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[Idea - mining] Quantum Compressors

Radix Salvilines
Virtual Democracy
#1 - 2013-02-02 11:22:26 UTC

Mining requires to have at least one ship to be mining and one to store the ore (an exhumer and orca for instance). Solo mining means warping to and back from the station. That can be boring when you are mining in a system without stations.

My idea is to add modules to the game: Quantum Compressors are devices that compress ore so a ship can store more of it in its bay. But not without a cost - because of its tiny size compared to Rorqual and Orca versions it is not as efficient thus the ore stream gets reduced to what may be processed on the fly.
One module would mean 2x more room for ore, 0.75x ore mining amount,
Two modules would mean 4x more room for ore, 0.5x ore mining amount and so on.

Of course there would be an argument - a) it can be used by macroers (put there other like-minded villians) and simillar stuff, b) people can play the game in afk mode which is not good.
For a) - the reduction for ore mining speed would put a player at a greater loss compared to a situation where he would be warping in and back to station. For people oriented at max-profit in as little time possible that would be not a viable solution. Only those not concerned with time but only willing to be "in EVE" while doing other stuff would be using this possibility.
For b) - I am not talking about an indefinite time spent on sitting at one spot. Also it is better to have players play even in semi-afk mode rather than not play at all.

This will open up mining a bit for people that play even in the background while working at home a lot :)
Also that would populate systems without stations.
Hakan MacTrew
#2 - 2013-02-02 21:38:36 UTC
Personally, I have found using an alt works well for this issue.

Although, a POS works wonders too.