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Warfare & Tactics

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There goes Arzad (Amarr victor and all that...)

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#181 - 2013-05-30 19:26:02 UTC
Cruack wrote:
Ahhhhh...... It's good to be home. See all you l33t pvp'rs on the field (or in the void I suppose).

We come for our people!

Funny we came for your people to.

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ISD Ezwal
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#182 - 2013-06-01 22:33:24 UTC
The fact that this is Warfare & Tactics does not mean the forum rules don't apply. I know FW can lead to heated debates and other forms of expressing the various antagonistic viewpoints of the different factions. But please keep that 'expressing' a bit civil on this forum.
That said, if I would have been strict (rules in hand) this thread would have been reduced to two or at most three pages.
I wasn't.

Removed some rule breaking posts and let all edge cases stay.

2. Be respectful toward others at all times.

The purpose of the EVE Online forums is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and a venue for the discussion of EVE Online. Occasionally there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Forum users are expected to be courteous when disagreeing with others.

3. Ranting is prohibited.

A rant is a post that is often filled with angry and counterproductive comments. A free exchange of ideas is essential to building a strong sense of community and is helpful in development of the game and community. Rants are disruptive, and incite flaming and trolling. Please post your thoughts in a concise and clear manner while avoiding going off on rambling tangents.

4. Personal attacks are prohibited.

Commonly known as flaming, personal attacks are posts that are designed to personally berate or insult another forum user. Posts of this nature are not beneficial to the community spirit that CCP promote and as such they will not be tolerated.

5. Trolling is prohibited.

Trolling is a defined as a post that is deliberately designed for the purpose of angering and insulting other players in an attempt to incite retaliation or an emotional response. Posts of this nature are disruptive, often abusive and do not contribute to the sense of community that CCP promote.

6. Racism and discrimination are prohibited.

Racism, gender stereotyping and hate speech are not permitted on the EVE Online Forums. Derogatory posting that includes race, religion or sexual preference based personal attacks and trolling can result in immediate suspension of forum posting privileges.

34. Posting of kill reports outside of the Crime & Punishment forum channel is prohibited.

More often than not, posts of this nature are made with inflammatory intent and are designed to promote trolling and flaming. Therefore, the posting of links to kill reports from any third party site, or the direct copy-pasting of kill reports from in game is prohibited on all forum channels of the EVE Online Forums, with the exception of the Crime & Punishment Channel.

ISD Ezwal Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

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