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The Greater Fool Bar

First post
Zoe Kaltana
Kaltana Industries
#2241 - 2013-06-21 16:47:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Zoe Kaltana
Yiole Gionglao wrote:
The Greater Fool Bar public notice: we're closed because of a Private Party

Inside the bar, the game of Strip Calvinball was progressing. With several ladies unclad to the point of being only 1 missed stroke from becoming the prize for the winner, it was Yiole Gionglao's turn. The rules for the game demanded that on her turn, she had to bounce a ball on three sides without touching any other ball. That should be easy, albeit Yiole had been drinking a tad much and she had managed to lose 5 clothes so far, with only her undies remaining. Everyone watched carefully as she aimed, stroke the ball, and it bounced on a side... then another... then hit a ball.

- Dammit!

The group cheered and chanted:

- Another one miss the ball! Another one bites the dust! Another one pays back!
- Ok, Ok, it is my turn...

Yioel looked around at the several breasts already exposed, then she smirked maliciously and said:

- It is the natural tendency of women, to not think carefully in a case like this and just remove their brassier. BUT, I am a experienced player, i know this game, and i know that my boobs would bother me playing without the bra. So, I choose to pay back with my knickers, panties, how you name them.

And switfly, with a smooth pull of both hands, she removed her panties.

- Oooh! -said some of the patrons behind her.
- Aaah! -said some of the patons in front of her.
- Wow, that's cute! How do you do that? Do you shave it? -said one of the gurrls.
- No, just trimming and combing.
- I really must take note of that... it looks so fluffy...
- It is fluffy -said Random, with a wide owner's sunrise.
- Don't you smile so much, Mr McNally... -replied Yiole-. You're tied to Kirjava, and it is your turn. Now you must put down that wounded ball I hurt in my last shot.

Random nodded and started looking at the table.. it was a difficult move... would he hit, or would he lose his shirt for the third time in the game? (His trousers already were history, as he noticed how the ladies used to cheer a lot more that way...)

(Meta: open end. Blink Everyone can keep playing from here if you want to...)

Zoe stands in a corner of the playfield and is still fully clothed. Chloe stands next to her and has...
...well...she still wears her boots.

Her eyes follow the ball heading for the wounded one aaaaaand missed!

"Panties!..Panties!..Panties!..Panties!" Big smile
Trigger Happy.
#2242 - 2013-06-21 18:05:11 UTC
When Yiole made her comment about the Bra, Miz looked down at her chest. Well, luckily mine are small enough to not matter, she though. She was wearing her skirt, but that was also the only thing she wore. The panties had been slipped off as the first thing. It was certainly a move that caused alot of attention, both from males and females. Still, she knew that one bad shot and she would be the prize. But first it was Random's turn.

Miz had hoped that Random would lose. It was him who suggested that Miz should wear a pair of goggles that has been taped so she had only a narrow slit of vision when she should strike. Luckily it was only during the shots, so she could still enjoy the full view of the other contenders, but it did make it quite difficult to strike the right balls, as she could only see 1 at a time. Random obviously suggested it to troll her for her eyes and she desired nothing but seeing him lose so she could mock him back. And it would be even better if it was her who won him.

Random placed himself at the end of the table and started to judge his shot. Miz moved to the other end and tried to distract him. But now matter what she said or how she danced, she couldn't get his attention. Even gently lifting up her skirt didn't help. Other than making Kirjava stare at her behind his shades which he had said will be the last thing he wears. "Dammit Random, did Yiole cut off your balls" Miz thought to herself as Random made a perfect shot without even looking at Miz. Random cheered, but the ladies were dissapointed. It seemed more like that Random was going to win. Which Miz certainly disliked.

Miz put on the goggles and prepared to make her shot. Her 'task' was to hit a stribed ball without hitting any nonstribed ones and it was an easy shot for her this time since Random's shot has left them perfectly aligned. Still there was no reason to hasten the shot. As she leaned over the table and got ready to make her shot, she could feel a hand sneaking up her skirt. She turned around and Kirjava stepped backwards. She looked into his eyes and uttered a minmatar swearword. Kirjava just smiled.

She prepared for shooting again and this time she felt the hand again. This time she ignored it, or that was what Kirjava thought, because instead of striking the ball, she thrusted the stick backwards to hit Kirjava. The combination of alchohol and the goggles made it hard for her to find balance with the sudden move, and instead of hitting Kirjava in the stomach, she hit him in the groin sending him down on the floor in pain.

