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Re-imagining Tech 2 Industry - Identifying problems and possible solutions

Ashen Spiral
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2013-05-20 12:16:28 UTC
I'm not sure if CCP has any solid plans for a T2 industry revamp, but it's certainly worth discussing here. Please post any specific or general problems you've identified with T2 Industry in it's current state, and any ideas you may have for addressing those problems. I've posted my own ideas here, and I'm curious to know what others think about them.


TL;DR - Remove ME, PE, and runs on all T1 and T2 blueprints to reduce invention complexity and put BPCs on the market. Decentralize T2 industry from market hubs like Jita by creating T2 material pools at stations, and incentivize T2 producers to install jobs in different stations depending on the item via T2 material pool discounts and price penalties.

I'd say there are two major problems preventing players from participating in T2 industry. The first is obtaining reasonably priced T2 materials away from Jita, and the second is the ridiculous complexity of the invention process. The first problem is well understood. It's tough to find T2 materials away from Jita, and even if you can, they've probably been imported from Jita, so they are more expensive. The second problem is more difficult to identify.

Why can't I buy or sell T2 BPC's on the market? Because they have different ME, PE, and run numbers of course. This is another example of needless complexity in EVE. The only way to understand this stuff is using tons of spreadsheets and 3rd party calculation tools. When I research BPOs, why do I need to go find non-standard ideal ME and PE numbers from a website and paste those numbers back into the game? When I shop for BPCs on contracts, why do I have to check these random ME numbers on each one and compare them against numbers on a website, just to make sure I'm not buying a bad BPC?

My proposed solution for the complexity problem:

  1. Eliminate ME and PE from blueprints. BPOs should now only exist in two possible forms. Fully unresearched or fully researched.

  2. T1 BPCs can only be made from fully researched BPOs, and T2 BPCs can only be invented from these fully researched T1 BPCs.

  3. Eliminate runs from BPCs. Instead, make BPCs each one run only, and stackable.

  4. The success chance for creating a T2 BPC from a T1 researched BPC varies depending on character skills and decryptor use, but the resulting T2 BPCs created will always be exactly the same.

Now on the market there will be 4 available blueprint types for each manufacturable market item. The raw unresearched BPO, the fully researched BPO, the fully researched T1 BPC, and the T2 BPC. Notice there is no place for a T2 BPO, since there is no need to have those listed on the open market anymore.

My proposed solution for the T2 material availability problem:

  1. Allow inventors and manufacturers with appropriate standings access to a station-owned pool of T2 materials when they start build jobs at that station or a POS in that station system.

  2. When an NPC owned station is missing certain T2 materials for it's pool, it will automatically create buy orders to fill it, using a floating price level that changes depending on demand.

  3. Prices for T2 materials taken by T2 producers from station pools will be reflected in the build cost window, and will float just like the buy orders do.

  4. Player owned station owners can choose to enable automatic buy order creation for filling their station's pool, or create them manually. Prices for buy orders and T2 materials taken from the pool can be set manually or set to automatically change depending on demand like those at NPC owned stations.

  5. Prices for T2 materials taken from the pool can be discounted or increased for certain jobs depending on what item is being produced. For instance, at a Minmatar NPC owned station there would be a discount for T2 Minmatar ships jobs, and a price penalty for T2 Amarr ships.

So how is this different than a station owner owner simply stocking the market at his station with these T2 materials? It's similar, but the major difference is that in order to access items from the research and manufacturing pool, you must have a valid invention or manufacturing job at that location that requires those materials. Players will not be able to buy those T2 materials from the pool and sell them elsewhere, nor hoard materials taken from the pool.

Station traders will know exactly what goods are needed at a certain location, and T2 materials will be spread as evenly as possible across all NPC and player owned stations which operate a T2 pool, since station traders will be able to fill any buy orders they see through trips to a market hub like Jita.

Imagine an industrialist joining Gallente FW so he can gain the standing he needs to run discounted T2 Gallente ship jobs at their NPC stations. Or another industrialist gaining standing at a specific R&D corp like Duvolle Labs, so he can make Duvolle T2 ships at a greater discount, or discount production of modules they specialize in, like T2 blasters. Not only would this provide incentive for industrialists to specialize in a certain area, but it would also give them a reason to install their jobs at different locations depending on what they are trying to make. T2 Duvolle ships and modules would become cheapest on the market at Duvolle stations, because they are cheapest to produce there. Thus players who frequent the area would find it most economical to use those locally produced items when possible rather than foreign items.
Ashen Spiral
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2013-05-20 12:16:41 UTC