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latency issue

seth Hendar
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#1 - 2013-03-12 13:30:25 UTC  |  Edited by: seth Hendar
since the intruction of dusties on server, i noticed a very big increase in latency related issues.

this was already happening before that, but now it has reached a critical point making some case in pvp just not possible anymore.

most noticeable is the huge delay a player encounter between the end of a warp(end of warp = the moment your hud switch from "warpin" to ship speed), and the moment it can initiate a lock, wich is around 5 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!.

most of the ships have can align and warp out in 5 seconds, leaving your fleet without logi for 5 seconds when warping on an ennemy fleet can have a devastating effect (because, you are not able to lock them in those 5 sec. but THEY CAN LOCK YOU!)

another behaviour, that is probably related, is the "stop ship" command taking ages to take effect, or the incredible time one needs to get through a gate (about stop ship, a armor pest was issued a "stop ship" order mid alignement to a gate, order re-issued several time, ship still warped to gate).

now one would say i probably have a bad connection (wich is not the case, i'm lucky to have optical fiber with 16-20ms ping), but this has been confirmed by more than 50% of my alliance members after an alliance mail was issued about it (alliance is counting 500+ members, accross EU and US), and is recurrent (how not to notice those when you are a FC and your 5-10 logi complain they cannot establish chain when landing, every landing for at least 5 sec).

despite this being reported, repetitively for now weeks, this is still ongoing, without CCP answer.

so now, it is time that this ends, CCP PLEASE address this issue ASAP