There was a short silence, and suddenly Random yelled:
- Another one miss the ball! Another one bites the dust! Another one pays back!
- Wait, I didn't make my shot yet. I didn't hit the ball with the stick
- No, you didn't hit any balls on the table, but you hit Kirjava's balls. So off with the skirt

And then the crowd cheared.

- Hey that's not fair

And while Miz was arguing, Kirjava recovered from the pain:
- It's allright let her get another chance. But only if she dances for me like she danced for Random
- Fine ...

She danced for Kirjava and made her shot and got to keep her skirt for this round as well.


Ishtanchuk Fazmarai
#2243 - 2013-06-23 10:23:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Ishtanchuk Fazmarai
Part #1

Ishtanchuk Fazmarai woke up from her short nap when she felt fingers on her skin. Carefuly and softly, they first rubbed her stomach, circling her navel, then they started climbing up her torso until they reached the breasts. Undecided, the fingers hinted to move either left or right until they decided and started climbing a breast, slowly circling it from the base to the top, until they reached the nipple and slowly orbited it until it stiffened up. Then Ishtanchuk opened her eyes and saw his face hovering on her, and for a moment felt his breath until he slowly licked the nipple with the tip of the tongue.

- What are you doing?
- i'm just wondering wether...
- Wether...?
- Wether you're too tired?
- Tired for what...?
- Maybe third...

His fingers started moving again, going down and swiflty avoiding the navel, until they reached a small puff of short and smooth hair and ventured into other promising premises. Ish nodded weakly and turned around to lay on her side, then she bent her leg invitingly.

- That could be a plan...
- Not tired?
- Are you?

Ishtanchuk shook her head and kissed him as he pushed her on her back, caressing her behind the knees so she spred her thighs. Being so short, Ish quickly lose reach of his mouth as he positioned himself, but she still could reach his neck and kissed it softly. As before, he started rocking his hips and said, melancholically:

- God, I so much love you Khanid... so tight and smooth... but most are also so bleeding prude... it's like hitting jackpot meeting one so lovely as you, precious Ishtanchuk.
- Shhh, keep focused...

From his limited experience with Khanid women, he couldn't tell wether they used to be vocal or don't; he had learned that Ish wasn't, albeit she would start hissing at a certain point, and then he just recalled something she had hinted earlier that evening. Ish was very pleased to see how he eventually catched the clue, as he changed his posture to stand on his knees, then pulled her hips so she had to stand on her elbows and bend her knees, and it was this way how he grabbed her waist and started pulling her hips aginst him. The hissing became louder and louder, then lost all coherence as Ish had to attend more pressing matters. Her eyes burned into his eyes and her face blushed and began sweating, and he thought that her smell had become matherial right as she started ramming on him. Then Ish ceased being not so vocal and moaned like a wounded beast after a final stroke, as her muscles fainted and all her body relaxed into a disheaveled clump. Ish kissed him frantically as he rushed on her, passionately assisted by a game of holding and releasing, and then he finished and was welcome by the same words he heard earlier:

- Ake basiere burgar hesunt kazhimir, burgun cak geresh basier ipbanuru meril kudur.

"As the sunlight fills the morning, your life fills my soul", were the ancient words of a lost language preserved by an obscure cult, and which was some females' way to say: "congratulations, good job".

- Lovely, lovely, lovely Ishtanchuk... you're so gorgeous...
- You're very good too, Mr. Kuvai...
- Albert, call me Albert.
- Yes, Albert... You'll be welcome to my bed anytime, my dear.


The morning after, Mr. Kuvai waited until they had had breakfast to get back to business.

- Well, admittedly yesterday's evening had a very interesting turn, but now we must get back to business.
- Of course; don't think i want to mix sex and business, just it turned that way... was a pleasant surprise, though.
- Ehem. Yes. but then, the question sitll remains. Your family is asking a great favor from us, but you past actions against our Nation have been completely intolerable. Our local directorate held a meeting on what would be the best way so you pay back us and stop messing in our matters, as we assist your family. They've determiend that, as a capsuleer, your potential to undertake certain missions is too high to be dismissed, and...
- Mr. Kuvai? Albert? May i interrupt you?
- I think that you should listen to me now, Ms. Fazmarai. it is our turn to set up the field for our future colaboration.
- I don't think that's the appropiate word, Albert.

