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iCandy - Bond#4 - 4b @ 5% (Running)

Candy Oshea
Techfree Investment Group
#1 - 2011-09-06 22:31:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Candy Oshea
iCandy Bonds

Greetings Fellow MD investors!

~The Details~ ( NEISIN: AET3INVBO051 )

* Bond total = 4b
* Amount of Bonds to be issued = 1
* Price/face value per bond = 4b
* Rate% for iCandy Bonds = 5%

Payment Schedule:
* 1st Interest payment = 29/07/11 (200m) - Paid
* 2nd Interest payment = 29/08/11 (200m) - Paid
* 3rd Interest payment = 29/09/11 (200m)
* 4th Interest payment = 29/10/11 (200m)
* 5th Interest payment = 29/11/11 (200m)
* 6th Interest payment & Final = 29/12/11 (200m) (happy xmas)

Past Liabilities: (Now paid in full)
iCandy#3 - 8b trading bond

WTF!!!11!! What will you use the isk for?
*1b of this will be used for opportunity's that i find on the sell forums (BPO Trade)
*3b will be used in plex to 'grow' 2 new characters in specialized fields (ones that generally sell well)

]WTF!!!11!! Will this effect iCandy Bond#3?
* Not at all, my trade character is holding the 8b (heh most of it is in buy orders atm) Isk received here won;t be mixed with isk for iCandy #3 for tracking purposes.

WTF!!!11!! Why even make a thread then? lolrepgrind Roll
* So as i can keep track of the payments publically & also to keep my other investors aware of the additional funds.

little more about me
* Previous Bonds - iCandy #1 - 2.5b Secured, 250m unsecured
*iCandy #2 - 5b Secured
*iCandy #2.5 - 3.8b Unsecured

Happy to answer your questions.

Reserve List

Stabmeldys - 1 Bonds(4b) (Isk received)

Investors/General Public are welcomed to join my Mailing list ( " iCandy " ) for constant updates on the bonds.

iCandy  - I have accidently swallowed some Scrabble tiles, my next shit could spell disaster!