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Logistics Alt

#1 - 2011-10-18 13:17:18 UTC
So I've got a few questions about logistics alts.

My alt got his freighter, hulk and some industry/science skills that I wanted to get done and hes got a remap coming up.

I am thinking now I'd like to make him logistics alt because it seems that it would make him more useful and also give me the opportunity to have another 'combat' character to play.

What is the main concept of a logistics alt... to have both accounts logged in and my alt repping me? During incursions/sanctums/gatecamping/roaming is it viable to be doing 2 different things on 2 different characters at once like this? Or would it just be another character to play besides my main? Not sure what people do with logistics alts...

What extra skills would help me other than logistics 5 for repping... I was thinking like sensor boosting or linking for gatecamps... like catching things because my alt would be boosting my targetting speed or whatever.

Thanks for any help!
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#2 - 2011-10-18 14:24:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Malcanis
Logistics alts are indeed commonly used for dual-boxing. Personally I fly them as often as not on this, my main, because in a fleet fight, they're really good fun.

As well as the remote rep skills themselves, you will REALLY want Logistics 5 - unlike with most skills, the difference between 4 and 5 is massive.

Additionally, you'd be well advised to max out your cap skills, and good to excellent navigation skills are a must as well. You'll also want to be able to use T2 light combat, ECM and logistic drones. I usually pack 4-5 light armor repair drones in my Scimitar's drone bay to rep up after the fight any armor damage that has leaked through. I keep 5 EC-300s in my guardian to use as anti-tackle and counter-logistics.

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#3 - 2011-10-19 03:11:02 UTC
The emissions skills to V will help. Energy, Shield, Armor.

A couple points :

Logi is hard job in itself. In bigger fights you may not want to duel box.

That alt will have cruiser based skills and you can specialize him in so many related areas. He can be different from your main and you can have fun with the opposite skillpaths. different race, guns, hull types, etc.

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#4 - 2011-10-19 20:30:02 UTC
As the other's have said, logistics 5 is a huge, huge helpful bonus. With it you can really make a logistics alt shine. Most importantly it affects your ship type and skill choices some too.

For example, guardians and basilisks(amarr and caldari) logi's are really good paired up, they can last decently in a combat ship+logi combo, but there not that effective at it. If you can do it with a scimitar or scythe for example, those ships have better innate capacitor, so you can tank them out, constantly rep yourself and someone else for about 5 minutes before your tank would break from capacitor running out.

The better the capacitor skills the more modules you can use for tank or repping etc. which further boosts your capabilities, kick in some of the tracking bonuses and things and you can be boosted pretty well. Your still vulnerable to ecm, and neuts, and things and you won't be godly can always solo 4 other pvpers at once kinda deal but it will definetly give you a strong edge, and even more so in pve missions and things if you can get everything agro'd onto you vs your logistics alt.

It does boil down to how you will use this alt, and what ship you will be flying with it. Caldari ships and shield tanking will benefit more from shield repping logi etc obviously, and high capacitor ships like amarr would benefit from some energy transfer too. Again depending on what your gonna pair up with will affect which skills you focus on first, but all of them are good to have in the long run.
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#5 - 2011-10-25 19:53:42 UTC
The only use for a Logi alt is:

Wardec a corp/alliance

Find wartargets

When you find out that you cant own them

Warp you neutral logi alt to your main.

Start repping your main with the neutral logi alt

Win Fight

Brag about how great your fighting skills are

Find another wartarget, repeat & rinse

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