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And so I must think...

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2013-05-31 20:14:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Grideris
The events of the last few months have weighed heavily on my mind. While on the surface it was all laughter and popcorn as normal, deep inside something has been gnawing away at me, itching away at the back of my mind.

It started at Caldari Prime. As many would know, I was involved in the destruction of the Shiigeru and its attendant fleet. Considering the looming threat of it unleashing its arsenal against the planet below, I fought with conviction to remove it as a threat to the planet. We succeeded, and patted ourselves on the back. We had done good deeds, or so we thought.

Recently it has come to light that Admiral Visera Yanala was a much better person than I gave her credit for; she repeatedly defied orders to bring oblivion to the planet below, knowing to do so was madness. Her actions that day are commendable, saving the lives of countless people on the surface below. She gave her life so that they may live; no small act I may remind you. It would have been all too easy for her to simply fire, and secure her continued existence once she woke up in a cloning vat.

Even before such revelations came to light, I was troubled by the fighting in Colelie. For those that aren’t aware, in the wake of Karin Midular’s death, the Republic dispatched a taskforce of Naglfars to attempt to extract (by force if necessary) Grene Broteau, a man later found guilty of killing 59 people including her. A Federation taskforce of Moroses moved to intercept, and after the Republic fleet refused to return to Bei, the two fleets engaged each other.

Having forewarning of the Republic taskforce (but not its composition), I had attempted to gather a fleet to force the two sides to a stalemate using various types of electronic warfare. If everything went to plan, no one would even fire a single shot, and the Republic fleet would have no choice but to retreat back across the border. Unfortunately, as any decent pilot knows, dreadnoughts when sieged have greatly enhanced sensors making any kind of electronic warfare useless. We were powerless to stop them from butchering each other.

At first, I ordered by fleet to hold fire, but the intervention of Minmatar loyalist capsuleers was giving the upper hand to the Republic taskforce. Realising that should they succeed in driving off or destroying the Moroses that the combat would only escalate, I ordered the fleet to engage with only Energy Neutralisers at first, despite knowing they were useless against the Naglfars. Eventually, with the balance starting to swing heavily in the Republic’s favour, I ordered the fleet to engage the Naglfars. In the aftermath, all of them perished, and only 6 of the original 15 Moroses limped away.

I do not know for sure if there was a better way; if there was something that could be done to have prevented the carnage that unfolded that day between two friends. Had I said something, appealed to some emotion of the commanders of each side, could I have spared the conflict entirely? Had I ordered the fleet to bring different ships, could I have provided enough sustaining power to force both fleets to a standstill, both unable to break the tank of their opponent? Could I have saved more Moroses by ordering the fleet to immediately engage the Republic taskforce? Would the Republic have actually escalated had they taken the field?

The path I have seen these events sending me down looks dark. I fear to walk it. In my dreams, I see a monster I may become. This shadow of possibility scares me to my core. So I have decided that I must take time and find clear space to reflect properly on my actions, my motivations and my goals. I must put myself on a new path, one that will lead me away from such terrors.

As such, I will exile myself indefinitely until I have found peace within myself, and come about to a direction that I am satisfied with. Where I will go will be known to me alone. I would ask that you do not seek me out, and instead leave me to my own introspections without disturbance. If somehow you do stumble upon my sanctuary, I would ask that you leave me be, and not share your discovery with others.

I will not be so far departed as to be completely cut off from the rest of the cluster; I will be watching from afar. Should the hour be dire and some new evil threatens New Eden as a whole, I may return. Again, please do not seek me out; I alone will make the judgement if there is sufficient need for me to break my exile.

To those that have flown alongside me on many occasions: it was truly an honour. Stay vigilant, and stay true to peace as much as you can. There is already enough violence in this world of ours. To those who I have merely met: please try not to let my legacy be merely a popcorn habit. I leave control of FCORD to Super General in my absence, and access to the communication relays in the hands of a group of pilots I trust – you will have received a mail notifying you as such. Carry the torch in my absence, keep the fires lit; I doubt that my sabbatical will change the course of any impending events.

This is not goodbye, merely till next we meet, whenever or wherever that be. I only hope this will keep me from the monster in my dreams.

Fly safe pilots.

Marshal Dumont

Fleet Admiral
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Revenent Defence Corperation
#2 - 2013-05-31 20:32:36 UTC
I hope you find the solace you seek in a prompt manner. Your humble, reflective nature is very honorable and wise, and something I greatly admire in others. Thank you for your service to the cluster thus far, and I look forward to continued service once you put your mind at ease.

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Gallente Federation
#3 - 2013-05-31 21:35:31 UTC
Stay safe out there Grid, You've always done the right thing as far as I have seen.
I hope to see you back in space soon.

