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Free Tax Cut is hiring High-sec miners (Orcas, Mining Barges)

Kyra Glucin
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2013-04-25 16:29:21 UTC
A Free Tax Cut is hiring miners for high-sec operations all across EVE. It's been a while since I've ran any mining ops, and quite honestly, I don't wish to do it again. At least, not in the respect of being out in the belts, chewing away at rocks. I would, however, like to ramp up my production of goods to bring to the market and the margins are just too small when buying your own material. So what choice am I left with, but to hire miners? Having ran mining operations in the past, I know that an honest Corp can provide miners with more profit than solo mining, while also making it's own money for operational costs. So long as it's not abused, it's win-win for everyone. As most mining directors, I made a spreadsheet that is 100% transparent and I make available to all members of my corp. It also makes it easy for squad leaders to keep track of each miners ore, or how much to pay them if they wish to sell their ore. It is color coded, and easy to use.

The past few days I have seen many disgruntled miners in the recruitment channel looking for corps, and having a lot of trouble finding anything legitimate. I sent them my business proposal, which I will post here as well. Here's an overview, and if you like what you see, feel free to get down into the details.

-Mining teams consist of 4 to 7 members, with one person being the team leader
-Team leaders choose where they mine, and when (minimum of 1 op per week), as well as their team name.
-Teams consist of at least 1 Orca, and nothing short of a mining barge for the other members
-The Corp takes 10% of the ore off the top, and the squad splits the rest of the ore evenly with whomever was in the mining op.
-Team members have an option to sell their ore back to the corp (details below)
-One day a week, the squad leader contracts the ore to me, and e-mails me a copy of the provided spreadsheet so I can validate what I'm paying to the squad (all ore must be at 1 station!) for their week's haul.
-Teams may mine as little, or as much, as they like during the week, so long as their is at least 1 Orca supported op.

Squad leaders will get a 5% bonus per week for leading their squad. I will also give a 5% bonus to every members of the top performing team each week once I have multiple teams. After 2 months, I'll option teams the ability to put up a POS, if they desire, to do manufacturing and research in their system of choice.

If you are interested, please send me an in-game mail, post in this thread, or convo me when I am online. Please include your mining experience, what you can fly, and if you are interested in being a Team Leader, or a Team Member.

Evemail I sent to other disgruntled miners;
Kyra Glucin
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
#2 - 2013-04-25 16:30:21 UTC

If you're receiving this mail, then you have been looking for mining opportunities within EVE over the past few days. I myself have been looking for a new corp myself, but most of them seem like scammers with young corps, or startups that have no REAL plan other than a buyback program that produces no details when inquired about. Having been a mining director myself, I decided it may be time to try my hand with my own corp, and thought some of you may be interested.


A chance for miners to make money the easy way; chewing rocks. When running the mining operations for my corp, I believed in transparency. There is an easy, fair way for everyone to profit from mining, though it can be hidden from members (or felt it's hidden) which can cause duress. Anyone can see what is being paid, for what, and where it's going. I have made ops into an easy to use/read spreadsheet, available to any who ask to see it. The just of it works like this:

Miner yield, Solo 1
Max orca bonus .35
Miner yield, group 1.35
Corp takes 10% .135
Miner yield 1.215
OPTIONAL corp buyback of 90% Jita prices .9 * 1.215
Miner total profit 1.0935

Here a miner makes about 10% more cash than he would solo mining, plus he doesn't have to worry about refining or moving a large amount of minerals/ore around. Of course, you don't HAVE to sell the ore to the corp, and can stay at your 121.5% yield over solo mining. The ore buyback is at the HIGHEST JITA BUY ORDER. Jita prices are the highest of any other major hub, giving you the best price for your Ore IF you choose to sell it.


I plan on making teams of miners, which for now I have named SQUADS. Squads are ideally made of 4 members.
Orca, Hulk, Hulk, Hulk/Industrial
Basically the Orca boosts/pulls in jet cans from the 3 hulks. When the Orca gets full, one of the 3 Hulks docks on the Orca, pops out in an Indy ship, and hauls the ore to a station. This is the most efficient method I've found for mining ops. Anymore and miners start to step on each other's toes (
One of the members of the Squad is the Squad Leader. He is responsible for using the provided spreadsheet, contracting ore to squad members who don't wish to sell, contracting the 10% corp ore to the corp, and then contracting the whole big pile at the end of the week to the Corp for anyone who wants to sell (along with a copy of the spreadsheet). Payouts are made to each individual member directly from the corp wallet. The Squad Leader gets a 5% bonus of the entire haul for the week for his organizing the ops and messing with contracts.
Squads get to pick their Squad name, Op day, and what system they mine it. It HAS to be highsec, and all ore MUST be at 1 station. This makes it easy for me to courier contract it, and makes contracting it to the corp easier for the Squad Leader. All I'm asking for is a 500,000 m3 minimum to the corp through either the 10% corp tax, or members selling it to the corp, PER WEEK. This is about 2 hours of mining as a 4 man team. Anything above that will be optioned to sell to the corp as well.
If this isn't what you're looking for, I understand and I wish you the best of luck. It'll be small in scope, especially at the start, but we could grow to do other things a step at a time. I know I'm sick of corps that promise big and don't deliver. I promise only to make realistic, reachable, and clear cut goals. Everything has a starting point though, and at the very least, you'd be mining with people and making more isk than you would solo.
If this is what you're looking for, send me an eve mail back with the ships you can fly (Hulk/Orca/Hauler), if you're max bonus or not in an Orca, and what Sov of highsec you prefer to be in.
NOTE; if you run multiple chars, each one will be paid seperately.
Kyra Glucin
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
#3 - 2013-04-25 19:33:57 UTC
Actively seeking new members
Kyra Glucin
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
#4 - 2013-04-25 22:03:50 UTC
Actively and inactively seeking new members