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[MUSIC] Ume-Pro Studios

Solis Mensa
#1 - 2013-04-04 21:12:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Umega
Welcome to UPS! Where we deliver customized tracks for the EVE masses.

With the latest Alliance Tournament closing in fast.. I decided to create a small business dedicated to supplying Corporations and Alliances with music designed specificly for them, for the upcoming barrage of adverts/commercials run on EVE TV during the tournament.

Who am I...? Nobuddy relevent. I'm just some guy that loves EVE, has always enjoyed the game, the tournament, and also what other people like me create in the form of EVE dedicated videos/music. The latter (music) seems to be lacking, and perhaps I can cause some inspiration in other amatuer artists to create more original works.

It is merely a hobby of mine for the last 6-7 years, messing around with an outdated version of FL Studio, on poor equipment and speaker setup, in a very poor and bewildering acousticly room that can cause fits of dizzyness and dellusions of exceptional sounds! Prior to '06.. I taught myself how to use and play a Korg Triton for a number of years. Done the club scene extensively before that. I don't adhere to stereotypes and other people opinions concerning music.. I'm very open minded and do listen to all types of genres/styles, which I believe, make me more adapt at being a student of Music.

Below is a list of some works I have done, with a brief explanation behind them..

Lucidus Lilith - The current song I am working on.. in a condensed, rough, unsharpened sample version. A showcase of where I am currently at in ability.

Hulkageddon - Created summer of '10.. donated to Helicity, and to my surprise.. used as the theme song for Hulkageddon 3. Been played on varies EVE radios, podcasts, and **** if I know where else. Unexpected result, I only spent 2 hours making this song from scratch.

Oxygen - Made this one several years ago. Using EVE and the Dominion Trailer as inspirations. Always been hoping that CCP would hold a contest, like they did with the Tier 3 BCs (nado design being the winner).. for original music created by players. This very well might be the song I'd have entered.

Forever - My most recent 'finished' product. I get it.. electronic-styles of music tend to be repeatative, doesn't mean some guitar can't be thrown in at the end to spice things up! Hint.. all music is repeatative, vocals mentally wash away the melodies/harmonies happening over and over so people don't notice.

AT8 Tribute Video - Something I threw together back during AT8. The pictures were taken by Winterblink. He did some quality work.. and when I can find the link to his pic-archive, I'll post it. I don't make good videos! Don't ask me to do that, just tunes.

If you are interested in having your own work done.. feel free to contact me ingame via EVEmail. I'll respond as soon as I am able to do so. If this is for work to be used for an Alliance Tournament advert.. please hit me up sooner rather than later, so I have enough time to meet your expectations.

Prices - I can't think of what I should charge. Believe I'll simply go by tips, and how pleased clients are.

I still reserve all rights to anything I create.

Thank You for checking in with Ume-Pro Studios.

- Umega