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Integrated Module Ships

Eagle's Talon's
#1 - 2013-05-17 18:44:13 UTC
With the ever increasing need and demand for new ships by the pilots of New Eden the Integrated Module Ship would fit a new role within New Eden.

What is an IMS? An IMS is a ship where a module that would have normally have been fitted in a station has been built into the ship during its construction.

An IMS ship would allow for maximum optimization of the integrated module because the module would be directly connected to all of the ships systems instead of a using a by-pass interface system during fitting. A by-pass interface system is a slot connection system that allows various types of modules to be fitted into the same slot of the ship.

An example of the by-pass interface system would be a test ship that has a single high slot, mid slot and low slot where the pilot can add a blaster, railgun, laser or projectile into the same slot. Although very convienant using a by-pass interface system reduces the overall effectiveness of the module because of the extra hardware and software systems that must be added to the ship in order to allow for such module use.

The IMS attempts to reduce the loss of effectiveness by integrating popular modules into the ship during the construction phase.

Integrated Module Ships would come in the following flavors....take a lick.

1. MWD / AB IMS - The MWD / AB IMS would integrate the MWD or AB into the ships systems during construction that would increase the IMS Ships velocity by 1200% for MWD and 800% for AB.

Drawback - Overdrive and MWD / AB modules could not be fitted to the ship nor would any rigs associated with increasing the velocity of the ship be allowed to be fitted. Manuevering would also be decreased by 25% that could be overcome with rigs and modules.

2. Weapon Upgrades IMS - The Weapon Upgrades IMS would integrate any of the races specific weapon upgrades, ie Mag Tab, Gyro Stab, etc. into the ships systems during construction that would increase the overall damage of the IMS ship by a factor of 20%.

Drawback - Weapon Upgrade modules and weapon rigging dealing with damage modifiers could not be fitted to the IMS ship. Falloff and Tracking would be decreased by 35% that could be overcome with rigs and modules.
The goal of the IMS Ship is too introduce a new class of ship roughly between the size of a frigate and destroyer that has specific systems integrated into the design of the ship that pilots want to build the rest of the ship around.

The IMS class of ship would be considered T3 and being shot down while piloting an IMS would result in a severe loss of skills similar to being shot down in a T3 Cruiser.

Building components would only be found in Rogue Drone Space and within level 8 - 10 e

The IMS would be an offshoot of the Gnome (Gnosis) class meaning that outside of its Integrated module status any type of weapon could be fitted to the ship where the determination of the effeciency of such a ship would be soley dependant upon the pilots skills.

This new type of ship would be classified as a Bounty Hunter class of ship developed by Bounty Hunter Corporations to give Bounty Hunters the best possible ship that fits their personality when engaging in Bounty Hunting Operations.
#2 - 2013-05-17 19:59:39 UTC
While neat on the surface I think this idea has some serious flaws.

The chief one being this is basically a behind the scenes buff that will affect every single ship in the game. Would completely scrap ongoing balance efforts.

Would require a huge amount of coding to add something that is already similar to another feature of the game, tech 3 ships. The concept you've presented is a lot closer to these than you probably think.

It's over complicated to achieve the intended goal. You could suggest a rig that adds a [high|medium|low] slot with +x pg and +y cpu to achieve the same affect with a lot less programming effort. However, this would once again be a half mirror of the already existing tech 3 ships. This would also create balance issues, as certain configurations on certain ships could have the potential to massively out perform others meant for the same role through the combination of their existing stats and these additions.