Mr. Kuvai had the prudence to look at her before answering, and saw a inhuman gaze on her eyes.

- What do you oppose? Maybe you think you are in a position to set the rules?
- Maybe you think you are in a position to rally the Sansha Nation behind your words, Mr. Kuvai?
- What?

Ishtanchuk stared at the Sanha agent and saw worryness in his eyes. Smirking, Ishtanchuk proceeded:


Roses are red / Violets are blue / I am an Alpha / And so it's you

Ishtanchuk Fazmarai
#2244 - 2013-06-23 11:09:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Ishtanchuk Fazmarai

- Let's show up some cards, shall we, Albert? -said Ishtanchuk-. First, neither you nor that arrogant wh*re dealing with my cousin are true Sansha. A true Sansha wouldn't be able to operate undercover, and so they resource to commoners like you both. Second, your value for the Sansha nation is not in a good place now that Mr. Heth is gone and your Caldari operation is on the verge of being exposed. Third, you really need our money to set up a good operation in Gallentean space. As it is our best interest that you aren't bothered until Eugerelia's clone is ready, you can count on that money. But then, why should you avenge the true Sansha fallen in operations interfered by the Empires? Why you and not themselves? What makes you think you can deal with capsuleeers impunely?
- I think you're a tad too...
- Too confident? Come on. It took me less than two days to blow that silly cover up you had. Obviously you never heard fo the Ashtansan cult, despite you know what the ceremonial gratitude vow is...
- What!?
- The cult has been aware of your operation since it started. The Heth camarilla were a true fountain of information, and as I already knew of the existence of cultured clones, I just had to pull some strings to find who, where and how.
- If you know us so well, then you also know you can't cross us.
- Heh. I do know that you've got a nice criminal gang under the cover of Sanha nation, but Sansha's attitude towards you is of limited trust, not of full partnership. This is why you didn't even considered offering my head in a platter to the Sansha -that would serve you nothing from them, and you as commoners are not in a position to go around slaying capsuleers impunely.
- I wouldn't say that. Someone is holding a blockade in a certain system...
- Blockades are called target rich environments where I come from. So don't worry, we'll deal with those punks when it's time.
- You are very sure that we will help you, aren't you?
- Well, it is theoretically possible that you refuse helping my family and then your organization managed to never undock a starship for the next eternity... but that would not be good for you. Sansha need tendrils in Empire space, not scared thugs having nightmares about capsuleeers and blazing guns piercing ship hulls.

Mr. Kuvai, Albert, nodded reluctantly.

- See, earning that money will be tough enough for my family. ISK don't grow in trees, even if that's the family business -Ish laughed at her own pun.
- Anyway, now our Nation has got an eye on you. Ms. Fazmarai.
- As far as i am concerned, Albert, you can put everything of your body on me, anytime. That hasn't changed. But now you should go and tell your Directorate that they've tried to blackmail the wrong capsuleers and money is all you will get from us.

Albert Kuvai, agent for the Sanha nation in Empire space, wasn't used to that kind of deal. Certainly Ishtanchuk was a gorgeous lover, but also she had avoided the lace with insulting ease and had ruined the deal. His own opinion didn't mattered much, as it was the True Sanhsa in charge of the Directorate who would judge after checking upwards, but she was true that the fall of Tibus Heth had caused serious trouble to many ilegal operations, Sansha's cultured clones being amongst them. He quickly balanced odds and evens borth for the organization and for him, and figured that having access to that wonderful female was good enough for him, and maybe the little piece of information on that misterious Ash-whatever cult could probe useful for the organization. He looked at Ishtanchuk, her juicy lips, her warm eyes, the cleavage that bringed memories of what possibly was the nicest bosom he had ever encountered, and he made up his mind.

- OK. I can forward the deal to the Directorate as long as you truly assist us in our Gallentean setup. Maybe we could use that bar of yours to some extent...
- Oh, that would be feasible if you are discreet enough.
- On that cult, the Ash.... what was its name?
- No comments, Albert. Now, shall we stop business? I feel like we could undertake something more... lovely.
- All right then. Let's stop business.

As Ish opened her lips invitingly and Albert Kuvai kissed her, a little voice in his mind spit: "Bloody capsuleers!".

