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Idea Fleshout: Patrol Battle-Ship

Sean Parisi
Blackrise Vanguard
United Caldari Space Command.
#1 - 2013-02-22 09:25:27 UTC
Looking at many ships currently in service today, whether they are civilian, military or police - many have a single helicopter pad located at the rear of the ship. On the personal level I have also wondered how combat would change if a lighter ship was able to field a fighter [or?] fighter bomber instead of basic drones.

But in EvE, each ship must fulfill a basic role - otherwise there is no reason in implementing a redundant ship. Essentially It came down to the idea of creating a 'Patrol' Class Battle-Ship.

These would basically be high agility, high firepower low tanked battleships. Something that would ideally not stand up much in large scale engagements, but may be used in smaller gangs to great success. Each being able to field its own fighter or bomber to a tackle frigate. This would allow the frigate to quickly have assistance on field from the fighter support until these ships arrive on field. Being able to move quickly into position and assist each other with their fighters. These would unfortunately, be unable to use regular drones - as such it would be required to use solely one fighter as support [Maybe one backup]

Alternatively these could also be E-War or some form of support ship that is able to field a fighter each. It could also be a Battleship that is limited to a lower level armament [Medium Weapons for Example] but with a relatively competitive tank.

I haven't fully fleshed out the idea - there might be something ridiculously over or under powered about this - or the idea itself might just be completely useless. As such I thought I would post the basis of the idea on here and receive critical feedback.
Ice Fire Warriors
Infinite Pew
#2 - 2013-02-22 10:09:26 UTC
Why are people so caught up with the idea of fielding Fighters on sub-capitals?

Practically speaking... aside from better HP, paper damage, and warping in-system... they're actually worse than heavy drones. Less tracking, lower application of DPS, more expensive... they can barely hit anything smaller than a cruiser without assistance of a target painter (unless the target activates a MWD).

On a personal note... I think Fighters should remain strictly Carriers. Call it a "capital class perk" or "elitist" but I don't think every joe shmoe should be fielding something that is one of the few "cool" things a carrier pilot can enjoy for him/herself... before realizing how bad they are for day to day combat.

And a big "no" to fielding Fighter Bombers. You're talking focused Stealth Bomber bomb damage that can be easily applied to battleships (as if they need more "counters") as well as capitals.

Akara Ito
Phalanx Solutions
#3 - 2013-02-22 12:24:20 UTC
Aside from the Fighters, this sounds like a beefed up Tier 3 BC.
Omnathious Deninard
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2013-02-22 14:32:12 UTC
I completely agree with fighters of battle ships, but I done feel there is a need to make a new ship to do it. Our current drone battle ships will work just fine the Dominix, Sin, Rattlesnake, and the Dominix Navy Issue should be able to field 5 fighters.
A secondary drone bay should be added for fighters only to prevent loading up on smaller volume drones.
I done feel this would take anything away from carriers as they have two roles very unique to carrires. Triage module and they are the only ship that can field 15 of any drone they chose.

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