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Carrier/logi/recon pilot looking to come back to 0.0 - details inside

#1 - 2013-05-14 22:41:38 UTC
Been playing on and off since 2006. Done lots in the game, and wanna get back out to 0.0 because I really enjoy the sense of ownership and the camaraderie that comes with all the teamwork, etc. it takes to make a null sec operation really work. I enjoy the guys I fly with right now, lots of fun, but my heart's in 0.0 so it's time for me to get serious about getting back out there.

I have a family, and I work full time to support them. I live in the US and am around most often from 8pm-midnight eastern time. I get on sometimes in the morning before downtime, but I'd rather spend that time quietly ratting while I drink my coffee. I may be around sometimes from 5-8pm, but because my daughter is still up during that time I can't get too deep into an op as I may need to dock and go afk suddenly. I'm happy to participate in CTA's that fall within the time that I am on, but I'm not setting an alarm clock, missing work, or skipping dinner with the family to structure bash.

I enjoy small to medium sized engagements. Defensive fleets can be fun, but the space can't be so hostile that ratting is unrealistic. I've made tons in the past playing markets with alts in highsec, but that **** gets boring fast, so I'd really like to see some good ratting space that isn't too crowded to run.

I am not a big DPS pilot. I like to fly logis and recons, which I can fly all of. I like flying my thanny, and I'm not afraid to use it. I do have an alt that I am training up to do some DPS ships. I'd like that alt either in the same alliance or a blued alt corp so they can light cynos for me, maybe salvage or rat some, etc.

I'd love to be in an alliance with a strong, friendly community. It's cool for comms to be serious when an op is going on, we have assets on the field, etc., but when we stand down it's time to relax.

If you think we're a good fit please send me a mail or reply to this thread. You can try convoing me in game, but I'd really prefer one of these two methods. I'll be monitoring the responses. Don't expect me to join immediately. I'll be doing my homework, and I expect you will want to as well. Look forward to hearing back from some good groups!
#2 - 2013-05-15 18:45:30 UTC
I also fly heavy interdictors of all races.

Still keeping my eyes open, hit me up
#3 - 2013-05-16 02:53:02 UTC
Had a couple of interesting offers, still listening while I explore them. Let me know if you think we're a fit.