Roses are red / Violets are blue / I am an Alpha / And so it's you

Jayem See
Caldari State
#2245 - 2013-06-23 13:55:27 UTC
Wanders casually into the bar.


Approaches the cleanest table he can find. The stool is slightly sticky under his hands as he sits down.

"Really - this place needs a good clean."

Upon inspecting the menu I will take a coffeemachiolatolatte:p please.

Switches from a sticky stool into a marginally more comfortable chair.

"Aaaaand relax."

Aaaaaaand relax.

Hessian Arcturus
#2246 - 2013-06-23 13:59:57 UTC
Walks in and smiles.

"Ah this is the place"

Strips naked and runs around with arms flailing wildely.

It's human nature to want to explore. To find your line and go beyond it. The only limit, is the one you set yourself.

Commissar Kate
#2247 - 2013-06-23 20:40:03 UTC
Rain6638 wrote:
Yummy Chocolate wrote:
uno Indahburger por favor

I want one too, i'm hungry!

I dont know about chocolate but I sure do like the taste of you, 8.
Goonswarm Federation
#2248 - 2013-06-24 01:06:25 UTC
**** it. I'm down

are you going for the complete set?

*leans back against the counter

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Baby Choo-Choo
Ice Cream Asylum
#2249 - 2013-06-24 10:17:44 UTC
walks in and looks around

"Hm, sister, do you see any candidates that may be able to entertain us tonight?"
Baby ChuChu
Ice Cream Asylum
#2250 - 2013-06-24 10:19:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Baby ChuChu
"My dear sister, we only just arrived. Let's sit down and enjoy ourselves for a while. Then...we hunt."

smiles, grabs Choo's hand, and walks slowly to the back of the bar
Critically Preposterous
#2251 - 2013-06-24 10:48:44 UTC
*walks over to the karaoke corner*

Welcome to the space dock...
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#2252 - 2013-06-24 21:56:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Indahmawar Fazmarai
Part #1

The day after meeting with Dr. Marjois and miss Kuvai, Indahmawar received a money transfer and a mesage from Ishtanchuk, telling her to "proceed with the deal" and make the first payment. Still not providing any mean to contact her, Indahmawar wasn't relieved to read Ish's words that "all is well, we'll talk when we meet". When they met, but when? And where?

Anyway, Indahmawar decided to stay for a week with her parents, and Eugerelia suggested a short trip the same day when Indahamawar received a report by Dr. Marjois: "Primer cells seeded, 100 triggered, 97 proceeeding nominally, 3 had been taken down. Next report when clones are 168 hours old".

Indahmawar hadn't told anything to anyone, as Ish had requested. Indah couldn't help to feel like she was messing her mother into something dirty, and so she accepted Eugerelia's suggestion to take a trip enthusiastically. The plan was simple, Eugerelia pushed the backlog of her work so she could take care of only some essential decission making in less than an hour each day, working remotely, and devote the rest of the day to her own backlog of pending visits with Indahmawar. And so they started traveling around with the family's personal yacht, flying short balistic flights in their own timezone to see places and cities and even enjoy an event, a early autumn celebration. There, mother and daughter met another couple, two Gallentean father and son. There was an elegant and modest attempt by the men to make out both women, which was gently but firmly rejected by Eugerelia and took an unusual turn when Indahmawar accepted it from both men.

Eugerelia had learned of Indahmawar's customs after a long and disturbing talk with Ishtanchuk, and so she managed to just spend the next day alone. Feeling a bit guilty, Indahmawar carried out her simple plan, which started by making love to the father in a way such as the son didn't shied up, rather enjoyed it and waited for his turn; and provided that, the rest would follow naturally, with the only unknown of both men's stamina and lust.

The day after, Eugerelia didn't asked nor commented at all, but Indahmawar's expansive -albeit a bit tired- joy made her wonder why her precious flower was so unusual, wether it was from birth or something that happened as she matured and, or because of, she became a capsuleer.

The day before last of Indahmawar's stay, Eugerelia had one of the nicest days in her life, as Pedughan returned, this time without her husband Gorkhan, and told her that they had an appointment with the Preserver. And not only that, but Pedughan was in such a good mood that invited both Eugerelia and Indahmawar to spend a day at the beach. They used Pedughan and Ghorkan's yach to make a ballistic flight 2,000 kilometers south, to a tropical resort, and it was a very enjoyable day for everyone.

