ice78
Gryphons of the Western Wind
#47 - 2013-08-05 10:02:09 UTC
When say to yourself "oh, not this stupid vet thread again...."

I am a pod pilot:

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