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Unable to play EVE anymore due to the new target death animation

serilius Despotist
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#41 - 2013-06-25 01:20:21 UTC
Xeraphi wrote:
I've completely stopped playing the game as I am not physically able to look at the screen during this animation. In an incursion, that results in not looking at the screen at all and logging off. I haven't played the game since Odyssey because of this problem. It's due to a hereditary eye condition that makes my eyes extremely light-sensitive. Funny that this is the only thing in the entire game full of blinking lights that sets it off but there you have it.

The new animation is jarring, painful, and unnecessary. If you want to know if something died just look for the wreck. If a notification really is needed why not just text in the combat log?

I was told to post this in "features and suggestions" because technical support was unable to help. Apparently there's no way to turn this off. Unlike the sexy jump animation that's also making many people sick, it's a little more critical to be unable to look at the screen during ANY combat at all.

If there isn't an option to turn this off, I literally can't play Eve anymore. No missions, no incursions, no pvp if there's a chance of me winning the fight... no fun.

Please give us an option to turn it off or revert the death animation to pre-Odyssey so I can continue playing this wonderful game!

If not, yes you can have my stuff. It's that bad, I'm not joking or exaggerating. I haven't played since Odyssey because of this ui graphic. I'm so sad right now that I can't play this game over one stupid graphic change!

Have you tried just canceling your target lock when they get down to maybe ~20 percent of structure. ? If your in a fleet just let everyone else do that little bit and get started on the next target...

just a thought?
Caldari State
#42 - 2013-06-25 18:05:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Xeraphi
Solution (shown in a google doc) which allows me to keep playing eve but at reduced functionality.


Can play the game again because the blink is reduced
Can see which target my guns are on, which targets have already taken damage, and which the drones are on
Can pin and unpin quickly to verify I’m not about to get Concorded by accidentally the logi - and can choose WHEN to unpin based on damage across all the targets


Can’t read text of what I’m shooting
Can’t unlock targets quickly if the fc changes their mind (maybe can set up a hotkey for this?)
Can’t drag targets around to reorder them quickly (no hotkey possible for this) so must always select the next target via overview


EVE ui skin: black; transparency set to 225
Monitor contrast 40% brightness 0%
Medium lit room (indoor lighting, “warm” part of spectrum)

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New target lock death animation problem #1 ^ eye strain and pain Temporary workaround found to one of these.

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