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My new life. (part 5)

Cynthia Gallente
Phoenix Foundry
New Eden Syndicate
#1 - 2011-11-04 15:37:42 UTC
It's constant.
Yet I never feel it.
I barely feel anything.
It's our lot as pod pilots.
Aura chirps at me, she tells me something.
I'm approahing a stargate.
It really doesn't matter to me, I kicked it into Auto-Pilot so I could just relax for a while.
It's been weeks since I properly left my pod.
I'm always on the move now.
I'm looking for some place.
. . .
I 'm looking for THE place. The place that I can remember.
There's fuzzy memories.
An asteroid? A station?
Where was I?
It's so hard to rememeber...
It's a song that I can't get out of my head, except it's not a song, it's just one line...
it keeps playing over and over, but I never get the bigger picture.
Where was this?
. . . When was this?
I see a glimpse of someone, but they aren't dressed the same...
it seems older...

Approaching stargate.

The next jump is lowsec, I switch over to manual so I can pilot the ship myself.


I land infront of a gate camper. I am completely unprepared for this in my battlecruiser, I have nothing equipped on it at the moment. . .
I'm being targetted.
I know I'm doomed. I know the kiss of death is mere moments away.
The target locks.
I close my eyes.

I wake up in my HQ.
It's like the whole world is a dream.
Life is being lived by the dreamers.
We sleep in our pods, and live our lives.
Feeling, touch, taste, vision, smell.
These are lost to us as we step on the stars.
We are forever chasing ghosts of truth.
We are in the dark.
The truth can never be expierenced by those that sleep.
The day will come when the sleepers awaken.
The truth will be revealed to our naked eyes.
The truth.
It shall be vast, and all encompassing.
The day we meet the truth is the day we stop living.
For what do we need if we have the truth?
The truth of life.
The truth of all.
We sleepers, we gods among men, we will be the first to receive the truth.
We shall be the first to parish.
Soon after all those whom are blind shall parish.
The blind ar those that shall never see the truth, they are too far from it to ever see it.
This blindness is caused by choice.
Those that choose not to see the truth.
The universe will remain.
Those that live without life will be all that's left.
The machines, the drones, the lifeless.
They shall inherit what we demigods leave behind.

. . .

I undock.
I kick the autopilot again.
I avoid the lowsec area.

What kind of life have I awoken to now?

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