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EVE is 10 Guess the PCU Contest!

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CCP Eterne
C C P Alliance
#141 - 2013-05-06 15:48:25 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Eterne
After using some super complicated, proprietary tie-breaking systems (flipping coins), we have decided out winners, 1st through 10th. Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who entered!

1st) Light Makimura - 65302

2nd) Niker Tuk - 65300

3rd) Judge DreddII - 65300
4th) CaptConaN - 65298
5th) Mighty Jebus - 65297

6th) Kormai - 65297
7th) Erafat - 65310
8th) MRmav - 65311
9th) Amrian Zorak - 65311
10th) Draff Gracula - 65312

We will be contacting you each individually in the coming days once I get over the flu that's keeping me out of work.

EVE Online/DUST 514 Community Representative ※ EVE Illuminati ※ Fiction Adept

@CCP_Eterne ※ @EVE_LiveEvents

Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#142 - 2013-05-06 16:19:00 UTC
\o/ congrats everyone

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Zakarumit CZ
Zakarum Industries
Forgers United
#143 - 2013-05-06 17:36:24 UTC
Eh, and I thought my 65290 will be enough Sad Well, congratulation to winners.
Phaeton Roux-Acharne
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#144 - 2013-05-07 04:52:23 UTC
And I thought my guess at 65,324 was close.... congrats to the winners!

Captain Phaeton Roux-Archarne Member Twilight Labs

Light Makimura
Closed Paradox
#145 - 2013-05-07 13:55:05 UTC
Success ! \o/
Thank you CCP ! Big smile