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In the Lore, How Much Would a Single ISK be Worth?

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Darth Skorpius
352 Industries
#61 - 2011-10-30 20:03:39 UTC
cant remember where i saw it, but i recently saw something that said 1 isk = 1050 state credits
Taijha Assari
StarDancer Excavations
#62 - 2011-10-30 20:26:50 UTC
Eebi wrote:
It's funny to think about it, working in SpaceMcDonalds, earning 10.5 isk per hour, wearing a uniform you could trade for a spaceship.

I'm suddenly reminded the of that one scene at the diner in Spaceballs. lol

Space McDonalds: the #1 cause of obese Pod pilots. xD
Cyprus Black
Caldari State
#63 - 2011-10-30 20:51:50 UTC
Paragon Renegade wrote:

Say you have some guy working at SpaceMcDonalds; does he make 10.50 ISK an Hour? Then, it doesn't seem so difficult for a regular person to make boatloads of money.

But teh question at its heart; If "Eve was Real", how much would 1 ISK be worth to a regular person?

Yeah this is a pointless question, but it bugs me.
Well, considering that basic clothing costs millions and even billions of isk, I'd say the value of one isk is rather low.

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CCP Spitfire
C C P Alliance
#64 - 2011-10-31 09:26:20 UTC
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CCP Spitfire | Marketing & Sales Team @ccp_spitfire

Horatius Caul
#65 - 2011-10-31 18:19:58 UTC
Nex apparatu5 wrote:
Using the price of RL cruise missiles vs Eve cruise missiles, you get about 1 isk = $5000. This ended up being mostly accurate when I did further maths.

When I ran a short-lived EVE RPG a while back, I estimated the ISK value to about $1000, which worked quite well. There will always be examples from the in-game market roster that render any estimate completely ridiculous, but a value in the low thousands of dollars seems to mesh okay with the general description of how much some ISK is worth.

To refer to Verone's reference earlier - using some modern-world numbers for reference:
1 Shuttle = 9000 ISK (old npc-fixed price)
9000 ISK ~ 9 000 000 to 45 000 000 USD

Wolfram Alpha gives the current average income in the world to $8730 per person per year.

Average lifespan is about 70 years.

Assuming a person somehow works for average pay every year of his life, that could net him just over $600 000.

Thus, applying those real-life numbers to that rough estimate of ISK value, we can roughly assume that a shuttle might have been worth something like 15 to 75 lifetimes of hard work to an average earthling.

If we instead use some averages centered on the USA, we'll sill arrive at a shuttle value of 3 to 14 times a lifetime wage. Depending on where in New Eden you go shopping, that would definitely allow you to live luxuriously for a couple of generations.

Daemeon Fyral
0.0 Massive Dynamic
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#66 - 2011-10-31 22:45:13 UTC
I kind of liked the example brought up before about comparing the cost of dairy products, since the prices are artificially adjusted already to keep the cost high enough to be worth selling we could safely assume they wouldn't change all that much.


50 ISK = 1 unit dairy product (Using prices in Derelik)
1 unit dairy product = 400 KG (taken from item info window)
400 KG = 881.45 LBS
881.45 LBS = 102.5 Gallons (Dairy industry sets weight of 1 gallon of milk at 8.6 LBS)
Average cost of a gallon of milk in 2009 (most recent data I could find) is 2.72USD/Gal so
102.5 Gal = 278.8 USD
1 ISK = 5.57 USD

Seems a little bit low at first but it actually kind of makes sense, assuming average minimum wage is 10-11/hr or 2 isk/hr it still makes capsuleers rich in a way that would make trump feel poor.

To scale it up a bit, a rifter would cost aprox $1,150,000 and thats even before factoring in the cost of fittings and training required to fly one. seems fairly reasonable to me actually, nicely takes into account the advances in mineral harvesting and production techniques while still putting even one of the most basic of our ships well out of reach of any but the richest planetsiders.

Just for fun... using the cost of a skillbook as an aproximation of the cost of training and earning what I do currently (just slightly above 2isk/hr :p) It would take me 50 years to save up enough money for a rifter with no fittings and the bare basic training required to fly one (not taking into account the time required to learn since a non-capsuleer would have to do it the old fashioned way) and this is assuming that I'm not spending any money at all on food/shelter etc.

y'know, the more I look at the numbers the more it seems to sit about right... can't remember who it was but thanks to whoever made the comment about relating ISK to milk.