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ihub Faction Warfare style 0.0 SOV and structure grind reduction via analyzer/hacking mods

Oreb Wing
Last Rites.
#1 - 2013-05-20 02:42:29 UTC

To implement a similar FW style aggression for SOV take over/harassments by throwing in each system 3 destructible infrastructure hubs that become vulnerable via ticks against sovereignty of the system through novice/small/medium/large/capital pockets that contain local rats - the following appearing from smallest to Capital based on the rating of the system which would also be reflected in the amount of SOV that must be ran down by each completed objective. The home rats could spit out bounty from the pool of the accumulated SOV bills injected to sustain SOV, eventually making ancient landlords the juiciest target to harass, along with creating the desire to be closely rooted near larger/stronger/older enemies. Perhaps we can make the number of ihubs respective of the SOV of the system? We'll see, as my ideas are to reduce grind, so maybe only one with the appropriate amount of hp reflective of the system's strength. I want the systems without upgrades to be in likeness to the current FW systems, which take about 2 days of constant, mind-numbing timer cycling to bring down. As a system is contested in FW, when the boys come to defend their turf, they do it with guns and are forced to fight on an equal plane and what is often a disadvantageous defense from downhill, as you enter these pockets of space to face an enemy that has established optimals and a level of organization that can give even an outnumbered settled force an substantial advantage. No structure restoration or repairing necessary. No short notice CTA's, as this type of engagement takes time and you do it under your enemies noses. This is proven by the fact that NO ONE in FW at the moment has to repair anything or show up with pve fits, (oh, and by the way, we even use the Navitas and logi frigs. They are sweet.) as when an attacker is chased off, the system can be brought out of its vulnerable state by reversing the objective timers. Indeed, this is even possible in FW currently even as an enemy force is busting the ihub, as a fast and cheeky fellow can run a defensive "button" and if the system had just barely been turned by one of these small objectives, it will immediately reset the ihubs state to "contested" and effectively undoing all the damage the aggressors caused. This is why many times you'll find frigates and destroyers on site during an ihub bash or already waiting and alert within the objectives themselves. The ihubs themselves aren't so bad. I've seen 87 frigates melt one down, to the roaring laughter of all those involved. The waiting in such circumstances is not there, the apprehension and tensions as you see your system getting run down is, and the moment of truth fight is not left to guessing when an enemy fleet decides to show up or not. In FW a system can be brought down to vuln by three pilots. Three! It can be done by one determined pilot, but it would take considerably longer, as you can't be in two places at once. The timer requires you to be in the vicinity and range of each button to have it count down.

Other quick things I'd like to see before I get into the structure grinding relief program:

•Balance high sec by implementing the npc corp tax across all market transactions, both buy and sell. I don't want to see an isk nerf. That is very foolish and an envious short-sighted approach to a no-risk isk way of living. You want change, you hit cearbears where it hurts. Their wallet, and you do it by pouring the wealth into their hands like sand. Let them SEE how much they would be earning, and this will (might) give them something worth fighting for when they become vulnerable to attack in a player organization.

•Remove the shield hp from abandoned POS. (I'll get into hull hp shortly, but I'll tease you that it will involve contracted Dusties with explosive charges. Sorry wormhole dudes. Go build some dreadnaughts and do your own spring cleaning and stop trying to make Sleeper npc's clean up for you.)

•Make instructional vids with that great art department you have to introduce newbies to the UI, their station, and their overview, before you bombard them with a thousand buttons and endless boring Aura text that no one wants to read at first. The first steps should be entertaining, not educational . There's plenty of time for that if you can keep them interested in the bait. Have the map with sovereignty show up as introduction to the map interface. Open those newbie eyes, CCP. We'll take care of making sure they open them again and again in fresh clones.

•A lot of newbies get purty mad when they lose their ONE ship. Others, on the opposite hand, can put Jay Leno's garage to shame. Oh yeah, those are mine. Yup. I have one of those too. Limited edition. While we all value our hulls, some of us want to see more of US in the heavy metal floating through space. Sadly, even though custom skins might never be a reality, i would at least like to see the Estimated Insurance amount injected into the insurance of the ship with the killing blow, Making darling long lasting relationships with certain ships possible. I might even bother naming her something nice.

The POS grind
Give each module/ array an equal number of "Sectors" to their required installment Cpu; nope, battery's don't have CPU, so can't be hacked. Shoot 'Em! The hacking of each sector being determined by a dice roll. Let's say you have one die, six sides, six possible outcomes. Now roll it until you get every single possible number once. Now try two die. Get it? K. Now have analyzer modules "restore" the compromised sectors by the same method. Give me storyline variants that do a ranged roll. Hacking complete! Congratulations! You can now access and unanchor this structure. You can only unanchor a POS that has no strontium and which is fully hacked. You cannot hack a POS shield while there are things still anchored outside of its force field.

Danika Princip
Goonswarm Federation
#2 - 2013-05-20 09:14:35 UTC
Please explain how taking sov by ratting is fun, given that ratting is awful?