Eugerelia and Pedughan wore swimming suits, or what posed for that in Khanid empire, esentialy a set of long sleeved, high collared top and long trousers, tight but carefully thickened at the chest area as to not let any naughty nipple push the cloth. Indahmawar wore a bikini specially picked and transported across half New Eden for the purpose of not being too inappropiate in a Khanid beach, which made it prudish for any Gallentean older than 10 years. Nonetheless, the three women swimmed and played splattering and even partake in a ball game, where Indahmawar's improved agility allowed them to score a easy win.

The enjoyment continued with sunbathing under a sunshade, a good lunch by the sea with fresh fish and seafood and Pedughan avoiding to make anything nasty towards Indahmawar, a situation which Indah assisted by being an instance of silent modesty even after her beach dress attracted a few male tourists. Eugerelia was exultant with happyness as she boarded the yacht with her daughters to fly back home in less than half an hour, and she didn't had to make any effort to ignore the itch she was feeling above her right kidney since a couple of days ago...
Team Evil
#2253 - 2013-06-25 03:20:01 UTC
Baby Choo-Choo wrote:
walks in and looks around

"Hm, sister, do you see any candidates that may be able to entertain us tonight?"

Baby ChuChu wrote:
"My dear sister, we only just arrived. Let's sit down and enjoy ourselves for a while. Then...we hunt."

smiles, grabs Choo's hand, and walks slowly to the back of the bar

for you girls

*bops her hips like a white girl to the music ordered on the jukebox
Critically Preposterous
#2254 - 2013-06-25 05:58:11 UTC
Feanira Darr
Team Evil
#2255 - 2013-06-25 06:07:12 UTC
how impolite!

"Tibus Heth could also benefit from working 'The Plan'." -DMC

Critically Preposterous
#2256 - 2013-06-25 06:08:46 UTC
Feanira Darr wrote:
how impolite!

Feanira Darr
Team Evil
#2257 - 2013-06-25 06:10:20 UTC
hahahha ok. you.

"Tibus Heth could also benefit from working 'The Plan'." -DMC

Random McNally
Stay Frosty.
A Band Apart.
#2258 - 2013-06-27 03:54:10 UTC
Random was finding the game a challenge.

When he had drawn Mizhir as his opponent for the Strip Calvinball game, he wasn’t sure exactly what to make of the pairing. He really knew very little about Miz other than the fact she was Matari and a fighter. She was a frequent patron of the Bar, but rarely made any overtures to Random to foster a friendship. However, she was doing her best to distract him. Her feminine wiles made it very difficult to concentrate on his game. And, she was lovely to look at.

When the game started, they were fairly evenly matched. Random had spent quite a bit of time playing such games as an enlisted member of the Republic Fleet. While the officers drank fine liquors and bragged about their ship’s conquests, the enlisted were often rowdy and learning your way around the billiard tables was a good outlet for pent up aggression. There were many a fight that broke out, but games were challenging and you developed a head for playing. The last thing he had expected was that Miz knew her way around a table.

Both had taken many shots and had earned, and lost, articles of clothing during the game. But as the game approached its near conclusion, the clothing was lost more often than earned. She danced at the end of the table, bare breasts exposed to the patrons and wearing a short skirt that left enough to the imagination, when she was lifting it to taunt her opponents. His stony expression nearly cracked when Kirjava slipped his hand up under that skirt. It earned him a slap across the face but the beaming grin he gave made it clear that he really didn’t mind. Besides, he had his own game to concentrate on. He stood with cue in hand wearing tight, clinging briefs and his trademark sunglasses. His opponent, Yiole, was down to her brassier.

When Yiole had proposed the Strip Calvinball game, Random had approached her privately. She was very protective of what she thought was hers. There was a quiet sinking fear bubbling up in Random’s mind that maybe she had grown tired of him.
“Are you bored of me already?” he had asked. She gave him a questioning look and then understanding set in. She put her hand on his cheek.
“No, lover, you are my current but you are not the only one I’ve ever had.” She said.
“I get that, and I understand. What I want to know is, are you bored enough of me where you need to take another lover?” he had said, a hardness crossing his face.
“Look over there.” Yiole had said, motioning around the bar. “Many capsuleers are sitting alone. There are transient groups that come in and sit alone with no one.” She sidled up close to Random and purred, “Not all of them have had the closeness that we have. I would like to give capsuleers something engaging.” She slid a finger up his back to his shoulder. “I expect you to play one of the lovely capsuleer women, win or lose. I expect you to claim your prize or be claimed. And I would love for you to return when the prize has been explored. “She cast a molten gaze at Random as she put her arms around his neck. “I am not finished with you, yet.”

