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Discrepancy in latest trailer about EVE wh vs EVE gate?

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#21 - 2013-05-03 19:26:27 UTC
I would also like clarification from CCP if the gate still exists as a partially ruined massive stargate that the Sisters of EVE are supposedly studying or has it really been retconned to just mean the wormhole? The little information there is about it seems to contradict itself everywhere I look from forum posts to this timeline to chronicles, to different pages of Evelopedia.
#22 - 2013-05-03 19:34:29 UTC
Sitarta Radeih wrote:
I remember a GM statement in the forum, that the EVE Gate collapse, reacting with the jump gate network in new Eden, sending a shockwave along the network destroying the gates connected.

Probably some but not all of them, as it is known that the Minmatar used terran stargates earlier in their development in the time prior to the Amarr invasion. i wonder what happened to those gates.
Keitunen Eto
Seituoda Corporation
#23 - 2013-05-04 00:52:25 UTC
If I recall researching the Lore once upon a time. The sisters are the few who can make it too the gate itself, and effectively study the gate. They believe it is the gateway to heaven. My point is from what I read on the Evelopedia is that storms pumped out and covered the area around the gate causing the gate to shut down. Not that it went klaboom.

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Axel Kurki
#24 - 2013-05-06 13:00:10 UTC
(I haven't read Templar One, and I don't remember the other books very well, either.)

I am not quite sure how much we know about the gate and human origins beyond knowing that our genetics show that we are the same speciel (contrary to, say, indigenous life on the planets) pointing towards a common origin, and that all ancient stargates found this far point towards New Eden system, which houses remains of ancient relics and a powerful spatial anomaly known as EVE. This suggests that the ancients did expand radially from New Eden. The "gate" itself has been studied afar, because getting close to it is deadly and also disturbs electronic equipment.

It is possibly suggested in the Empyrean Age that there are ancient Terran artifacts in New Eden, some of which are cloaked or otherwise hidden by Jove caretakers. "Point Genesis" may also be still an active wormhole, though whether it is traversable (without ending messed up) is slightly questionable. The levels of radiation near by would probably be a problem even if it is technically usable. (This is all unknown to player characters, though.) Templar One may shed some light on this; I don't know.
Mirima Thurander
#25 - 2013-05-06 16:35:02 UTC
you have scared the dev away with all your LOGIC.

but i to like the story around the eve gate.

All automated intel should be removed from the game including Instant local/jumps/kills/cynos for all systems/regions.Eve should report nothing like this to the client/3rd party software.Intel should not be force fed to players. Player skill and iniative should be the sources of intel.

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