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New Eden Open Prizes and Own3d

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CCP Dolan
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#1 - 2013-02-06 16:09:15 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Dolan
We at CCP are saddened by the closing of Own3d and the content they streamed to gamers worldwide will be greatly missed. We had partnered with them to bring the New Eden Open to the EVE Online Community and to Own3d’s stream viewers, and we feel that it is only right for CCP to ensure that the unfortunate closing of Own3d does not affect the prizes that the winners worked so hard to earn. We appreciate your patience while we at CCP work out some of the finer details in delivering these prizes. Winners should look to receive an email containing information on their cash prizes within the next 10-14 business days.

In other news, every participant in the New Eden Open should expect to receive their unique in-game shirts with the release of our summer expansion. We apologize for the long wait, our teams have been very busy with improvements to EVE Online and we want to ensure that the prizes we deliver are given the development time they need to meet both player and developer standards.

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