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[CSM8] CSM8 Town Hall #1: June 16 1900 EVE time

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Inokuma Yawara
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#21 - 2013-06-17 10:55:41 UTC
Loki Feiht wrote:
Eve = 1 plex = 30 days of training.
Now you have the ability to train 2 characters up on one account, with the same cost of 1 plex for 30 days training per character, why wouldnt players be happy with this new option?

I honestly fail to see what your problem actually is, its really quite simple, you pay for skill time.

Also, bump for more diverse pve \o/

I guess my problem is not understanding how paying $30.00 a month for a single account, that normally costs $15.00 a month, is good. The alt is a toon on the same account. So, why pay the cost of two accounts for training up an alt that is in the same account as the main?

To me, that's too much money. A less price-gouging way to go would be, an up-graded account for $5.00 more per month. Then downgrade to the normal price when not needed, and upgrade again when needed. If it only takes 30 days or 40 days to train up a mule, I can spare 30 to 40 days to train them up, while letting my main enjoy an extended "Spring Break" for a while.

I actually think, CCP is losing out on a possible long term gain, here. Everyone only wanting to train a toon or two to mine or haul would only pay the $30.00, once or twice, and that would be the end of it. But for long term training commitments on their alts (or even their mains - which they may set aside, to take a rest from that toon), $5.00 a month would likely be paid for many, many more months. They'll end up making more in the long run.

Honestly, I thought I would be able to train up a High Sec goody-two-shoes bounty pirate hunter, and a scum of the galaxy pirate in Low Sec - both combatants, and both requiring a very long time to train up. Or I thought I could play both sides of a dispute between corporations, with my planted agent, a "heroic combat pilot", who passes info off to my "enemy pilot" in the enemy camp. I thought I would be able to live the double life. This is not possible with the current pricing scheme. It would take too long to train two pilots separately on one account, and the price is to high for long term. And I am not a two account player. That option is not for me either.

Dark Heartt is right. CCP was not thinking of players like me when they thought this up.

Watch this space.  New exciting signature in development.

Chris Winters
Brave Newbies Inc.
Brave Collective
#22 - 2013-06-18 08:54:19 UTC
Did a recording of this ever get released? There is a rewind of this, but it starts 1 hour before the town hall.
Mangala Solaris
Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
#23 - 2013-06-18 12:44:42 UTC
Chris Winters wrote:
Did a recording of this ever get released? There is a rewind of this, but it starts 1 hour before the town hall.

Here I understand:
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