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ATTN: All 10y CE purchasers.

Apocalypse Reign
#1 - 2013-07-20 13:49:46 UTC
I have a new channel. It is called "Cheap tats and easy women". As all of you are privy to sleeves and golden pods, I wish to announce the first annual 'Golden Pod Run'. It is an event that I am sponsoring with a grand prize of 1 billion ISK. The date has still not been etched in stone but I would like to do it at a time that I can attract the most participants, and not interfere with my work schedule. SO. If you are in possession of a golden pod and your avatar has a visible sleeve tattoo, post here with the time that you play. EVE time, and the date you most feel this event should take place. I have contacted Chribba to be the middleman on the prize money so people don't raise the scam flag.