-Tertianus Rethelior.

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Shiori Shaishi
#4 - 2013-05-31 21:39:00 UTC
Silas Vitalia
#5 - 2013-05-31 22:02:51 UTC
Grideris wrote:
... deep inside something has been gnawing away at me, itching away at the back of my mind.

Likely the unchecked rabies and/or rampant STD's you have. So many "well-traveled" random people in your kitchen sink fleets... you should be more careful with those you let inside your... fleet.

That being said, bye.

Sabik now, Sabik forever

Caellach Marellus
#6 - 2013-05-31 23:10:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Caellach Marellus
Don't second guess the decisions you had to make when you have the power of hindsight Marshal.

Saying "Why didn't I do this, why didn't I bring that, why did I order this?" Has one use, to know what to plan for in the future. Letting your past decisions haunt you as if you could change them if you wish for it hard enough, or brood over it long enough is a waste of time.

After Colelie I sat and pondered, on what I had said to you that day, on my disagreement with your position to fire, on the scathing words Brigadier General Korachi had for you, despite his late appearance to the situation. Considering your plan on nearly any other given fleet was flawless, what you were presented with gave you little choice of action.

Inaction was not viable, sustaining both fleets with what little logistics you had became not an option when Capsuleers got involved. You identified a Republic victory would only lead to further violence elsewhere, and you proceeded to proceed with the absolute minimal loss of life possible.

You did the best job anyone could have done in that position, **** whatever critics you may have gotten for your decisions, there'd be a lot more dead people if it weren't for the calls you made that day.

Rest well Captain, I'll see you out in the field again.

When your gut instincts tell you something is wrong, trust them. When your heart tells you something is right, ignore it, check with your brain first. Accept nothing, challenge everything.

Andreus Ixiris
#7 - 2013-05-31 23:29:30 UTC
Fly safe, Grideris.

I'll make sure to keep a beer in the fridge for when you get back.

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Andreus Ixiris > ...

Andreus Ixiris > This is why we're at war.

Kim Ji-Young
Ji Young Kim Bap
#8 - 2013-05-31 23:58:10 UTC
A simple "screw this shizz for a joke, I'll be back later" would have probably sufficed, but good luck with things anyway. I'm sure it's a tough gig when people die under your command, I'm glad I'm not in your shoes.
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#9 - 2013-06-01 01:37:26 UTC
Such is the burden of command, of leadership, to always be judged on what you did and what you didn't do not by others, but by one-self. May you find your peace, captain Grideris, it's the least you deserve after your time of duty.

Sepherim Catillah Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris Liuteneant Ex-Imperial Navy Imperator Commander

Horn Brothers Holdings Inc.
#10 - 2013-06-01 04:32:34 UTC
Me being a Caldari loyalist and you a supporter of the Federation , there is alot we would disagree on. Anyway i hope you find the peace you are looking for Grideris.

Brian Omanid
#11 - 2013-06-01 04:34:52 UTC
You were a worthy opponent. It's been a pleasure. Hope to see you in the battlefield soon.
Caellach Marellus
#12 - 2013-06-01 04:41:31 UTC
TomHorn wrote:
Me being a Caldari loyalist and you a supporter of the Federation , there is alot we would disagree on. Anyway i hope you find the peace you are looking for Grideris.

I think you've gotten Marshal's loyalties somewhat confused.

When your gut instincts tell you something is wrong, trust them. When your heart tells you something is right, ignore it, check with your brain first. Accept nothing, challenge everything.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
#13 - 2013-06-01 05:28:35 UTC
Good luck sir.

We'll keep the lights on for you.

Bring back DEEEEP Space!

Katran Luftschreck
Royal Ammatar Engineering Corps
#14 - 2013-06-01 06:04:03 UTC
I often feel as if certain large events of the galaxy are secretly guided by invisible hands & merely following some unknowable, preordained script... and that nothing any of us mere capsuleers do could possibly have any effect on the outcome.

Diana Kim
State Protectorate
Caldari State
#15 - 2013-06-01 07:15:11 UTC
Admiral Dumont,
I believe that the tribunal would be interested in your crimes against humanity during fight in Luminaire, that caused catastrophe on Caldari Prime.

Honored are the dead, for their legacy guides us.

In memory of Tibus Heth, Caldari State Executor YC110-115, Hero and Patriot.

Philadunc Arsten
Jade Wolf Pack
#16 - 2013-06-01 15:05:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Philadunc Arsten
Ms. Kim, much of what Grideris would say to the tribunal, is already on public record. How many pilots there set their camera drones to record?

As for human rights violations, that's something no capsuleer should touch with a ten-foot pole.