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Random McNally
Stay Frosty.
A Band Apart.
#2259 - 2013-06-27 03:54:27 UTC  |  Edited by: Random McNally
Yiole had nodded and smiled when it was announced that Miz was his opponent. She whispered to him “I think Miz would enjoy either winning or losing to you. Regardless, please her like you have pleased me.” She cast that heated look again at him as she turned to face her own opponent. He was still unsure. He still wasn’t quite clear if Yiole had tired of him but win or lose, he was in this contest. He turned to look at the lovely Mizhir.

Random had been reduced to his briefs. The hoots of the patrons made him feel a little self-conscious. It was strange that as a capsuleer, he would spend time nude in the pod without a second thought but wearing only undergarments while shooting Calvinball was a bit overwhelming. He focused his thoughts, trying hard to not be distracted by the seductive dance that Miz was performing. He took his shot and hit three banks to have the ball lightly tap at its stop. He beamed as he acknowledged the successful shot. Making his shot was the least of his worries; he was more concerned that he had not left Miz a good shot.

She pursed her lips, an expression that he found attractive. She scanned the table as the chorus of shouts from the patrons watching the game on their table rose. She had a very difficult shot. She had made very good shots throughout the game and Random was hoping that this one would be a challenge. Miz took her time calculating the angles with which she would need to bounce the ball off the rails. As the shouts turned to roars, she glanced up and for the first time, Random saw worry in her face. It set him back. Miz was worried about losing. He really wasn’t concerned and on the few occasions that he and Yiole met eyes during the game, she always smiled and nodded discretely.

Miz bent over to take aim amid the cat calls of the patrons. Random admired her backside as she bent to line up the shot. He noticed that she was not playing to the crowd with this shot as she had with previous shots. She would seductively arch her back, exposing as much skin under the hem of skirt but this shot was different. She tapped the cue and the ball rolled off the banks. She stood nervously watching the banking shot and visibly looked relieved when the ball rolled to a stop, gently tapping and making her shot.

She shot a look back to Random that for just a moment showed nervousness. She had left him an easy shot and she knew it. She began to try to distract him by taking her cue stick and roll it down her back, thrusting her breasts forward. She walked slowly towards him, ankles crossing with each step and looking like a hungry panther. As she stood next to Random, she said “I’m hoping Yiole did not cut off your balls. I’m looking forward to putting them to good use.” She walked around him tracing a finger along his buttocks. Just before she stepped out of range, she gave them a squeeze.

His physical reaction to her became plain for the patrons to see as a fresh round of howls showered down. He glanced back at Yiole who had noticed and smiled and nodded again. Miz smirked as she saw the swelling and began licking her lips in a most seductive way. He summoned up all his self-control as he lined up his next shot.
He calculated his angles and he bent over to shoot. The noise of the crowd filtered away, as did the distraction of his physical reaction to Miz. This was an easy shot. However, just before he drove the cue home, he remembered the worry in Miz’s face.

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Random McNally
Stay Frosty.
A Band Apart.
#2260 - 2013-06-27 03:56:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Random McNally
He smiled, and took the shot.

The ball bounced from the first to the second rail and began losing momentum. As it rebounded off the third rail, it was obvious that this would be close. Miz gasped audibly and the patrons hushed and the ball rolled to a stop a mere hair’s width away from contact. The patrons watching their table burst into shouts and applause. Miz was jumping, overwhelmed with excitement. She turned a look to the defeated Random and placed a hand on her hip. A slow smile broke across her face as she surveyed his body and the last item of clothing he wore. She beckoned with her finger at his last garment.

Random walked around the table in full view of the observers. He raised his arms up over his head as Miz slowly slid the undergarment off, exposing his turgid state and proving that Yiole had indeed left his balls intact. He turned to Miz and dropped to one knee, saying “I am your prize.”

Miz gasped and laughed as Random stood up, gathering her up in his arms and started carrying her to his room. She was already biting into his shoulder. As Random walked away, Kirjava yelled, "Hey Random, how could you possibly miss THAT shot?" His only response was a wink and a smile.

Yiole smiled as Miz went away with her prize.

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