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Eve wont start at all anymore

Rema Dach
The Great Legion
#1 - 2011-11-09 10:32:37 UTC
I need help. I just bought a new iMac about 3 weeks ago, its running Lion 10.7.2. I successfully installed and ran EVE and played it several times, and suddenly this week it has stopped working. I first clicked on its shortcut in the dock and nothing happened. I went to the Shared folder where I had it installed and double clicked the application, I can see the ghost animation confirming I was opening it, but it wouldn't open, there's no light under the icon, there's no splash screen, no error message of any kind, it just does nothing when i click on it.

I tried re-downloading it from the website many times and reinstalling it in the shared folder and also tried installing it in the Applications folder where it asks, still no effect. I tried looking for the preferences folder under /users/myusername/library/ ... where ever the knowledge base said it was, but there is no eve preferences folder there, although there are preferences for many other programs.

I'm positive my computer is well within the requirements to run eve.... what has changed that it would stop working and how can I fix it?
Rema Dach
The Great Legion
#2 - 2011-11-10 03:44:19 UTC
Ok well today by coincidence (I was looking for the preferences for firefox) I found the settings folder for Eve, it was in a slightly different place than the knoledge base said, probably because the KB was pre-Lion which is slightly different. Anyways, I threw out the whole eve settings folder and Eve started! It works again, of course resetting everything up is a pain but better than no eve.

I would still like to know WHY this happened, how it was triggered, so I know how to avoid it in the future because I dont want to have to repeatedly delete my settings, or is there only specific files in the settings folder I need to delete?